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Keeping it Cozy in My Winter Hearth Room

This is the perfect time of year to look for the "Cozy" elements for our homes and personal life. Whether we're crazy about winter or not, we all want to make our homes warm and comfortable for our family. It's been cold and windy here this month so I'm sharing a few ways I keep it a place where we can snuggle up and enjoy our surroundings. 

Hi Friends, so glad you came by today for our fun gathering on "Keeping It Cozy". Our good friend Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home thought it would be fun to share the ways we each use to bring a cozy, comfortable feel to our homes for winter. If you're coming from Marty's blog, A Stroll Thru Life, thanks so much for following the tour. 

Today I'm sharing my most comfy spot in the house, which is our Hearth Room right next to the kitchen. It's my go-to spot to cuddle up, watch tv, read a book or take a quick nap. I can take a breather and put my feet up while keeping an eye on dinner or something on the stove. When we moved here I had a vision of an intimate place that our family could gather near the kitchen to sit, talk and relax. 

Last year I left the small naked tree up until the end of January. This year I decided to go ahead and put it away and try to come up with a light source for this dark corner. I've mentioned upteen times how dark this room is because it's in the middle of the house. I only have a small narrow spot for a lamp, so whatever furniture is here has to be compact. I'm not fully sold on this small table/vintage suitcase combo, but at least it provides some much needed light for now. I'm on the lookout for something a little more sturdy. I'll know it when I find it.

I'm sticking with basic lighter neutrals in here on the off-white slipcovered sofa 
and adding in a couple of woolen Tartan throws and quilts.

I still have the basic pieces from late Fall and Christmas here on the mantel. The evergreen topiaries, white lanterns, and candlesticks made it an easy transition to "Winter" from Christmas. I just took down the wreath and leaned a print on canvas up against the mirror. 

I'm also leaving the small faux evergreen garland in place 
for these next couple of months till Spring.

The most obvious element in this cozy space is the lit fireplace. It puts out a lot of heat and it's such a cozy spot snuggled up around the fire. When I was a kid we spent many evenings around the farmhouse living room fireplace, reading or watching TV wrapped in quilts and blankets. 

I've kept my small faux evergreen trees out for January.
This one on the hearth has deer shed antlers and burlap
in an old wire basket.

Stacked antique bank deposit boxes are here on the opposite side
joined by an old Burberry print umbrella. I love using small amounts 
of black with neutrals, especially this time of the year.

The little cobbler's bench/coffee table has a vintage crockery bowl with 
pinecones, a small ironstone covered vegetable and platter, 
and a candle in a vintage jam jar.

Texture is such an important element in winter, 
so I brought the brown wool plaids back out to cuddle in.

The vintage ticking pillow and a new ticking quilt
work as neutrals, no matter the paired pattern or season.

One of my "cozy" requirements has always been big squishy sofas and chairs,
with blankets and throws for a warm place to cuddle up.

Between the sideboard against the wall and behind the sofa provides a walkway 
to the kitchen without having to meander through sofas and chairs.

I kept things pretty neutral and simple with old crocks
and a birch candle in an ironstone tureen.
White bottlebrush trees are perfect for after Christmas.

No you're not crazy, I changed out the square beeswax candle (unlit)
for a round votive that's lit.

Do you live in an area that's chilly/cold/freezing this time of year?
Here in the lower Midwest we have some cold weather before Christmas,
but our really cold weather always hits in January and February.
So we have a good 2 months of "winter" left to brave.
Hello snow, ice, sleet and wind...
Stay cozy friends!

Thanks so much for coming by to visit.
We hope you'll follow the tour by clicking on the next link
and head over and visit Stacy at Bricks and Blooms.
Stay warm and well, friends!

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  1. Debra,
    I love how you layered your mantel for winter. The sheep painting and the cute sheep pillow are my favorites.

    1. thanks Rachel, I definitely have a "thing" for sheep. Happy Friday!

  2. I adore all of your wonderful layers and textures Debra. The sheep pillow is darling!

    1. thanks Laura, I love rug hooking pieces. That's a craft I'd love to learn!

