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Patriotic Sunporch and a little Serendipity...

Happy Weekend Everyone!

This was a big week for the little sunporch, as Kim from Savvy Southern Style asked me to share "My Favorite Room" with her readers. (Thankyou, each and every one of you who left such sweet comments, they made my week!) I've mentioned before, that I use this blog as a sort of "photo diary" of what I've been doing, and decor around the house. Since I didn't post the sunporch photos here on my own blog, that's what this post is about...and a couple of funny "serendipitous" findings.

You all know that I love to keep things changed up out here on the porch, and most of that change comes from trading out quilts and pillows for the base of my color scheme. I get excited for each new Holiday and Season and the sunporch reflects those seasonal changes.

For this July 4th Holiday and the Summer Season, I knew I wanted to use different pillows for the little white wicker settee. I had it in my head that they needed to be a red floral. (are you like me, and get a mental picture in your noggin about what it needs to be, and then it's hard to do anything else?)

So my hunt for red floral pillows began; I spent hours on Etsy looking for red. floral. pillows. I finally found two that were wonderful, pretty much what I had been looking for, but with shipping they were going to cost over $80. OK, it's worth it to get the ones that will be "just right". I was about to hit the purchase button when I realized...good grief...they were almost identical to the red fruit and floral pillows I have in storage from "Big Red"the sofa downstairs. I hunted down the extra set and saved myself some money. I love mixing patterns, and my black ticking pillows match almost everything that I pair them with. Love the red floral and fruit with the ticking stripe. OK...done.

Last week I put a few of my blue transferware cups and saucers out as a little grouping in one of my strawberry totes. I just grabbed anything with blue on it. Around here, blue is in short supply. The 4th of July is the only time I use blue, so I don't have a lot. Anyhoo, I have stacks of mismatched dishes and I just went through them to pull out the ones for a little patriotic display here on the porch.

This set is "Mason's Fruit Basket" from England.

But look what else I found...
a little set of dessert dishes that I've never used.

and of all things...
They are "Martha Washington" from E.C. Company.
I bought them for the little dove design.

Patriotic indeed!

I recently brought out the old hooked floral rug from my studio. It has seen many better days and has a permanent crease/wrinkle problem that I may or may not have tripped over numerous now it's out here and not a health hazard to anyone that might be slightly accident prone...just sayin'.

An old linen lunch hamper filled with my little French Girl lamp,
 an ivy, old gardening tools, a wire basket and a white tole tray.

...and the baker's rack with some summer goodies.

This Sunshine Biscuit Tin depicting "the first note of the Liberty Bell". 

and this old blue lunch box with some red transferware on top.

and an old birdhouse...

and in the other corner...
an old wicker rocker with my conservatory on top of a dresser
 that had been my Dad's as a little boy.

I've always loved this canvas piece. It's not old, and I think from Guild Masters about 13 years ago. It reminds me of toile and red transferware, and is entitled "The Aviary".

So that's a wrap on the Patriotic Sunporch for July 2013.

I'm already thinking about what's coming next...

The Patriotic Party is still going strong,
and I'll be picking some faves, so don't hesitate to add your links.
I'm known for choosing at least one of the features
 from the last few entries...

joining in for these parties:

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Hope you're having a sunny and warm weekend,


  1. Hello,
    I saw your sun porch at Savvy Southern Style & had to pop over. Yeah..even more photos here! Love it all. I pinned a few photos. Hope that is ok. Love to have you visit me at if you ever have a moment. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I love how you put it all together, love your use of color!!!

  3. Debra,
    Oh, dear friend. . .I do love the additional photos of your Patriotic Sun Room!!! I especially adore all the quilts and pillows!!! The hooked rug is a stunning accessory here!!!
    Yes, I, too, get a decor vision in my head and can't get much else done, until I create the look within our home!!! One of the hazards of being in Home Design and Merchandising, I fear! ha!
    Thanks for sharing more of this gorgeous room with us! Now. . .go enjoy the fruits of your labors!!!

  4. So pretty and patriotic. I love your dove plates. Must be nice to spend time out there - looks magazine ready :)

  5. This looks like it could be from a magazine. So beautiful and cozy.

  6. Hi Debra! I saw your gorgeous porch over at Kim's blog. It is so lovely and you never miss a beat as everything spot is just perfect. The dishes are beautiful too. Hope you're having a nice weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Holy moley you are creative.

    That porch is beyond awesome.

    You have such a talent for design, girlfriend!

