Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mid Summer Mantel

I know you all have been waiting for the next installment of 
"The Summer Mantel"
Sort of like how we're waiting for the next season of Downton Abbey...right? (I hope you all know that I'm a "kidder" from waaaay back) I guess that it's safe to say that it's "mid" summer, now that we're into the middle of July. 

And once it's past the July 4th holiday, and those wonderful little Black-Eyed-Susans start blooming, then I have to hold myself back from going Sunflower crazy.

A few weeks ago, on the way back from St. Louis we stopped at one of our favorite Antique Malls, Artichoke Annie's in Columbia, Missouri. It's a real quality mall; big, and full of great antiques. No "garage sale" items here. I saw tons of things I loved but I'm really watching what I buy, so my only purchase was a piece of Majolica; a small dessert plate that would match the other few pieces that I have.

Once I had that new plate,
I had enough to put together a little grouping on the mantel.

I love the wonderful colors of Majolica, 
mine all have the gold and green in common.

Even with chips, it's still collectible and doesn't break the bank.

The colors of the pottery play off the silk Sunflower and Rudbeckia
(part of the Daisy family) that are now in the Wolff  Pottery vases.
A little English Cottage metal doorstop sits in the middle.

These sunny warm colors are my go-to colors of late Summer.

I'm lovin' this Summery display, so it just might stick around 
for the next episode; the "Late Summer" mantel...

And here are a few pics of what's happening in the rest of the Living Room.

And here's my little Italian desk in the corner.
It doesn't make an appearance very often.

Sunflowers have popped up in other places too,
so stay tuned for some changes in the Dining Room.

I'll be joining in for these parties this week:

Wow Us Wednesday at Savvy Southern Style
Tips and Tutorials at Stone Gable
Inspiration Gallery at Ella Claire



  1. You have a great Majolica collection, Debra. I always love your mantel vignettes, and, well, every other vignette you create.

  2. The desk could be a star if you allowed it. Love the Majolica.

  3. I look forward to your mantels :-) I too luv the super saturated colours of mid summer. Golden yellows and oranges. Deep reds...
    Hugs, Gee

  4. Oh Debra, I love your mid~Summer mantel!... love love love Sunflowers and Black~eyed Susans... I just picked a mid~Summers bouquet of Purple Coneflowers, Black~eyed Susans and Blanket Flower from my garden today... I think this should be your "Late~Summer" mantel as well, since all the gorgeous Sunflowers will be blooming then... can't wait till you get your book... it will go in the mail first thing tomorrow morning... it's all packed up and ready to mail USPS Priority... wait till you see all the Sunflowers in it!... xoxo Julie Marie PS LOVE the rest of your room as well!!!

  5. Love the majolica - wish I had picked up some pieces back when it was cheaper!! We're in sunflower mode here, too. Your arrangements are lovely. Sally

  6. Your lovely mantle just says "summer". I think you have inspired me to change my spring mantle, I can't believe that I've put it off this long! Hugs, Penny

  7. You're right on time. My very first Black-eyed Susan's bloomed today! I love your Majolica pieces and recently picked up a biscuit jar, which is the only piece I far. The corner of your room with the clock is so pretty all dressed in white. Thanks for the tour, Debra!

  8. Debra,
    Your midsummer mantel is so pretty with your wonderful collection of Majolica! I love the bright colors in Majolica too, and they look perfect combined with your sunflowers.
    Mary Alice

  9. Your mantels are always inspiring, Debra. I love the sunflowers, they never grow old. They will transition well as August approaches with their beautiful golden yellow tones.

  10. Debra, I always look forward to updates of your mantel. We have a painting above our fireplace, but each time I see a photo of your mantel it makes me think I should look for a mirror to hang instead. It's difficult to arrange things on the mantel with the large painting that we have there. So thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Gorgeous mantel! The mid-Summer flowers go perfectly well with the Majolica, beautiful!

