Friday, February 17, 2012

Vintage Inspiration # 77 Aesthetic Movement Transferware

I'm not an afficianado of transferware by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love a few mismatched pieces that I've found over the last several years. And the history buff in me enjoys how design trends are formed within cultures and how they affect art, furniture, and our everyday lives. Brown Transferware is one of my "favorite things", so it's fascinating to me to discover the different patterns and trends that we find it in.

...are ya still with me?

Last weekend we headed over to the Antique Festival of the Ozarks held here in Springfield. This is a new show in it's second year, that my husband and I really enjoy. You can find a little of everything here, definitely not categorized as garage sale items. As we like to say, "Retail at it's finest", if you get my drift. Not particularly bargain shopping, but real antiques and collectibles, very much worth the time and price of admission to the show.

A dealer friend of mine, Teresa, who always has interesting things and great prices had a space at the show, and the whole time we were "visiting" I kept glancing at this old Brown Transferware tureen. 

It had been broken and "repaired" many years ago, but that kind of thing really doesn't deter me, if I find something that I want. Hey, stick it on a shelf, or turn it the other direction. Little imperfections, or even big ones, don't keep me from buying.

At the time I couldn't remember the name of this certain design of transferware, but when I checked the Internet I found the name of the pattern, Burmah, which is highly influenced by Japanese motifsIt's a piece from the Aesthetic Movement which started in the latter part of the 19th Century. As a counter reaction to the Industrial Revolution in England, artists and designers looked for opulence and imagination in art and life which translated into the Aesthetic movement, Craftsman Style, and then into Art Nouveau.  

 I checked out some platters that would match at This Site
but since I only paid a smidge for the tureen,
I thought I'd let the $375 platters just be a dream for now.

OK, history lesson over, but don't you love learning something new?

So let's see what was happening with last week's Valentine Party,

Julia, from Vintage with Laces has some of the most romantic creations. 
Take a peek at her lovely lace hearts she made for Valentines gifts.

MaryAnn from Classic Casual Home has something new and gorgeous!
Love her one of a kind bejeweled clipboards.

Sandi from a Cottage Muse shared some adorable vintage Valentines.

Kerry from House TalkN created a romantic table for two
with this wonderful grouping of candleholders.

Karen from Decor to Adore created this
Romantic Shadow Box. She even has a tutorial.

and who could resist some vintage Puppy Love from Walnut and Vine?

Thanks everyone for joining in and broadcasting the Valentine Party!
I really appreciate you taking the time to come over here 
and join in on the party week after week.
You all are the best!!

I also want to mention Dee from French Bleu Vintage,
a new sponsor, 
is having a 25% off Sale early tomorrow morning,
Be sure and check her blog for the code.

Hope you'll join in for the party today
"with anything vintage or vintage inspired"

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  1. You hit my #1 collectible today - brown aesthestic movement transferware, and after checking out the site you mentioned; I think I need to up my household insurance. I've amassed my collection of about 100 pieces over the last 15 years, but at bargain prices. It is certainly addictive!! Sally

  2. I love brown transferware as well. I don't own a single piece but I love it all the same. Your tureen is lovely. I also love your features. Thanks for hosting, I am all linked. Hope you can join us at our linky party as well.


  3. Debra, I share your fascination with transfer ware, but don't have too many pieces either. My favorite is the blue and white that I have packed away right now, but find myself longing for it--isn't that the greatest thing, to long for something you already have!

  4. Thanks for hosting again this week, Debra!

    Side note - I didn't realize you were in Springfield! I visit there every year when my son participated in the National Homeschool Basketball Championship and will be there in March! I'll make sure to go visit the shop where you have a booth - which booth is yours?


  5. I love your gorgeous transferware tureen. I don't let a repair keep me from buying something beautiful. If I'm keeping it for myself, it's so easy to hide any flaws.
    Thanks so much for hosting every week Debra.

