Friday, August 7, 2015

Late Summer Kitchen Sitting Area

I've piddled around with this kitchen sitting area post so long,
 that if I don't show you all soon, 
I'm going to be ready to change it up to be the 
"Early Fall Kitchen Sitting Area".

Anyway, I've actually seen a few posts on Fall, and it doesn't take much to tip me over the edge. We've been having temps in the 90's and I have to admit, when August rolls around I'm daydreaming about mums and pumpkins. I know some of you have had a "short" summer due to the weather, but a little "summer" goes a long way with me.

Besides, the Autumn edition of The Cottage Journal came last week, 
so it's a done deal.
Countdown 'till September.

I'm enjoying my sunflowers though.
...and just to give you a heads-up,
 there will be a Pillow Give Away
in a week or so with my favorite pillow gal,
 Heather from Elliott-Heath Designs.

I love this quilt that my Mother-in-Law made years ago,
this Grandmother's Flower Basket, in lots of bright summery colors.

It's best folded on a chair, otherwise we have to wear sunglasses in the kitchen.

Don't you love the baby chicks on the feed sack graphic?

Monsieur Mouton still in Country French Red.

This time of year I like to use the deep golds, greens, and reds;
 the bright colors of summer flowers.

and my little chewy bench, the new addition to the sitting area.

The Seed Box came over to the Baker's Rack,
since the sunflower pillow moved to the chair.

I have a couple of old Advertising Thermometers; 
love this little cottage.

A couple of roosters are strutting their stuff.

I don't share the kitchen often, it's usually a little cluttered and messy,
 but I tried to make it presentable today.
 It's still a little cluttered...

I know there's a bunch of you all, just like me, 
who are ready to welcome our favorite time of the year.
How are you all making the transition from late Summer into Fall?

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