Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Owl Obsession Continues...

Every once in a while I get an itch to do a little fun diy project. One of my favorite mediums is paper... then give me the scissors and glue, and I'll play for hours, just like a six year old. I've said before, that when I was little I had tons of paper dolls, and could play all day. Well, I guess this is just a hold over for that long ago playtime.

Last year I had a little obsession with owls.
 They were on the mantel.
They were in the Holiday Cupboard.

This year I wanted to put a few paper owls in some frames.
NOW...if you don't want to hear about where my images came from,
then you better go now.

I found two of these old Bird Books in a Flea Market for $5,
 so I'm enjoying them in the way that I really love, 
seeing them used in a paper collage.
(yikes, I better tell you all that I have one that's still intact
the other is "not so much")

And this is a door from an old clock.
I found two of these a few years ago,
just the doors.
I wasn't sure what I would ever do with them,
but I think it's perfect for this project.

The one I chose for my project had a gold design on the edging
that sort of reminded me of spider webs
with some swampy cat tails below it.

I used some black "sample" book wallpaper for the backing.
And while I was gluing the owls to the paper
a certain little fur girl had to help.
Actually she didn't like their eyes
so they got the stuff slapped out of them.
sheesh, bad blogger when you can't get action pet shots.

and yes, that's a dead mouse hanging from it's beak....

Here are two other little frames that I've "be-owled".
(you've heard of be-jeweled, well this is be-owled)

I like that they're slightly creepy,
and a little like the old science illustrations.

The little ovals are in the Holiday Cupboard
and I think the bigger one is headed for a new Entry vignette,
just in time for October.

joining in on these great parties:

Yay, it's the weekend you all!!
Got some fun plans?
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