Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Easy as 1-2-3 Custom Look Wreath

It's September, and you know what I'm doing...

This last week I started decorating for Fall, and one thing I wanted to do was put together a new wreath for the Dining Room mirror. I love a lush twiggy grapevine wreath with lot's of naturals and florals, but I don't want to pay a "custom" price for it. So, no matter what the season, I have an easy method to get a custom look.

Here it is out on the Sunporch. I'll be showing you the Dining Room a little later, but for now it's on one of my old "Fall" quilts on a wicker chair.

As you can see it's pretty wild, and pretty big;
Fall berries, leaves and Hydrangeas.

I've been making my own wreaths for years, and I almost always use this quick method.  One of the best things about it, besides that it's quick, is that this method is easy to take apart, redo, refresh, or reuse at another time.

 Start with your basic grapevine twig wreath. 
The more crazy twigs the better...
I like a wild, natural, just picked look.

Since I'm a bad DIY blogger, I didn't even think to get pics until I had that wreath hanging up on the mirror, and at that point I wasn't going to take it apart again to show the steps.
I just used a few other elements to show how easy it is..
please don't get confused because there are two different wreaths.
I know...I know....
bad blogger.

End of Season sales are a great time to pick up those basic garlands and candle rings. I think this one was a large candle ring that came from Michaels a few years ago. The basic garland ring is of just little Lady Apples. I added the sunflowers a while back so I could use it on my front door, which requires a "skinny" wreath.

Then start layering. I left the Sunflowers and Black-Eyed Susans on the basic apple wreath then added in some Hydrangeas. You can add any blossom mix you like for your season. A Spring wreath might have Tulips and Lilacs on a Forsythia garland. This one I used faux Hydrangea stems, but on my Dining Room wreath I used real dried Hydrangeas. With faux Hydrangeas I sometimes trim the large blooms down.

Now you can see we're adding layers and depth and a lot of interest
 with the Apples, Sunflowers and Hydrangeas.

This grapvine twig wreath is actually a little small for this garland, but I wanted to show you how it all goes together. Just use some gardener's twine or floral wire to secure the garland wreath to the twig wreath. 

Here's the finished product. I just randomly put this together because
I'll be taking it apart again, but you get the idea.

  1. A grapevine wreath for the base.
  2. A garland or large candle ring on top, just tied on with gardener's twine.
  3. Florals to tuck in for added interst and depth. Sometimes I hot glue them on, other times I just tuck them inside and through the vines.

This one is a little wonky since I didn't secure all the layers... just wanted to show you how easy it is to put a wreath together. I didn't need any special tools, and it doesn't make a big mess.
So here's my original again. It's a little more "Fall", whereas the "step by step" version is a little more "Summer".

You can put together a wreath like this in about 15 minutes.
Super quick and versatile.
If you want to change up your basic wreath each season it's easily done.
Just 1-2-3!

Now, have some fun making your own!

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  1. I love those twiggy wreaths. Your wreath is beautiful. I quit buying them many years ago as they were so expensive and I like to make my own.
    When I had a little craft business I really made tons of Christmas wreaths and sold them all. Now I only make them for myself as I got rid of most of my crafts things - only things that I use.
    Have a great week.

  2. I love everything about your wreath! It's just beautiful....thanks for sharing !

  3. You had me at hydrangea. Seriously anything you do ends up looking fabulous but this wreath is special. Thanks for sharing your tips Debra!

  4. love that wreath.. since I plan to do some cutting soon , maybe I'll have a few twigs to add to mine..

  5. Perhaps if the moon is right and if I actually went to a craft place I could do this. Truly I am sad when it comes to creating. Your wreath looks like one of those $125 florist ones. xo, olive

  6. Sooo beautiful Debra!... I just love those wild, twiggy wreaths too, and you have created such a gorgeous one for Autumn... thanks for sharing how to make one... now I just need to go to Michael's tomorrow and ask where their "wild twiggy wreaths" are... Happy Fall decorating!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. This is really pretty Debra. I love it. Thanks for sharing how to make this beautiful wreath.

  8. Hi Debra,
    I love it! I like the wild kind of messy look too. Perfect!


  9. I am the worst at making wreaths! Yours are beautiful. Very inspiring. Oh and I love your autumn banner using the Bingo cards. Genius!


  10. It's beautiful, Debra! I love the twiggy look to it. I need to keep wreaths fairly thin for our front door, too, what with the storm door. I need to do a new one since I stole the one that was there for my Fall potted wreath project. : )

  11. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Hi Debra!
    You're wreath is beautiful!
    You've inspired me, thank you!
    Have a beautiful week,

  12. I love the wild look of the wreath. I completely understand being in a zone with your creations. I forget the before quite often.

  13. I just love this! I am hopeless when it comes to making wreaths, the last one was a disaster. Not sure what you mean by a "candle ring". I'd love to give this a try! Yours is gorgeous!


  14. Debra, your wreath looks fabulous! I do the same thing sometimes, when I find a great garland. Hope you have a great week.

