Sunday, September 22, 2013

Early Fall Changes on the Sunporch

Happy Fall...for reals!
OK, it just hit me that we are coming in to the last full week of September, I can hardly believe it. And if I want to show you any changes that I made for an "Early Fall" sunporch vs. the "Late Summer" Sunporch of August, it had better be now.

Because things will change again in October and I'll bring out a few of my vintage Halloween things. I don't "do" Halloween up big like I did when my kids were little. Now, I just like to have a few little things that remind me of all the fun Halloween was when I was a kid. 

One of the changes was this old straggly suitcase here on my glass nesting tables in place of the Linen Picnic Hamper for Summer. I brought out my big orange Butterscotch Wafers tin and snuggled an ivy inside. I also found the O'Cedar tin awhile back. It's pretty rough, but then I just love the color.

One of my little birdies found a spot to perch.

It's pretty bright out here, you may need to put on your sunglasses.
But that's what I love about my sunporch, I can go color crazy!

I made a few Fall changes out here on the Baker's Rack too. My black kitchen scales are back, I added an old open garden book, there's an orange pottery tea pot and tray, an orange plaid Thermos, and then my "Make Your Own Seedbox" that I made with Fall colors has shown up. I'd been saving it for this month.

Then, one of my little owl friends wanted to come out to play.

He's hanging out with another little friend in the birdcage.

and speaking of owls, did you catch my last post about "owls"?

The settee will get a change up for October too, 
I'm planning it right now...
This may happen this afternoon.

an antique sign I found a few years ago
 gets the "Bittersweet" treatment
on the chippy picket fence gate.

The black tole tray is still here holding some brown transferware, and I had to add a yummy candle to the mix. I have a candle burning most days from here on out. This one is Leaves, but good grief, the one in the kitchen is Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. That smell can make you go nuts...pun intended.

sitting in a cute wire pumpkin

I found a few sunflowers last weekend while I was out , but their little heads are now hanging, and they are dropping their petals. I'll be saving the heads to dry for next year.

Hope you're having a wonderful 1st day of Autumn!

I just put together a link on the sidebar and a new "page" on the header of my past "Autumn Projects and Inspiration". Hope you enjoy a look at some of the fun from the last 4 years.

If you have an Etsy Shop or Online Boutique,
 hope you'll join in tomorrow for 

I also have a new post out on my Spiritual Journey blog about "Being Available". My posts have been few and far between this last year, but I'm hoping to do better. Sometimes "life" gets a little overwhelming...

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Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Debra, I love it all, down to the unbrella hanging over the door. My favorite piece is the picket fence, with the Antiques sign . xoxo,Susie

  2. Debra, you are SO inspiring!!!!

    I would love to come over and look at each and every single item on that awesome porch of yours!

    Well done, so much fun!

    Happy first day of Autumn, ma'am!!

  3. Hi Debra... and Happy First Day of Fall!... I actually call yesterday, the 21st, the First Day of Fall as that is what it always was when I was growing up... you know me... traditions and all... love your sunporch in Autumn especially!... all of your wonderful touches are so warm and welcoming... I think I need one of those antiques signs... oooh... but then I will need a little white picket fence too!... are those hard to sneak inside unnoticed by hubbys???... tee hee hee!... I could spend hours looking at this post and everything in it... your bakers rack is always my favorite... love how pretty your Burberry umbrella looks too... well... why don't I just say I love it all!... Happy Decorating and Happy Fall!... xoxoxoxo Julie Marie

  4. Every thing looks so pretty....I LoVE that Fall sign with the pumpkin!

  5. What a wonderful sunroom! When can I visit?! I'm in love with the vintage suitcase and the little vignette with the tin cans in it. You truly have a talent. I'll be at the link party tomorrow!

  6. Debra, your sunroom looks delightful as always and I love seeing your seasonal changes. You have some really sweet vignettes and lots of cozy colours. Happy Fall to you! Blessings, Pamela

  7. All I can say is... can I come and live on your porch? SIGH!

  8. I love your sunporch anytime of the year!! But, Fall looks so cozy and inviting! I dearly love those old tins in the suitcase.


  9. It's so pretty will all the fall pops of color. It's perfect!

  10. Your sunporch is so much fun, Debra. I always look forward to the changing decorations. I love that suitcase vignette.

  11. Gosh, Debra, this is so pretty! I would never leave your porch! How wonderful to surround yourself with such beautiful Autumn decor! I need to get busy on the back porch!

  12. Everything looks so pretty and fall-perfect. I want to come shop your sunporch! :-)

  13. I love all of your autumn inviting!!...I pt up my fall post this mng...come take a look!...Happy Sunday, Mariaelena

  14. Your porch is gorgeous, Debra. You have collected some lovely pieces and have a real knack for bringing it all together. I would love to sit and visit with you and just soak in all pretty details.

  15. Everything looks absolutely wonderful! I love that second photo!!! Should be in a magazine! And the photo of the wreath! Just sooo prety!

    Have a lovely week, sweetie!

  16. Love your porch!! It's so gorgeous out there!! Love all the pretty bright touches! Have a wonderful day!! Thanks for visiting me, and I'll have to stop by for the Etsy shop link up party! :) xo Holly

  17. Oh your porch is stunning in all the beautiful fall colors. Everything looks great!
    Happy Fall

  18. Very cute Debra! I love the tin, the little pumpkin and the scale!

    Have a great day.

  19. Debra,
    It is all so cute. I love the owl in the old seed box and the pumpkin on the scale. The room looks great. I love the wreath on the mirror too. It is all amazing.

  20. Love the black scale Debra and those old suitcases! Hope you have a great week ahead!

  21. I would just love to come and sit on your sun porch. There is so much to see and enjoy! You have mixed the colors perfectly!!

  22. Ooo, I could do some serious shopping off your bakers rack, and the owl in your birdcage is a hoot! No sunglasses for me. I love all the color!

    I just brought home my daughter's picket gate from the run-down fence they tore down. Where to put it.......

  23. Your porch is lovely, Debra...LOVE the great old tins...

  24. I love it all Debra! I too will be swapping out for Halloween soon. Boy, does time fly by so quickly any more. I snagged that same O Cedar tin last year at a barn sale. Mine is quite rustic also. Loved it for the color. So clever how you corralled them in the suitcase.

  25. I'll take your beautiful fall decor over ghosts/ghoulie/zombie decor any day of the week! This is just lovely...I just want to skip work and come over and read a magazine and have some coffee.

  26. Debra, your porch looks SO festive!! I don't know what my favorite thing is...I love it all! :)

  27. I always love looking at your porch! You have such wonderful finds and vignettes! Happy Fall!!~~Angela

  28. Debra, your sun porch looks amazing, right out of a Pottery Barn catalog!

  29. Oh my goodness, I just love your porch! You do every season so well! You just keep coming up with such beautiful vignettes. And your pictures are so beautiful. What kind of camera do you use and how do you get such gorgeous pictures with all the windows?

  30. Une superbe décoration d'Automne, j'aime beaucoup la composition avec la valise, la bougie dans la couronne faite en fil de fer!!!!!!!!!!!! tout est superbement joli!!!!

  31. Oh my gosh I love seeing your porch...the yellows and oranges are perfect. I couldn't help but notice the darling sunflower wreath and the fun umbrella hanging next to it. It's all wonderful!


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