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Monday, January 24, 2011


These days in January can get sort of dreary.
Like when the sky and the ground are the same gray color.
Peaceful, but a little lifeless.

So today I just wanted a little "pretty".

This Johnson Bros. pink floral vegetable bowl
 full of paperwhites is almost past it's prime,
and I noticed a few kitty teeth have been nibbling.

Then, on seeing this little lantern,
the glass needs a little shine...

But if you look past the flaws
it's just pretty.

I found this old white wicker tray when Rebecca was here.
I knew it would be a sweet landing place for some little January treasures.

Sure enough,
one of my little lambs has found a cozy spot. 

It's days like this that remind me why I redid the Dining Room.

I like to use dried hydrangeas all throughout the year. This stem happens to be faux, but I've been mixing them with real dried and they disguise pretty well.  These are just cream colored ones I bought in the Spring, but tinted the edges with "Distress Ink" when I couldn't find them in the floral stores. Just thought I'd share a little floral secret.

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Hope you're having a good week; that the snow hasn't overtaken you, and that you can find a little "pretty" in your surroundings.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Watercolor Prints

I showed one of my Mary Gold Mother's Day Verse Prints.
Today I thought I'd share my other three prints that are "Marygold".

They are usually hanging in my bedroom hallway where the light is poor,
so I brought them into my new favorite spot;
my dining room.

( I'm just loving the new paint and paper!!)

Below is "Love's Siesta".

Mary Gold was a painter and watercolorist from the teens and 1920's. Many of her subjects use a black background depicting nighttime. They have the same lovely ladies, dressed in crinolines in romantic settings.

Below, is "Arabian Love".

So sorry for the glare on these, the glass is so reflective.

"The Mother" was a Mother's Day gift to me from my
sweet younger daughter several years ago.
I was so surprised, and I credit her for starting my
passion for Mary Gold.

Say Hello to my really old wire plantstand.
The original yellow paint is barely visible,
but so yummy!


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My head is better, but still bruising, some swelling
 and I need spackling for my "divot".

I've been in hiding for the last few days.

It felt like a broken nose,
with an all-week headache to go with it,
but hey...
what can you do for that?

I'm surviving!

Hope you all are staying "boo boo free"

love ya,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The paint bug bit me... a really bad time!

We got home last night from a really great Mother's Day weekend in St. Louis with our kids. Of course we did a lot of flea marketing and found some incredible antique malls, but did I take pictures?... No, I was too busy going crazy and I forgot my camera in the car. So much inspiration to soak up. Now I have loads of laundry and need to put things away, but what am I doing? Grabbing my paint brush and making more of a mess!

My honey surprised me earlier in the week with this amazing new piece of furniture for the entry way, from Inspirational Home. I mentioned earlier that I am on a mission to "lighten up" my house. Nothing drastic...well, at least not yet, but just some paint and a new mirror and rethinking a few things like chair slips. More on this later.

The mirror is vintage, found this weekend. I loved the gold, but it didn't fit with the gray distressed table, which looks better with cream or pewter. So I whitewashed it. Fits the shape of the furniture and the look I'm going for.

And then you know how the "domino effect" kicks in. Well, the paint was already out, might as well take care of a few other projects...candle holders found a few weeks ago go all white.

Another header piece for a doorway to beef up my wimpy woodwork.

Another old mirror...

a flea market table find from this weekend...

finished projects!

Love the way this mirror turned out.

Thanks so much to all of you that welcomed Brian and Meloney
of The Seed Box on our new blog.
And for dropping by with me to get acquainted.

If you haven't been by to see them,
just scroll down to the next post.

OK, now I need to get back to the unpacking and mountain of laundry!
Just wanted to check in and say Hi to everyone.

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Have a great week everyone,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whatcha got cookin'?

I've never tried using these for actually baking anything,
but they call my kitchen china cabinet home.

I once saw an image of these animal casseroles
lined up along one of Martha Stewart's kitchen ledges,
but I couldn't find it for this post.

(i have stacks of those suckers)

I've had the rabbit for about twenty years.
I made him when ceramics were all the rage.
Did any of you get caught up in that?
Wow, the ceramic tchotchkes we had!

The duck and chicken I have found since then on flea market excursions.

Now, I'm trying to remember if this is the tablecloth that
I stole borrowed from my sister. (?)

But today I thought I'd pretend
I was cooking something yummy for the casserole.
Hmmm... Hey, I know!
How about a "chicken" casserole...
I'm not really into rabbit or duck.

This poor little 30's Metropolitan Life Cook Book
got a little wet once when my sunroom leaked.
They do have some yummy recipes.

Anyone for Scalloped Turnips?

I received some of my Grandmother's painted wooden utensils,
so now I'm on the lookout for white ones.

I adore this cutting block, but the flower basket is too sweet to ruin.

Milk glass Hoosier Cabinet Salt Shaker.

OK, these are my faux cat chewed carrots.
After all, we are just pretending to cook.

Wow, I really enjoyed that pretend dinner.
Look, no calories!

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Hope you all are having a great week!
but I'm still hungry.


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