Sunday, July 28, 2013

Around the house and a photo bomb...

This is turning out to be a busy weekend. The big kids are here for their 20th high school reunion ... yikes...just saying that makes me feel old. And Sunday is my last day at Relics Antique Mall, so I'll be clearing out whatever is left of the booth and call it done. I've loved the experience of having a space, but for the last several years I've had to do things on my own, and that part isn't fun. Time to move on to new things, and I'm looking forward to having that day each week to catch up on some other projects that need taking care of.

And speaking of flea market shopping, I found this great little "God Bless Our Home" cross stitch recently.

I have a little soft spot for "homestyle" cross stitch pieces; I created my share back in the 80's and 90's. I always admire the amount of time the stitcher put into the piece and when I see them for just a few dollars I always want to rescue them and give them a new home. I found this one a few months ago, but the dark frame didn't work for me, so when I painted my kitchen table it got the ASCP treatment.

The browns and golds and orange on the shutters made me think to put it out here on the sunporch with the other late summer colors. I tried several places but it ended up on the baker's rack.

And while I was digging through some cabinets yesterday, I found a good bunch of tan striped ticking that I bought last year for a table runner....totally had forgotten about it. So now maybe I can get that made since I'll have a little more time.

LOVE this wonderful wreath!

So, while I was out in the sunporch takings pics, 
who shows up for a little nibbling of the greens?

hmmm...which one looks tastier?

I guess we all need our fiber...

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Hope you're having a good weekend!!


  1. Bad Cat!!! They can be so naughty and still look adorable!!! Love that cross stitch.....and yes, looking forward to Fall, also my very fav season.......

  2. I love that sweet framed cross stitch, Debra! I bet you will feel wonderfully free when you get your Relics space "put to rest". Autumn is my favorite season too, but I'm afraid if I acknowledge it too soon, it will zip past me before I'm ready! Silly, I know. The Cottage Journal images you shared are just glorious. I always want the Fall season to last forever...sigh.


  3. Such a sweet and charming cross stitch, Debra! It's 'purrfect' right there on the baker's rack and I love your accessories and styling. Autumn is a always fresh and welcoming and it has a cozy place in my heart!


  4. So, I'm not the only one who buys fabric, puts it in a safe place, and forgets it. LOL Your tan ticking will make a perfect runner for your fall decorating.

    Cats. What is it with them and shelves? Within the past 3-4 days, one of my cats kept squeezing into the smallest of spaces on the shelf above the printer in the computer hutch.


  5. The kitty pictures made me smile. And I've never heard of the Cottage Journal, but of course I want to get it now (like I need another decorating magazine!) and I don't even have a cottage!

  6. I will have to look for that magazine, I have never seen it. Your new cross stitch treasure fits right in with a fall decor. Great find.

  7. I get that magazine, too, Debra, only mine came while it was still hot and humid here. I couldn't even look through it at that point. I have since looked at it, since it has been so nice here recently. It's actually making me think ahead to Fall and how much I'm looking forward to it. That sampler you found is very pretty. I used to do cross-stitch myself. Many of them are packed away now, but I really enjoyed doing them at the time. It makes me sad when I see one at the thrift store {that and other handwork items}. One of them has gotten a new life just last week. My granddaughter {3} has discovered Ninja Turtles so I pulled out the one I had made for my son back in the day and gave it to my daughter to bring home for my granddaughter.

  8. Hi Debra... so many things I love in this post!... Hello kitty!... your new vintage cross stitch is just beautiful and that is the perfect spot for it!... I did my share of samplers too and I still love them... your sunporch is so happy!... and Autumn, I can hardly wait!!! I do love Summer and my gardens, but the VERY best time of year for me is Fall too... love all the gorgeous colors of the season and it's my favorite time of all to decorate, more than Christmas even... and I love the clothes for Fall... snuggly sweaters and jeans and a pair of boots... perfect!... I am actually counting the days too... I can't wait to get my copy of the Autumn Cottage Journal... and linger over it for hours... happy you will have more time to do the things you want to do... I decided (in between batches of making pickles) to clean out one of my "storage" closets downstairs... yikes!... what a dumb idea!... so I am in a big mess today!... can't wait to see your table runner out of the pretty ticking... hope you have a beautiful Sunday, xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Debra,
    Great thoughts coming your way as your begin a new chapter in your life, dear friend!!!
    Love your newest Flea Market find!!!
    I, too, picked up that copy of Autumn Cottage yesterday...
    had my first glimpse last night!!!
    It felt "right" with our current temperatures here on our side of the Prairie!!!
    LOVE your "photo bomb" subject matter!!!
    EnJOY your Sunday!!!

  10. Hehe. Fiber indeed!

    I love your sampler done in my favorite colors of autumn, too. I attended a flea market yesterday and could kick myself for not buying a beautiful hand embroidered laundry bag when I spotted it. I meant to go back for it, but couldn't find it. The vendor may have packed up and headed to a warmer climate. It was so cold and windy and raining that they were bundled up in winter jackets and gloves! I consoled myself by buying the same magazine to read on the way home. Fall is in the air. It was 59 degrees INSIDE our house this morning!

    Enjoy your new freedom!

  11. so love your pics! off to the flea market today! love your sampler too, always an insporational visit here...

