Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kitchen Counter Vignette

Do you have a spot in your house 
where things are moved around...
added and subtracted...
left for days
 because you don't know how to use them in your decor?

...a glorified "staging area".
waiting to be blogged about...
hoping to make the cut?

 yes, I have one of those spots.
(sometimes more than one)

but my kitchen bar counter is the one that's the biggest culprit.
It divides the Kitchen and the Living Room,
and more than not, 
there are little goodies waiting to be blogged about;
biding their time, waiting for a spot.

I've had a dozen things here...
but I finally whittled it down, 
so as not to be over the top crazy.

this is in the category of
"too much of a good thing".

I made this for a kitchen table centerpiece, 
but it was too hard to move daily...
the squirrel kept falling out.

I keep this heavy silver tray and topiary here all year,
the rest changes out for the season.

My mom gave me this little Japanese Majolica teapot years ago.
I remember having it at our house growing up.
And my daughter gave me the paper mache squirrel box,
it's one of my favorite things!
(he used to have a paper acorn in his hands,
but that's long gone too.)

see, here's a cool brown bottle, that I still want to use, 
and this little jug with fall leaves and a bird.
(I'm not sure where they are now...)

 gotta have a Fall Candle going...

and the pumpkin I made circa late 70's.
lid was broken about 10 years ago.
(repair job is not pretty)
gosh, it's an antique by now.

I chalk this up to having more good stuff than I have sense  space.

So where do you have a pile up?
I'm hoping I'm not the only one out here...

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