Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Door Decor in the Sitting Room

I've been "Summer-fying" the kitchen sitting area this weekend, and you all know that means changing up the quilt, pillows, and the florals that decorate the old door and mirror behind the wicker settee. I had this post named "Summer Swag in the Sitting Room", but it dawned on me some of you all might not be familiar with that term... a swag... meaning a gathered bunch of flower stems.  It's not a wreath and it's not in a basket. I guess it gets it's name from being similar to a swag curtain. Fabric that drapes down and is gathered together and sometimes tied with a ribbon. OK, whatever we call it, I have one here on the old door.

My sis and I made similar "Summer Swags" years ago, so I'm not sure if this is hers or mine. (I think I nabbed hers at a garage sale of ours. ) But I've been using this one for several years tied with a vintage piece of torn ticking fabric. Mixing some red Geraniums, Rudbeckia, and white Vibernum bring in the shades and feel of Summer. 

A few weeks ago I found this old crate at one of our fave Vintage Markets, The Vintage Peddler, and wasn't sure what I'd do with it. It landed here on the little coffeetable/bench next to the settee, and it's found a happy place. I love that it's low and with handles sort of like a tray. It reminds me of a soda bottle crate, but no individual compartments for bottles. I had thought about painting it out white, but for now it's staying as is... cool mid-century font on it. A couple of Majolica salad plates and a pitcher are inside along with a PB ticking tea towel.

I have a vintage white matelasse coverlet and the Bosphorus Toile Pillows here for now, and I'll probably add some vintage flag accents in a few weeks. I also wanted to share my Summer Prints with you all. I like to change the two smaller prints up with the seasons that are either side of the china cupboard. Now it's "all about Cows".

I bought this at Penney's Home Store about 15 years ago. still cute and Frenchy.

This is an antique print in it's original frame, that my husband bought for me several years ago for our anniversary. I had it in the kitchen at the other house. Notice the old wavy glass, it's hard to take a photo of it due to the rippling glare.

...and I think this is from Antique Farmhouse several years ago.
Gotta love some bovine beauties.

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  1. I love your stuff. If we ever did a garage sale together, I'd be 'accidentally' nabbing a few of your things, lol. Love how you styled for summer.

    1. I can't imagine what kind of trouble I'd get into at one of your garage sales. I'd want to bring it ALL home!

  2. I love those toile pillows. What does bosphorous toile mean?

    1. I wondered that the first time I heard it. Bosphorus is the name of a body of water; a river or strait in Turkey that I believe there was much interest in in the 1800s. Paintings and textiles were popular and created during that time. If you look closely you can see an area with boats and women dressed in near eastern attire. I love the fact that it's multi color not just 2 colors which most Toile are found in.

  3. Oh, I love the ticking and the door swag is gorgeous. It is just wonderful what you can do with black and white with just a bit of color!

  4. Love your bovine beauties, Debra! Isn't it fun to summer-ize the house after a long, cold, spring? Best of luck with your blood work results. I've got a thyroid disorder myself, and it can sometimes be a challenging situation to deal with, but I manage it with medication.

    1. Hi Mary, I thought I was managing my thyroid for 25 years, but we're narrowing down on other autoimmune problems that often come with Hashimoto's Disease. If you have symptoms be sure and talk to your doctor, don't let them slide.

    2. Your post is really timely, Debra...I've got an appt w/my endocrinologist tomorrow but my Hashimoto's has got me breaking out in hives today! Not much fun, that Hashimoto's. At least I'll still have some hives to show the doctor by tomorrow :)

      Wishing you good health!

  5. Oh my golly I love all of your summer decor! Saw it on the Scoop just now.

  6. So cute. I love your sweet prints. I hope you get an answer to your health concerns soon.

  7. Your Summer flower swag is quite pretty, yes I understood what "swag" meant but am bit older than many of your readers.(I actually will be 77 next month so guess am more than bit older).lol Along with my constant reading supplements my language knowledge.
    Your pillows and cow prints and well as prints on settee pillows are vintage looking, love them all. If it's something I love, I keep it forever, why get rid of something that works? Would love to have your cow prints. Am usually a chicken person but the more I see cow images the more am loving them, so sweet and innocent looking, those big sad eyes.
    Take good care of yourself. I have been hypothyroid since birth, have several side health problems caused by hypothyroidism. I typed out a long comment last night about my history then proceeded to hit wrong key, deleting it. Was late, just too tired/aggravated to retype.
    Was very interested to read the many comments you had. There is a clinic in San Diego that deEnjoy rest of your weekendals with thyroid only. Wish it had been available when we lived there for 21 yrs. I learn more about the condition all the time. Learned I need to demand a T3 thyroid panel and to have B12 levels checked. Have to have thyroid checked every 6 months.
    Enjoy rest of your weekend. Good luck on next tests.

  8. Your home is always so charming! I hope your doctor visit goes well Debra.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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