Friday, October 9, 2015

Front Porch for Fall

I finally have the front porch put together.
It's a small little porch, and I've been warned  asked
not to cram too much out here.
That's a hard one...

It's Fall,
 and that means mums,
 and my black wagon. my brick and stone cottage.

It's so hard to get a good pic of the door basket,
I continually have to "fluff" it, 
since shutting the door, jars it around a little.

I used a double ribbon;
an orange plaid and a burlap with glittery Fall Leaves.

can we say in unison...
"I LOVE Ribbon"?

I'm trying to be a little conservative here,
I don't want to tempt any of the local trick-or- treaters.

I  may have to scooch this around a little,
since potentially you could fall over this when leaving the house;
a new meaning to "Fall Front Porch".

I remember the first year I was blogging, 
I had a post entitled "Fall from my Window".
you can imagine that someone actually thought I fell out of my window.

I noticed yesterday that the UPS man didn't even attempt a door bell ring.
He threw the package toward the front of the porch and made a hasty retreat.

 I'm going light on pumpkins this year.
 Last year they somehow were stolen  disappeared 
the day before Halloween. hmmm...

so this year,
I opted for pumpkins that don't make a good jack-o-lantern.

How about you...
do your pumpkins ever magically disappear?
(i. hate. that.)

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  1. Your front porch looks great! Aren't the wagons fun to decorate with? I've had mine probably 20 years and still love it. I've never had pumpkins taken from my porch. Should never say never, right?


  2. Your porch is so pretty, Debra...I love that wagon...and the sign is wonderful, too! All of the mums and pumpkins are perfect!

  3. I absolutely Love the Welcome Fall sign and people don't use enough mustard gold mums...they are perfect with your bricks, and add a warmth to the whole porch. Nummy, but Fall is my favorite, lol, Sandi

  4. Your house has such curb appeal. I love your fall display.

  5. I've never had a pumpkin disappear but I think you have a good answer for preventing it! Beautiful porch Debra.

  6. Well, it looks like there is a clear path to the front door. I think you are good to go! '-)
    All looks festive and welcoming, Debra.
    No disappearing pumpkins as yet, but the squirrels were munching on the blue ones. '-(

  7. One year a pumpkin actually walked to the street & committed suicide... very sad.

  8. Hi dear Debra... I just love your small front porch!... I think it's like a smaller house, sometimes more cozy and fun!... always loved your black wagon full of pumpkins and goodies... and your "cottage" is truly gorgeous for Fall!... I am so glad you are happy in your beautiful new home... I have been paring down alot lately and actually wish Jack and I could buy a smaller home (maybe???)... I am kinda looking (he does not know that yet though!)... I try to meet our UPS guy at the door when he brings a package... ours doesn't throw them, but he has a hard time trying to find a place to put something!... much love, and happy Autumn!... love you, xoxo... Me

  9. Debra, I struggle with a tiny front space too. Yours looks beautiful!!! I love that wagon, wish I had something like that! I also love different types of pumpkins. Can't get enough.

  10. Your yard and entrance look so festive and welcoming, Debra! I'm in love with your little black cart and your warty orange pumpkin, too! If it's not locked down, it's likely to disappear from my yard.

  11. It looks so good, Debra! Happy Fall:)

  12. Your front porch is so pretty, Debra! I adore that cute little wagon!

  13. Bummer so sorry you had pumpkins go missing Debra! Your front porch looks beautiful. That wagon is too cute!


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