Monday, January 15, 2024

Winter Mantel with White and Neutrals

After putting away all of the Christmas décor I have to admit I'm enjoying the pared down look and feel of January. At first I felt like things were a little bare and blah compared to my usual style, but I wanted a breather regarding decor and life in general. How about you... are you enjoying a little down time these last few weeks?

I made a few changes from Christmas here on the mantel, but I left my gold leaf wreath up for a while longer, along with my evergreen topiaries. I parked my new deer couple on the hearth and replaced them with my smaller house lanterns. My mom and baby lamb "carved" look figurine is sitting on top of one of my wooden boxes. Still some of the same pieces, but a cleaner, less fussy look.

Here's my lamb figurine in better light on the farmtable.

Here's a pic from Christmas to see how the mantel transformed. Just a few change-ups and January was good to go. I love the woodsy look but I'd had the reindeer out since November, so time for a little change-up. 

Back to today's look. Time for a little clean up on the hearth. Because it's all white it's easy for me to forget that it too can get too cluttered. I think the reindeer need to find a storage spot. 

I brought out my "Burberry" plaid blanket and my two larger needlepoint pillows.

This black pillow was a real find this last spring on one of my rare vintage market shopping trips. Needlepoint pillows say "English Country" to me in the most cozy way.

A small plaid quilt "backside" helps with a more neutral look. The front is orange and navy blue and really beautiful, but I end up using the neutral side much more often.

Pinecones are a favorite "filler" in fall and winter. Above you can see one of my yellowware vintage bowls with a blue stripe.  

Some of my Christmas evergreen trees are still out this time of year for my favorite woodsy look till early spring arrives.

Here's another look at the hearth room during Christmas.

Thanks for coming by, friends. Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Good Morning Debra. You know I am on board with whites and neutrals. The mantel looks beautiful. I love the white houses. Stay warm. Hugs. Kris

    1. thanks Kris. I love how you do your whites, such inspiration! We're getting some that Chicago weather down here this week! below zero! Have a great rest of the weekend, xo

  2. Beautiful neutral tones for winter or, really, anytime. FUnny how you said it was time for the deer to find a storage space. I did the same with mine. I still haven't changed Christmas textiles downstairs, but upstairs feels like spring, especially when the sun shines in. Who cares that it snowed this morning and will again? I love your new needlepoint pillow, Debra.

    1. Thanks Rita, we're due some snow too. I don't hate the snow but temps below zero are crazy and I have to dress in multiple layers like the Michelin Man! Happy Sunday!

  3. I am still taking down, sorting and packing up Christmas, which I hate to do…makes me sad. However, I live in the Arizona desert, and I find decorating now difficult. We have no snow, and it really isn’t that cold, so I think it looks funny to leave out pine cones and trees, snow flakes, etc. At the same time I don’t want to jump to spring decor. I pretty much stick to greenery, then will soon add some Valentine decor. Happy day!

  4. It looks lovely Debra. I really love that new needlepoint pillow. I love it paired with the Burberry throw. Stay warm and safe. XO- MaryJo

  5. Charlotte here from - I am with you on the freshness after all the Christmas decor is put away! Your cushions look so beautiful....with the neutrals.

  6. Debra, your hearth room is always inviting. I have to say, I'm a fan of both looks. You always have the special design touch. I have all the Christmas decor down, but not all packed away. I had an organizer come help me this summer, and she created a fabulously organized Christmas storage closet. Now I'm sorting, organizing, and purging. It's mostly complete, but am waiting on a few more containers to arrive.
    I love the touch of Burberry, and you know, needlepoint pillows are my cup of tea. Throw pillows in general! I've put away the Christmas and brought out my Valentine pillows. Left the winter animal pillows to mix in with the heart theme. FYI, if you are looking for a cute heart pillow, check out World Market. I ordered a pair of their mini red stripe heart pillows. They are keepers. Target has a red gingham pillow that I ordered as well. I plan to keep it, but the stripe pillows have more appeal to me. I'm eager to get my snow folks placed and touches of Valentine's out as well. All fun way to begin the new year.


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