  6. I don't any transfer ware in any color, but I love the brown and your tureen is gorgeous! I haven't been able to post to your party my post's thumbnail...or any other party for that matter! Do you know why, it's there something new about this I don't know? Thanks for hosting every week and for having me.

  7. That's a great piece Debra. I love the down to earth feel of brown transferware. Thanks for hosting.

  8. I always feel very welcome here ... must be that Christ centered sisterhood!

    thanks for hosting

  9. What a gorgeous piece! I wouldn't have cared if it had a few chips either! Thank you for hosting and for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  10. Debra,
    Beautiful tureen...I'm like you...a little crack or two is just fine.


  11. I love that tureen, and the pattern too. Thanks for hosting Debra!

  12. Very pretty Debra, you always have the BEST stuff you find..May you have the BEST weekend ever girl..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  13. Thanks for hosting Debra! That Tureen is beautiful!

  14. Those little puppies are precious. My mother collects those, too.


  15. I love all the brown transferware you showed and the cracks and repairs don't bother me either... that's all I can afford... so expensive!! I linked up, thank you for hosting!!

  16. The transferware is beginning to catch my eye lately and I don't mind imperfections either, just adds to the character.
    Thanks for hosting!

  17. Great features, Debra! I was very taken with Laura's art piece. Thanks for hosting!

  18. Love that tureen and love transferware. Thanks for hosting, Debra.

  19. Ooh, some sweet stuff you got there! Love it. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  20. Beautiful transferware! Thanks, Debra, for being a gracious hostess!

  21. Hi Debra,
    Ooh, how I love brown transferware.
    The tureen is so pretty and that platter too. It's pricey, so when I find a piece I can afford I usually grab it up.

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful bloggers and their projects.


  22. your lamb! Thanks for hosting, andrea@townandprairie

  23. Thanks so much for hosting!!! Love the tureen and platter LOTS!!! XO, Aimee

  24. Your features all look sensational. I managed to see a couple of them last week already. The transferware just takes my breath away! WONDERFUL pieces. Love yours. I just love your vintage party, Debra. Thanks so much! xx

  25. Yes, I love the history lesson as I love the history behind the wonderful pieces we collect and use in our homes!

  26. I love transferware in any color, and I do not have any brown! I would like to add green when I can. Thanks for hosting!!

  27. oooh, love the tranferware! Just gorgeous! Wish I could come to Springfield and go antiquing with you. Would be so much fun, maybe someday soon! Thanks for hosting sweet friend. love ya!


  28. Debra, I love your new tureen and I adore transferware in any color. Thanks for hosting. Hugs, Sherry

  29. What a truly gorgeous piece, Debra!

  30. The tureen is wonderful and I love transferware in any color, however brown has really taken off during this rust & ivory stage we are in

    thanks for hosting this linky party I always love to look around to see what others have posted

  31. Your transferware piece is beautiful...thanks for sharing it with us. And thank you for sharing all the other inspiration. I especially loved Julia's heart!

  32. Debra, I love transferware in any color! Your pieces are gorgeous! Your features are wonderful! Thanks for hosting another great party! I'm now following on Linky Follower too.

  33. I love Brown Transferware and I never really knew anything about it, thank you for the post! Lovely features, and thank you so much for including me in your linky family. So looking forward to checking out the other links. Hope you have a beautiful President's Day weekend. -K

  34. well
    i am a lover of transfer ware
    but i don't have any brown

    your tureen is a wonderful find

    great features
    and all linked up!


  35. The brown transferware is so gorgeous. Thanks so much for hosting!

  36. Love the transferware, Debra! Great features! Thanks for hosting!...hugs...Debbie

  37. I don't know much about transfer wear, but I do know it is a really hot seller in the antique mall! I linked up my hat stand, seems I have not linked up forever!! thank you so much for hosting, bless your heart, I just did my first linky party and lord, that was a lot of work!! I really appreciate what it takes to have a linky party....I think I will do one once a year, I know I couldn't do it once a week! Off to visit guests! thank you!