  8. so adorbee!!! {as usual!} your sunporch really needs it's own book! ;}

    m ^..^

  9. Debra, love your sun porch, and how you decorate it to your heart's content seasonally. It was also great to see your porch on Kim's blog as her guest. I follow you both, and it was like visiting you both at once. :)
    I love your blog - it really does lives up to its name.
    Best, Rita

  10. Hi again Debra... I visited Kim and loved seeing your patriotic sunporch there... but you know me and your sunporch... I cannot get enough of it!... I still want to move into it, 'k?... I'll share with the kitties... I am so happy you didn't hit "buy" on those other pillows and shopped at home instead... wow, you saved $80!... and yours look fabulous!... ok, going back for another look at everything... still visiting the party too... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. Love it Debra using what you have!Your porch is lovely as always.Congratulations again on being featured!

  12. Your porch is wonderful. The pillows were worth the splurge. They do look perfect. Just when I think I have seen all the dishes in the tease me with these Mason's Fruit Basket. Oh man. A new thing to want. I love them!

  13. Wow, I love your sunroom, but this might be how I like it best....all decked out in its Patriotic glory....LOVE IT!

  14. Hi, Debra! Love your sun porch...just delightful, but I have to say, I am completely salivating over your "Aviary" wall hanging. It is DIVINE! Will visit your blog for inspiration and THIS post over and over just to see this lovely piece again! Hope you are having a lovely Fourth of July weekend! pat

  15. I need you to give me lessons on how you appear to haphazardly plunk things in a tote or a suitcase or whatever and have it look so gosh darn amazing every time!!!

  16. I enjoyed this post so much Debra! I love your sun porch! Absolutely beautiful!

  17. Your porch is amazing! Every detail is perfect!

  18. oh, i envy how you're able to gather your collections into every nook + cranny and still have it look cohesive and organized! so lovely!

  19. Of course I went over to SSS to see it! It couldn't be more beautiful! Love love LOVE your style!

  20. I always love looking at your porch and your many treasures! I love your linen lunch hamper!!~~Angela

  21. Debra,
    Oh how I love seeing these extra pictures of your beautiful sun room. That room is so cozy and warm and sunny. Loved the 4th decor.

  22. The porch is wonderful! So many great pieces and I especially love the Rambling Rose pillow and the Aviary wall hanging.

  23. Your porch is just gorgeous! So many great details-you've made 'patriotic' look festive and stylish! :)

  24. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabulous porch! As I said when I saw it at SSS... this is my kind of decorating!

  25. You have so many wonderful things on your porch for this summer! I have always adored your beautiful porch no matter what the season Debra!!!
    hugs from here...

  26. Your porch is so happy. I love the blue transferware teacup. I had never seen before... And of course, I still have a soft spot for red transferware.

  27. What a lovely post:) I love your blog.

    If you want to see an amazing Swedish hotel..check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria from

  28. You and that sunroom are two of my favorite little firecracker you!

  29. Love it all ! ...everything just looks wonderful and the Martha Washington set was a fun coincidence :)

  30. Debra ,your porch is absolutely breath taking .. I have always been an absolute lover of red, white, and blue. It just makes me feel good inside .! I could sit and relax in your sun porch for hours upon hours .. it's so warm, homey and inviting ! You have an amazing eye for decorating !

  31. Oh my gosh, i've missed so many posts lately, i didn't see the one about your porch, i'm so glad you showed it here. It is just delightful! I love the flag on the back of the wicker sofa. Everything is soooo charming and summery and patriotic. Even the unexpected Martha Washington plates!


  32. Your porch is so gorgeous. I love it and all of your fabulous decor. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  33. What a darling sunporch. It is so inviting! I don't think I would even want to take the decorations down ever!

  34. Oh Debra I don't even know where to begin...everything is so fantastic, your porch inviting, every single detail delectable and the photography superb! Thank you so much for sharing such and inviting place! Came over to visit you from Tweak it Tuesday party!

  35. This is just an amazing room! So pretty, and so many gorgeous details! Thanks for sharing it!

  36. Love your porch, and I have a dear friend whose last name is "Dove," so I'll have to tell her about your beautiful dessert plates!

  37. Stunning styling of your porch! It looks beyond gorgeous!

    That's wonderful that you remembered you had those two pillows. I've got so many bins of things I sometimes forget what I have. Then it's always like a nice surprise to find something that's "new" to me :)

  38. So much charm! Your dishes, quilts, hooked rug, adorable wagon...what's not to love!!! I would never want to leave your porch!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!!!

  39. Hi Debra! Your sunroom looks so wonderfully festive, happy, comfy and simply gorgeous!!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!
    Bless you!
    Your neighbor, down-south in Branson,
    Sugar Pie Farmhouse


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