  12. The cross stitch is wonderful,Debra.

    I hope to find the Autumn issue of Cottage Journal while out and about tomorrow. Can't wait to see it. Fall is my favorite season.

    Loved the "photo bomb".

  13. Debra,
    I love the sampler done in the fall colors too. It looks perfect out on the porch. I did cross stitch around the same time you did. Oh I remember sitting and cross stitching away!!!! Your kitty is so adorable. They are such great little characters.

  14. Oh that sweet piece of stitchery is perfect! I too am looking forward to Autumn with its cooler temperatures. Your little photo bomber is precious. :)

    Have a wonderfully lovely day!

  15. Your new sampler looks perfect in your porch! I, too, am so ready for fall....temps are still in the upper 90's and will be for sometime but my thoughts go to fall which is also my favorite time of year! I love that magazine! I've never heard of it before! I'll have to keep my eyes open for it! Thanks, Debbie, for such lovely posts!~~Angela

  16. Love the stitchery! I am sure I have seen that one before and it looks great where you put it. Love the kitty getting a snack, how sweet. And I would do just that, smile and take a picture. Happy Sunday Debra!

  17. I love cross stitch samplers, it's one of the few things I could do for relaxation when the kids were younger. The one on your baker's rack looks perfect!

    I'd love to find that magazine and get a jump start on ideas for fall. And I hope you have all the free time you want now to work on projects and enjoy your lovely home. Hello, kitty!


  18. Debra,
    Yay, the Autumn Cottage is out! I love those Hoffman publications - they are some of the ones I will loan to my sister when I'm finished perusing, but always want back. :)
    Our weather today is mimicking Fall: blue skies & sun, nice breeze, milder temps, and you can hear the cicadas! Love Fall, and always enjoy your change of decor to reflect the seasons!

  19. Loved your post today. The sampler is perfect. I have a new appreciation for cross stitch now. I love fall, but I'm so not ready for it yet. We have had a nice warm summer, but it was slow in coming and I want to enjoy it much longer before I start complaining about it. :-) I am going to the store now to look for the Cottage Journal magazine. As long as I can't stop the seasons I might as well get myself ready. Your blog helps.

  20. I made the same sampler back in 1979! I have it hanging above my door in the dining room. I was just at a store and looked for the magazine, but not there yet! I always look forward to their new issue. Sweet kitty you have! Happy Sunday to you!

  21. That magazine looks great! Your cat is so cute nibbling away in the sunroom. Who could shoo her away?

  22. Debra, the magazine looks like a good one. I'll put it on my list for shopping this week. Love the photos of your kitty. I was taking photos for a blog post yesterday, and Sadie wanted in on the action too. Food was involved! '-)

  23. I have never done cross stitch before but had a friend that loved to do it. I really like the one you found for your bakers rack! I'm glad that you shared the news about that magazine coming out. I haven't seen that one yet. I love all of the new magazines once the seasons begin to change. I believe Fall is my favorite season too. Can you believe college football games start next weekend?! That truly means Fall for me.

  24. I am not ready for autumn, but those magazine images are very inspiring. Today, it was in the 50s. No joke. It felt like football weather!

  25. I adore your new cross stitch piece, Debra! It brought back so many sweet memories for me, as I was a cross stitcher, too. :) My mother taught me and we spent hours together creating things that I still have to this day. Oh how I love seeing pics of your sunroom. You always style it so sweetly!

    xoxo laurie

  26. I suspected from seeing the corner glimpse of that cross stitch that it was a "God Bless Our Home" that I stitched back in the 70's before I did so much counted cross stitch. I'm not sure where I've stored mine, but I need to find it and move it to the laundry room where I hang a variety of stitcheries that haven't evolved the way my decorating colors have. I still love looking at them and remembering all the happy hours of stitching and the things that were happening in my life back then.

  27. Your cross stitch is so pretty. Tried doing it years ago and did not do so well - love seeing others pretty work.
    Know what you mean about a child's 20th yr. reunion - hard to believe it has been that long. Been there - a shocker to the system.
    Loved the pics of the sweet furbaby that "bombed" your pics. :-D
    Have a great week.

  28. Oh, Debra - you and I were drawn to the same cross stitch - isn't it beautiful! I did a post about mine back in October. If you'd like to see where I hung mine, here is my post about it - and I LOVE your furry little photo bomber!!!

    Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  29. I just adore your style AND your blog! This cross-stitch piece is priceless, too!

  30. Fall is my favorite season too. I do love the summer, warm days, going to the pool etc., but FALL is perfect to me. Love all your finds. XO, pinky

  31. The counted cross-stitch is so beautiful...and there nothing that says comfort like the "Home Sweet Home" slogan! Like you, I cannot wait for the fall to arrive. I love everything about it! Beautiful arrangement on the baker's rack and a cute kitty too!


  32. Love that beautiful sampler! First thing I thought of was fall. I can't believe it's already August! xx

  33. It is always amazing to find hand work at thrift stores, etc. It is wonderful to bring them home but sad to think that someone in that person's family did not keep it as a treasured memory or keepsake.

  34. I found the same cross stitch a few years back at a yard sale and grabbed it up QUICK...and for a steal! I think I paid $2! I too just love them and appreciate the time it took to stitch them. I used to stitch also, but only kept a few of them. Love how you painted the frame, you've got me thinking! :)
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!


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