Friday, May 20, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #38: Paper Birds

I've always loved birds. When I was growing up in the country, my dad who never threw any thing away, always had seeds and scraps that he would put out for the critters. Opossums, raccoons, birds of all kinds, and even the occasional skunk joined the "dinner table" at the side of the farmhouse.

Bird feeders, houses, and baths have been a fixture in my yard since I've been married. Now that I have more free time, I really enjoy it so much more, and you could say I have a small obsession with all things "bird".

I grab every Bird book that I can find and really love all the old illustrations.
I've been putting together vintage windows with "bird" elements for awhile,
 and since not everyone can use a large window,
I found myself creating these paper bird collages with old illustrations,
 dictionary pages, and album pages.

Recently my husband found a stash of these old albums at a flea market,
so we bought them all. Some had more elaborate design than the others,
but I love them all.

I used old type stamps to add a little extra to these plain ones.

I have a row of bird houses along the back fence that I put up this year,
and this sweet wren is busy building her nest.

Sunday, I took out a garden seat, did some weeding,
and had my camera close by.

She had a hard time with some of the longer sticks,
they just wouldn't fit thru that tiny door.

But she worked and worked till she got them inside.

One of the best ways to spend an afternoon!

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I'll be joining these gals for great parties this weekend:

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  1. Debra - I love it all!!! And Jenny Wren - she's GORGEOUS!!!

    ;-D xoxo

  2. Debra, you did an absolutely awesome job on those bird pages. Such a vintage feel to them. And your sweet little wren is a hard worker, too! Fun that you were able to capture such sweet images. Wow, I missed that awesome table of Theresa's. I'm going to have to go back and check that out! Just linked up ~ thanks for hostessing!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  3. ...hello Debra!
    I adore the little changes you have made on your blog!
    and your little paper birds,
    but oh! couldn't we all learn a thing or two from observing that dear birdie, meeting the challenges of getting those bigger sticks into her nest??!
    go birdie GO!!
    xo, Rosemary

  4. Debra, your books turned out gorgeous!! I love all things birds, too. :) Love your pics of the mamma bird making her nest... so sweet!
    Thanks for hosting this fun party! Glad to be joining in again. :)


    p.s. thanks so much for your input on my new header, my friend... much appreciated! :)

  5. I just adore watching the yard birds. And especially those little wrens. They are often silly-willies. Love your bird books!

  6. Wow!
    See....we'll follow you puttering around anytime Debra :) This idea is so gorgeous - and how much do we ever love that you "framed" them with old pages from photo albums - wonderful!! We just aquired a ton of windows and were thinking about doing your bird collages on we were tickled pink to see that you posted this!!
    Enjoy your weekend Debra!!
    Karla & Karrie

  7. Debra, your bird pictures are just adorable! So creative and pretty. The little wren is so tiny and a hard worker. That is a great way to spend a spring afternoon.

  8. Your bird collages are fantastic! I love the colors and the graphics. Beautiful!

  9. I love everything about your post. The bird pictures are just wonderful...of course you know I'm a "bird-brain" from 'way back!

  10. You are so clever Debra. Love how your framed this adorable birds in the antique photo album pages.
    LOVE them!

  11. I love watching and listening to the birds, their so sweet! Debra, your bird collages are gorgeous... and I just love the old ablum pages that you have used, their so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  12. Debra, I love the vintage bird prints and what you did with them. Thanks for hosting!

  13. Debra,
    I love these collages with the old album pages. A great way to repurpose them. That bird is so sweet trying to get into that little birdhouse. Thanks for having us over! Thank you also for linking up!

  14. These are beautiful--I love vintage bird images. Thanks for hosting Debra--hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Your bird windows are gorgeous!! I have a love for birds too, they're all sooo pretty.

  16. I really like what you did with the bird images - very pretty. It is fun to watch birds at work. I have had some robins build a nest on a limb over my courtyard for the last few years, but no sign of anything this Spring so far.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  17. I love birds and this is wonderful, such beautiful vintage bird images! The bird windows are great, I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for hosting and for visiting me, someone called me, otherwise I would've beat you to the visit...thank you for the lovely comment too.
    Have a nice weekend.

