Sunday, June 25, 2017

French Jardiniere

 A few weeks ago, I took the big ivy that had been setting here outside, down to the potting bench to see if some fresh outdoor air might breath some life back into it. But it's looking like that might have not made it any happier. In any case it's outdoors now, and if it wants to be a difficult little houseplant then it will just have to be one outside. I found a new small ivy (they only had one little one) and it's now residing in a small iron jardiniere that's been in the storage room.


It's a reproduction, even though I've seen some beautiful pieces that are probably the real thing out on the Internet. I found this one at place called Gatehouse Antiques years ago, which is no longer in business. They were using Chalk Paint to refinish furniture and antiques, before anyone except Annie Sloan knew what Chalk Paint might actually be. They also carried a lot of reproduction iron work, that was equally beautiful, but expensive. You couldn't tell what was authentic or what was new, and that's what they wanted. But on with the story... I needed something for my little Ivy so it found it's way up here on my little antique wire plant stand, here in front of the Dining Room windows.

It's really short on space here between the table and the windows, and I wish it was just a little bigger, because I would use my old church pew here instead. But... you wouldn't be able to walk through here so it's a no-go in this spot. Right now the church pew is in the small dining nook in our basement living area.

I really love this little wire stand, it still has some yellow paint on it from a previous lifetime, but I just left it a tad rusty and untouched. I imagine it had been outside, probably on someone's porch for many a year.

For the three years that we've been here I've been looking for the big window that I had over the sideboard in the hallway at our old house. I finally found it last week in the garage, still wrapped up and in a box my husband had cobbled together. I knew I hadn't sold it, just didn't know what on earth had happened to it. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, since there's not a lot of space here. I'll have to think about it. At least I know where it is!

Back to today...
The Botanical Window and wrought iron basket in the corner of the Dining Room.
Sorry, you have to stick with my convoluted train of thought.

I have a couple of starts from this little ivy in glass waiting to root,
then I can make this a little fuller.

 Just a little French Garden Love for you this weekend...

I mentioned tests that were in process on my last post. They came back "inconclusive" (story of my life) so all my records and test results are in the hands of a group of Rheumatologists, to see if they'll accept me as a patient. My Primary Care doctor didn't feel qualified to make a diagnosis, so I'm praying that they will accept me. Hopefully, then I will be able to move forward with a diagnosis, plan, and medications. Meanwhile, I'm still off all things Gluten.

 Have a great rest of the weekend,
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  1. Love that little wire stand, so pretty and the new ivy in it's new home look amazing.

  2. I love the wire stand too. Do you have a source?

    1. Hi Diane, it's an antique, you could check etsy and ebay.

  3. My ivy does well in indirect sunlight. Try taking it out of the sun.

    1. Hi Karen, believe it or not, that is indirect light on the north side of the house, the blinds just magnify the light on camera.

  4. I love the jardinière. I have been stalking one on Ebay for almost a year, but it's antique (read: too pricey for my budget). Yours looks fantastic, I must say! The patina is quite lovely too!

  5. I just love your wagon on the dining room table. Good luck with your medical plan. Best wishes. Pat.

  6. Both the jardiniere and the wire stand are great pieces. You have a great eye for decor items that will enhance your home.

  7. Debra, your dining room is lovely. I really like the way
    you combine your decorating treasures. The antique
    wire stand is wonderful in that spot.
    Wishing you the best as you seek medical inspire me because you don't
    give up. Take care!


  8. I cracked up at your 'convoluted' comment. I was thinking it, but kept at it. ;) Love the wire stand and completely understand the narrow space thing. Glad you finally found the window. I just found a black t-shirt I had all but given up on - even woke up in bed one night thinking of the last time I wore it. I finally found it underneath pjs when I was packing for a weekend trip. Meanwhile, I bought 2 to replace it. Go figure.
    Ugh. Inconclusive. I hope you can get in with the rheumatologists, and in the meantime, hoping the gluten-free is giving a noticeable difference in how you feel.

  9. I swear, just today I thought about putting my wire plabt stand in my dining room in front of the big window! Now I will try it there. Love the jardinaire, and the stand. I have NO luck with ivy. Mine is outside right now too:):)

    1. tehe, you know what they say about great (decorating) minds! I usually do pretty well with ivy, but that one was a real stinker!

  10. Oh dear. Sorry about your tests. I love this little area by the window. I'm so glad you found your big window. Misplacing something is so frustrating. I hope the ivy thrives where you've put it.

  11. Love that beautiful wire stand and the iron jardiniere...just perfect in that place! happy that you found that wonderful window!


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