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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whatcha got cookin'?

I've never tried using these for actually baking anything,
but they call my kitchen china cabinet home.

I once saw an image of these animal casseroles
lined up along one of Martha Stewart's kitchen ledges,
but I couldn't find it for this post.

(i have stacks of those suckers)

I've had the rabbit for about twenty years.
I made him when ceramics were all the rage.
Did any of you get caught up in that?
Wow, the ceramic tchotchkes we had!

The duck and chicken I have found since then on flea market excursions.

Now, I'm trying to remember if this is the tablecloth that
I stole borrowed from my sister. (?)

But today I thought I'd pretend
I was cooking something yummy for the casserole.
Hmmm... Hey, I know!
How about a "chicken" casserole...
I'm not really into rabbit or duck.

This poor little 30's Metropolitan Life Cook Book
got a little wet once when my sunroom leaked.
They do have some yummy recipes.

Anyone for Scalloped Turnips?

I received some of my Grandmother's painted wooden utensils,
so now I'm on the lookout for white ones.

I adore this cutting block, but the flower basket is too sweet to ruin.

Milk glass Hoosier Cabinet Salt Shaker.

OK, these are my faux cat chewed carrots.
After all, we are just pretending to cook.

Wow, I really enjoyed that pretend dinner.
Look, no calories!

I'm linking up with these great blog friends:

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And Laurie from

Hope you all are having a great week!
but I'm still hungry.


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