  18. The old albums are devine! I LOVE THOSE! and your additions to them are So Pretty! LOVE IT... I have several of these old albums and some are empty. Hmmmm! Thank you for the wonderful ideas... Your Wren is "TOO CUTE", don't you just LOVE their song? What a picture perfect day you had.
    Thank you for sharing AND Hosting,

  19. Just as I stared reading about your birds and thinking how much I enjoy them... the wren started singing outside my I scrolled down further there were your wren pictures! I love birds and especially wrens in the spring, the more the merrier! Great post!

  20. I, too, love birds--you can find them throughout my shop. I love the ideas you shared--may have to try my hand and creating a few myself.
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Debra, I am sitting here with my mouth wide open! Those bird collages in the old albums are amazing. Really gorgeous. BTW, I love the lamb header.

  22. Hi Debra, I love, love your paper birds! What a great idea! You are so creative and talented!
    Thanks for hosting. I am happy to be linking up this week.
    ~ Julie

  23. Hello Debra!

    Your bird collages are amazing and I loved everything you shared especially about watching the bird build her nest. Sweet!

    You sure give me inspiration and that's just what I needed this evening.

    Be blessed.


  24. Fabulous project!!! I have a few of those old albums. I've been wanting to use the pages for a project....thanks for the inspiration!! Your pages are beautiful!
    Thanks for hosting VIF.

  25. Love your birds, Debra...both real and faux! I have painted my fence and had to take down my nesting boxes for a while. I miss my bluebirds! I hope they will return! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  26. Hi Debra ! Love all your birds , I have a pair of Tohees, I think thats how you spell it , nesting in one of my Boston firns on my front porch , it makes it hard to water . They have 5 eggs in the nest. My sister , buddy Billie and I are going up to Relics Tue. Tell me where to find your booth .

  27. Hi Debra! Your paper birds are just fabulous! How talented you are. And what could be sweeter than that darling little wren building her nest?? Thanks for a lovely Friday party!

    Susan and Bentley

  28. What wonderful nesting pictures. I would love to watch a scene like that. I love everything about your bird pictures. They're just beautiful! I look for those albums everywhere! You have some real beauties.Thanks Debra! xx

  29. Hello Debra, The bird collages are just adorable! I loved your window and now I love these too! Thank you for hosting.

  30. The bird prints are so beautiful, love them!
    Thank you so much for featuring my Toleware!!

  31. I love birds, too and I've been looking for pictures to frame. I'll bet Cavalinni has some. Thanks for the reminder. Your bird art pictures are really pretty and I ablsolutely love your photos of the little bird building a nest. It's so much fun to watch one do that.
    Hope you have a great weekend,

  32. Thank you so much Debra! I'm glad you like my lil marriage made in the barn :o Your bird collages in the album pages are all so pretty, I love them all. Really is there anyone out there in blogland that doesn't have a soft spot for our feathered friends?
    Thanks for the party! t. xoxoxoxoxo

  33. Hi Debra,
    Such great photos of the little wren. I love all of your bird creations too. Thanks so much for featuring my post from last week. Have a fun week!

  34. Your birds are breathtaking...I have been doing a lot of altered art lately, I love creating through this media. Looks like another great party~ off to browse...


  35. Joining in today Debra.
    Looks like a lot of fun posts. Cannot wait to check them out.
    Love the bird art.

    barbara jean

  36. What a happy accident - my post for the party fits perfectly with your post. Your birdies are gorgeous!!

  37. Debra,
    What a wonderful birdie post...thanks so much for hosting this fun party.


  38. I love your sweet birdies Debra~ so charming! Thanks for hosting! :)

  39. The bird pages are amazing ~ so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us and thanks so much for hosting this. I love visiting all the wonderful links! I'm joining in for the first time too!

  40. Beautiful birds,so sweet,especially the real one withe the cute house,I love it!.

  41. Your bird collages are beautiful! And the wren in the birdhouse is adorable. Thank you for hosting this wonderful party. I have visited often but today I'm joining in on the party for the first time. I look forward to visiting the wonderful links.