  12. The Majollica is gorgeous Debra what a feasting of beauty on your summer mantel. Great inspiration.


  13. this is so pretty Debra and of course, those white bricks make a perfect backdrop :)

  14. Debra,
    Love your midsummer mantel. Very pretty.

  15. The summer mantle is great. The flowers and your plates - everything goes so well. Love it!

  16. Such a gorgeous mantle and room! I love it all!

  17. Every time I see your living room I love it more and more...Love the black eyed susan's you chose, they're gorgeous!

  18. Beautiful mantel! Have a blessed day dear Debra, HUGS!

  19. I have already managed to kill most of the plants on my front porch, and I'm looking forward to fall because I have a big bunch of artificial sunflowers that I'm sticking in those pots!

  20. Your mantle is beautiful. With the Mojolica you can take that right into fall too. I love it all.

  21. lol, I love all the stages of the mantle. sunflowers say almost fall or fall to me, and since I loooove fall, i'm loving this pre fall mantle! mid summer is pre fall...right?? hehe.

  22. I always draw inspiration from your mantel and coffee table arrangements. Thanks.

  23. Such a beautiful room and the mantel looks wonderful with the sunflowers and majolica plates.

  24. Black eyed Susans are one of my favorites. They always announce that summer is fully entrenched. Your mantle is lovely. xo Laura

  25. Debra,
    Move over Downtown Abbey, On Common Ground is in 'The House'!!!
    When I brought up the first picture, dear friend, my heart skipped a beat!!! I LOVE Sunflowers and this display nearly took my breath away!!!
    I adore how you've brought in your Majolica Collection to add visual interest!
    I,also, enjoyed visiting the rest of your Living Room, as well!!!
    Sunflowers in the Dining Room???
    I am filled with anticipation!!!

  26. Love your gorgeous living room! So many lovely treasures. I love it all!

  27. Your summer mantel is so cheerful and refreshing. The layering makes it very rich.

  28. What a beautiful mantel ( what a gorgeous room period )
    I'm feeling very inadequate - mid summer mantel - I've barely finished my summer one LOL

  29. The majolica has found a new group of lovers, your is very appealing to look at

    That was so popular in the early 1980's

    I use to set up at Artichoke Annies at Millersburg exit here in Columbia Mo ,it is a very good place to shop


  30. This is just Beautiful...but everything you do to this room is just drop dead gorgeous!! Would love it if you came by and shared this at One More Time Events. Hope to see you there.
    New Follower... Tammy

  31. The mid-summer mantle is beautiful -- I so enjoy seeing the wild sunflowers along the highways around here. I've not had much luck growing them as the squirrels jump on them and destroy them before I can enjoy them!

  32. I love the vibrant colors and pattern of majolica: the little plate looks so pretty with your other gorgeous collection and pops out beautifully among the whites...such a pretty way to showcase:) Lovely vignettes on the mantle and coffee table! Gorgeous midsummer decor...thanks for sharing and for this week's party!Hugs,Poppy

  33. Lovely collection of majolica. Great midsummer decor too!

  34. Your room is so bright and comfy looking. The mantel sets it all off perfectly!

  35. You have a beautiful home ... I love the pops of yellow on the mantel. I have a little bird cage just like yours. I like how yours is displayed:)
    Have a great weekend, Francine

  36. So pretty! You have such a gorgeous room & home ;)
    Jamie @ Better With Age

  37. You had me at SUNFLOWERS! It's so beautiful and screams late summer.

  38. Debra, I think you change your mantle as often as you change clothes. lol! You know I am a 'kidder' too. Actually, I am chomping at the bits to take down my Americana décor and bring out my sunflowers and watermelons. We have Pioneer Day here in UT on the 24th so I wait till after that. I love your gorgeous plates. They certainly are in the Fall tones that you adore. I have random sunflowers popping up outside and I'm hoping they hang around for some Fall fun. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  39. You have a great collection of majolica. Love the desk too.


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