Friday, January 5, 2024

Common Ground Top 10 Posts

Welcome Friends, as I share a bit of what happened here during this last year, 2023. Here are my Top 10 reader favorite posts, not in any particular order. Thankyou so much, each one of you who comes by to visit and is a part of my blog and life. It's been a long journey this last 14 years and I'm grateful to have spent it with you all!

I like to start off the new year with more of a neutral palette and reflect the view from my windows with elements from nature. The post below is one of my own personal favorites as I gathered white and neutral pieces with ironstone and vintage garden pots in candlelight.

Not surprisingly this was my top viewed post as I share some fun vintage market snaps getting us all ready for Spring. I'm always excited to go shopping with talented vintage dealers who know how to display their wares and one-of-a-kind vintage and antique pieces.

My favorite look in faux and natural flower display is that "just picked" feel. Grabbing a handful of blooms and natural elements from the garden and roadside, then casually grouping them in an old basket, vase, or bucket which is my signature look. My old family sideboard is a perfect spot to create a large arrangement.

My other well loved and used antique furniture piece is my old pie safe, which I've lovingly dubbed The Holiday Cupboard. It's always a joy to restyle it each season and holiday. Here's the spring version with a lot of well loved characters.

During the winter months I bring out all the warm wool blankets and throws and pile them on for the maximum cozy factor.

I'm a part of a vintage décor group that shares ways we use vintage elements in our décor every other month. I always enjoy joining in as it challenges my creativity in displaying vintage pieces. The Lifestyle of Love group had the topic of bread boards last summer and I really enjoyed gathering and displaying some of mine.

The cookbook cupboard in the hearth room has another fun spot to decorate for the seasons. Here's a garden themed spring vignette with old garden tools and elements.

The holiday cupboard always receives more views. Here's a look at the long awaited early fall season with brown transferware, ironstone with pear branches.

Each season brings a variety of looks and styling. Here's my sure fire way to get motivated and heading into fall after a long hot summer.

Last January I shared a look back at the Holiday Cupboard with posts from past winter stylings. Neutrals and winter natural elements join together with transferware, old prints, pinecones and candlelight.

Thanks so much friends, for joining me to take a look back at this last year's decorating. And I hope you'll come by to visit me here to see what this new year will bring. 

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  1. Debra, your round up is lovely. it is always fun to see which posts are the most popular. Love Peter Rabbit. I am happy to feature your top posts at Love Your Creativity.


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