  42. What a beautiful blog! So enjoyed your post and pictures. I love birds too and have been practicing drawing them. I am amazed at how absolutely beautiful God made them. He had such fun making all the different varieties! Patsy from

  43. beautiful inspiration, as usual....
    your bird works are gorgeous!
    i'm joining in today for the first time!

    thankyou for hosting and have a lovely weekend....

    melissa x

  44. It seems I can't get enough of birds lately! I love these pages! Would look beautiful in my sunroom!

  45. Debra I love your bird creations!
    Also love your picks from last week!!
    Thanks so much for having us each week, I love visiting all your guests over the weekend!

  46. Lovely blog.These birds are beautiful.I love watching to birds.Thanks for hosting.
    -romantic pictures

  47. Debra,
    Love the picture frames and what you did with the bird images.
    I adore birds, too. I watched a robin make a nest over a light fixture several weeks ago from my diningroom table. It took her nearly two weeks, was hard for her to get it started, she was determined!!
    Thanks for hosting.

  48. Hi sweet friend,
    Your bird photoes are so wonderful, I just love that little dear,trying to fit in her material :)
    And Debra I love the birds in old album pages- the soft blue colored ones are so beautiful.
    Wish you a lovely week-end,

  49. What a sweet house guest you have! I am envious that you found such a great album.

  50. Debra,

    Your bird collages are WONDERFUL! I am so glad I got to see them. Happy Belated WW and Happy VIF!


  51. I love your bird art Debra. I hope you have a great weekend!

  52. ahhhh, dont you love when they use your houses!!! only spiders love

  53. Hello dear Debra! These bird collages are magnificent! You are so clever! Did you fussy cut each of those pretty little birds? I love old victorian photo mats. I bought a big lot of them on Ebay once and priced them individually for my space at the antique shop. They sold very well and now are pretty much all gone...and I'm wishing I had more! Thank you for hosting another lovely party! I so look forward to linking up each week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Ooh, and I adore the photos you caught of the little mother bird feathering her nest! Precious! Makes me want to add more birdhouses to our yard!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  54. I ADORE what you did with the birds... using those vintage photo frames was a great idea. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  55. These are so beautiful...what a wonderful find. I love anything with birds and the book plates are fantastic!

  56. Hey there!
    I love your little wren! What wonderful shots you captured...
    We have been working our tails off! Today we are putting together our BoHo Ball outfits and trying to decide what to do with our hair... very girlie!
    It should be fun, wish you were here!

  57. What a clever way to display your bird pictures. Just loveley!

  58. Love how you've showcased your bird prints in these old album pages. Very inspiring! I have a sweet little stash of these old albums too. Some I wouldn't have the heart to take apart, problem at all. Very inspiring post!

  59. I am awestruck by your artwork, Debra! It is fabulous! Truly. Very clever, indeed ... and I loved seeing the little wren feather her nest. Lovely post and thanks so much for hosting. Have a great weekend!

  60. I just love your bird stuff!!
    I keep looking and looking for old books with pictures.......some day!!

  61. Hello Debra
    These are so Beautiful! What a Great Idea using the Cabinet Card Frames! Thank You very much for the Praise !
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  62. What wonderful birds take flight with you! Gorgeous. And I love the other blog posts that you have featured -- it's great to be able to find fabulous things that I otherwise would have missed. Thanks!
    And thanks also for stopping by That Old House. You want some old shutters? Come and get a few!

  63. Loving your bird prints! Gorgeous!!! thanks for hosting~ xoxo, tracie

  64. I love these! I have an unfinished project in the studio right now that is similar. I wasn't happy with my bird images so didn't finish. Yours are just lovely. Perfect size and colors are such a good contrast. Still searching for that perfect bird book!

  65. Your vintage bird collages are great- the brightly colored birds with the muted vintage looking paper - great juxtaposition.

  66. Too much beauty, takes my breath away! Great job on the bird creations AND the birdhouse pictures!

    Have a blessed evening dear Debra, HUGS!

  67. This is such a beautiful way to display your birds! They are so pretty!

  68. These are so beautiful. And the birdhouse is so cute. Thanks for the inspiration!


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