  15. So very pretty! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share this post with us

  16. Debra your wreath looks beautiful!! I love to use a twig wreath as a backdrop.

  17. Debra,

    Your twig wreath is gorgeous - you have such a flair for design - it's awesome.

  18. A candle ring? Oh I LOVE it. You are so clever and crafty. This wreath truly does look high end. Pinning! :)

    In other thoughts was thinking of you earlier today. A heavy presence. But positive. Maybe you had a doctor visit? I do hope you are growing stronger. Prayers are being said in Phoenix.

  19. That is a great hint, Debra...and it looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  20. YOUR WREATH IS SO LOVELY! and.......not everyone has your talent, so thanks for the lesson!

  21. Love your wreath...and how quickly you can make them over, good job!

  22. Your wreath is beautiful Debra! I'm busy painting furniture and sewing up some stuff to take to The Vintage Marketplace at the Springfield flea so my house is sadly neglected right now!

  23. Hello Debra,
    Hey...looks like the two of us do the same thing when it comes to making our thrifty and easy wreaths...happy to see that you share one of's beautiful!! I got some off white sunflowers on sale yesterday for the one that I will be making for my front door.


  24. Your Fall wreath looks so pretty. That is a great way to make your own. Ones that are sold in the stores already made are so expensive!

  25. Beautiful wreaths Debra! I have made wreaths over the years, but not for a long time. I will have to get back into that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. oh Debra, I love everything about your fall wreath, the depth of the colors and textures is perfect. thanks for showing us how to do it!

  27. Debra - your wreath is just beautiful. I love the "wild" look too.


  28. These are so beautiful! I like to make my own wreaths.

  29. This is so, so pretty! You make it seem so easy to make too. I 'd be honored if you linked this up to our All Things Thursday Blog Hop that goes live at 8pm Central tonight! I hope to see you and your gorgeous wreath there!

  30. Now that is one smart way to make a wreath. I always forget to take step by step pics too. To busy trying to do ten things at a time LOL.

  31. Great wreath, Debra! Thanks so much for sharing those time-saving tips with us. I love that wild and crazy wreath that you use for the base. I saw your post over at StoneGable blog.

  32. Such a pretty fall wreath. Everything you do seems to turn out so well. What a talent!

  33. I love your beautiful twig adds such wonderful texture along with the hydrangeas! I'm also loving the idea of using candle rings to add layer and colors to the wreath, makes it so much simpler and looks so pretty, can be customized so easily for the seasons:) Thanks for the inspiration:) I hope you are doing better! Hugs, Poppy

  34. I love your beautiful twig adds such wonderful texture along with the hydrangeas! I'm also loving the idea of using candle rings to add layer and colors to the wreath, makes it so much simpler and looks so pretty, can be customized so easily for the seasons:) Thanks for the inspiration:) I hope you are doing better! Hugs, Poppy

  35. The wreath is gorgeous, Debra! Love its beauty and simplicity!

  36. Debra,
    Love your 1-2-3 Custom look wreath, dear friend!!!
    I did the exact same thing when I worked retail.
    Instead of using pieces of florals. . .
    I stacked three wreaths together,
    tied them together with decorative bow
    and our customers went W I L D over them!!!
    Thanks for sharing how easy and economical it is to get that Custom look!!!

  37. darling tutorial, debra! i've been thinking of trying this...just don't think mine will look this cute! happy weekend!!

  38. Thank you for sharing. I'm addicted to wreaths!

  39. Your wreath has me itching to create - but I'm just not ready to let go of summer yet! Happy SYC!

  40. That is so pretty, Debra! A twiggy grapevine wreath just offers endless possibilities.

  41. What a beautiful wreath Debra! Love all those pretty flowers!

  42. Hi Debra,

    Thanks for sharing this wreath tutorial; I love the way yours turned out!! I'm glad to know that they're not so difficult to make at home -- that's definitely cheaper than buying one already made from the store or the florist. This presents endless possibilities for different seasons and holidays throughout the year. :)

    Visiting from Amaze Me Monday; have a lovely week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  43. It's all that layering that makes both wreaths wonderful Debra. I love the one on the chair with the Fall runner! I just picked up a wreath at a thrift for $3. Added a few faux pumpkins and it worked great to hang on my door. It had a price tag on it of $39. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  44. Gorgeous wreath and great tutorial. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  45. What a great idea! Saves money and you don't have to try to store away a fragile wreath in the off-season! Hugs, Leena

  46. Your wreaths are gorgeous Debra. You did a great job on both of them! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  47. Debra your wreath is gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing at THT.

  48. Beautiful wreath! Like you, I have made my own for years. I haven't started decorating for fall yet but will be very soon. I have a couple of friends who have promised me their dried hydrangeas after they cut dding them to fall decor too. Store bought wreaths are just way too expensive, don't you think? Thanks for sharing your lovely wreath idea!

  49. I love this, Debra!! You make it look so easy to put together. It's absolutely stunning!


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