  3. I've always wanted a hearth room AND one as cozy as yours too. I know it would be our go-to place all the time. Actually it would be a toss up between that and the sunroom! I bet your home has fantastic flow. Everything looks beautiful. And now I wish I would have kept out my white bottle brush trees because yours look perfect with all of your other adorable winter decor.

    1. thanks so much Cindy. I usually keep out my little bb trees, but then put them somewhere separate from the rest of the Christmas boxes, then can't find them the next year! Story of my life!

  4. HI Debra! Everything you do is lovely! I adore your mantel. I have a little hard time knowing what to do on my mantel. Have a great Friday.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Oh I know, mantels really confound me at times. It's so easy to overdo them, then I end up with "junky" instead of charming. Have a wonderful weekend, Shelia!

  5. Your hearth room is beautifully decorated for winter and looks to be a great place to enjoy reading a book by the fire curled up in a blanket.

    1. thanks Paula, I definitely love a good fuzzy blanket in winter!

  6. I'm loving every detail Debra. You've done such a lovely job decorating for winter. I'm in love with your sheep pillow! That is just the cutest!

  7. I love your relaxed neutrals with the little addition of tartan, and yes I want that sheep pillow too! This is truly a beautifully decorated and cozy space. Save me a spot by the fire please!

  8. Debra, I love this room. It's the perfect kind of cozy for me - a fireplace, a sink-in chair, lots of pillows and throws. Those banker boxes caught my eye right off the bat! I have collected those in the past, and then purged all but one. They remind me of my dad. :)

  9. Debra I love your gorgeous living room. From the hearth to that cute sheep pillow it looks super cozy! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. HI Debra! Your hearth room is lovely. I agree with everyone- that sheep pillow is adorable. I really like the bankers' boxes with the umbrella detail. So many great details to name all. Have you considered maybe a vintage wall sconce for lighting in that corner? Just a thought since you're playing with the space- love the column in that corner btw! Truly lovely- all of it. XO- MaryJo

  11. This room is so cozy, and I love it's location right off the kitchen. Perfect spot for family and friends to gather as you're finishing up the meal. You've gathered the perfect soft, subtle textures for cozy winter decor. Thanks for teaching me those are bank deposit boxes; didn't know that. I've always liked them; thought I had one around here, but maybe I need to get one:) Thanks for the tour!

  12. I really love all the cozy textiles and wintry items, especially the plaid (of course)! The fire looks so warm and inviting. The stacked black boxes are really nice. I also like bringing in bits of black this time of you. The sheep painting leaned against the mirror is wonderful!

    I also love seeing how your hearth room opens to the kitchen. I don't now if I have ever seen that particular view. I would love to be able to doze and keep an eye on dinner. Instead, I just throw everything in the crock pot and leave it for hours!

    I am so happy you were able to join this tour. You amaze me with all you do!

  13. You've created such a cozy spot Debra! It's perfect right off of you kitchen too. There are so many things I like about this room, the big mirror on the mantle with the sheep painting, the coffee table (it's amazing!) and all of the textiles, fabrics, quilts - it's all so comfy looking :) Pinning!

  14. Great use of so many interesting elements and layers in your cozy room! Love that the room is right off the kitchen, it makes it so easy to slip right into the room and relax. Perfect!

  15. I would never want to leave this space! It's so beautiful and cozy! I love all your pillows and the way you transitioned pieces out from Christmas to Winter like the art on the mantel!

  16. I love that you call it your hearth room. We have one at our family cabin that we call it the keeping room. Our “hearth” has no fire box as it was once used for an old wood burning stove before we finally added central heat and air in 2014. Now a tv sits in front of it! lol…. Oh well. There’s only room for a few people in there, so it’s where my hubby & I sit all the time when we’re there alone. Your wintry Devore is beautiful. I love the transition from Christmas to winter. I did that in my decor last year for the first time and I loved it. Happy Winter! Thanks for the inspiration!


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