  38. I love transferware too, and your brown transferware is gorgeous!! Thank you for hosting! BTW I'm following you on LF...hope you'll follow me too! Little Bit from

  39. Hi Debra! Your photo's are gorgeous, I just bought a clipboard at the thrift store and this one definitely has raised the bar pretty high! Thank you for hosting, I'm so happy to link up with you...Marcia

  40. DEBRA! Thank you so much for featuring my "Table For Two" post!
    I was so flattered- your par-taay attracts so many awesome bloggers!
    Thank you for being the hostess with the mostest!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  41. Ooooh you found a great piece! Thanks for hosting! Blessings!!

  42. I love brown transferware too! Thanks for the little bit of history :o) Have a great weekend!!!

  43. Debra,
    your browntransferware tureen is lovely, imperfections just add to the character! Thanks so much for featuring my dog collection, I was very excited and honored to be in such good company!
    It's always fun to party here!

  44. Thank you for hosting!


  45. Hi Debra, Your tureen is such a wonderful piece and the pattern is amazing. I liked learning about the background.
    I'm very excited to see my heart being featured along with the other wonderful Valentine's ideas. Thank you very much!
    Have a lovely weekend :-)!

  46. Gorgeous pieces! Festival of the Ozarks sounds like a lot of fun. I am off to see French Bleu ~
    And, I LOVE your banner! You always do such a wonderful job with your Photography ~ I wish I had an ounce of your talent!
    Have a great Friday ~ xo

  47. MaryAnn's clipboard is fabulous!
    Thanks for the party Debra!

  48. I do love the transferware. If I were to have a piece similar to yours I would be excited to use it in a vignette with some flowers in it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Off to see some inspiration.

  49. I love brown transferware.Hard to come by around here.But I love the white and brown tones together.Thank you for hosting.Have a great weekend.

  50. Makes me regret selling mine, but I can't keep it all...or can I?

  51. Such beautiful transferware. Thanks for hosting.

  52. I know two things about transferware:

    1. What I learned in Design School about how it is made
    2. I like it!

    Very interesting. Imperfections don't bother me either.

  53. Of course this post caught my eye right away! Aesthetic Movement pieces are some of my very favorite of transferware. In fact, I've decided to home in on a collection from that period. They are one of the most collectible antiques right now. My most popular post ever is about the Aesthetic Movement and its relation to transferware. You might like it:

    Also, the site you linked to is awesome. Those two dealers have the largest Aesthetic collection for sale..probably in the world. I just bought three pieces from them myself!

    I've noticed you sort of gravitating that way to as I've seen a few pieces here and there pop up on your pages. Don't you just love the designs? Really creative and so beautiful!

    Thanks as always for hosting. Hope I can link up later.



  54. Dear Debra, I think I have never seen that pattern- it is so special and so beautiful-
    I do collect transfereware- and have plates,cups, and different pieces in many colours, but they are all in the english style.
    Hope your week-end will be beautiful.

  55. I absolutely love brown transfer ware. Like the black and white too. I haven't purchased any yet, because I truly don't have the space. Love the unusual pattern on the brown transfer ware platters in your post. Glad to learn, I'm not alone. My husband and daughter don't share my passion for it at all.

  56. Hi Debra...Happy Friday!
    Thanks for featuring my vintage Valentines from last week!
    I think brown transferware is my new think to hunt for!
    Have a wonderful weekend...come over and enter my giveaway!

  57. I love transferware, all colors. Looks like a fun party.

  58. Hi Debra ~ thanks so much for the shout out. Can you believe I messed up the sale code? So, I guess I will be running the Flashlight sale again Saturday morning. I am a HUGE lover of transferware. My favorite has to be anything red, but mulberry colored is taking a quick lead. Very very pretty. Have a great weekend. Dee xo

  59. I think transfer ware is so pretty and so timeless!!Have some red and would love to add to my tiny collection!

    Thank you so for the fun party!


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