Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fall's First Glimpse

I've been thinking about Fall...
no surprise, huh?

I know some of you enjoy Fall, 
but you want to squeeze every ounce out of Summer.
When our kiddos are young and at home,
summer is a special time of adventure and relaxation.

But, I've always been the type of person that comes alive 
in the crisp air of Autumn.
The blue of the sky is different,
the angle of the light has changed.
The trees get ready to put on a show, 
that thrills my soul to experience.

Autumn rejuvenates me;
it gives me back the energy that the heat of Summer drains away

I'm ready...

I thought I'd start off small today, 
taking a step to add in some nature inspired elements.
The cloche I shared a week or two ago,
that was still "Spring",
re-emerged as an Autumn Bird Vignette under glass.

Spring Cloche

I kept the basic elements of the nest, flower pot and moss,
then exchanged the ivy for some Fall leaves and bits of dried Bittersweet.
The iron rabbit and eggs were replaced with my life-like birdie.

She looks like she's hunting for seed in the Fall garden.

Next up, I'll change out the white Geraniums for something more Fall,
probably some darker Hydrangeas.

...and find a table runner fabric that echos the earthy colors
that will soon be on our doorstep.

But for now, this little start on the change of season feels right.

We don't have to be covered in plastic pumpkins
to usher in the arrival of Autumn.

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  1. Very cute Debra! I love the fall leaves you have in there, are they real, they appear to be. I am with you, no need for the plastic.

    1. Hi Janet, yes, they're real leaves, but preserved. I found them last year at a little boutique. I love them and they're a nice addition to the regular orange ones at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

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  3. Debra,
    I'm quite smitten with your first glimpse of Autumn, dear friend!!!
    Your description of Autumn following the draining of Summer. . .is "spot~on"!!!
    Looking forward to your addition of natures hues within your dining area!!!
    P.S. I edited all "plastic" pumpkins from my storage bins last year!!!
    It was the "right" decision!!! (wink!)

  4. Very cute! I tend to like the more nature inspired Fall looks and not the plastic pumpkin Halloween one!

  5. That is really pretty, Debra. You definitely have a way with vignettes!

  6. Dear Debra,
    Oh how I found myself nodding to your expressed words and love of Autumn. The rustic color wave, the crisp air, the crunching of leaves, the embrace of seasons change and the desire to entertain and decorate. Love this post! Love your sweet, reflective of Autumns beauty vignette.

  7. Yes - sweet! Love your descriptors of the sky, sun angles, trees - the harbingers of autumn, indeed!

  8. Such a pretty cloche display, Debra! I love how easy it was for you to change it up to the new season's look.

    I'm thinking about what I might like to do for Fall décor this year, but I won't do anything for another month. I am hanging on to what is left of Summer! Especially since I just read something that the Farmers Almanac is predicting a doozy of a winter - yet again.

  9. It is ever so pretty, but i don't want to think about fall until sept. 21. We had such a cool rainy spring and early summer.... so I want to hang on to what's left.

  10. Very pretty cloche! And fall...yes let it come. Not winter...just fall. Ha! I love sweater weather, and drives on country roads when the leaves turn. Have a great week! Sheila

  11. Full of charm! There's a whole world under that cloche. I always enjoy your cozy vignettes.

  12. Very pretty! I am right there with you as far as Fall is concerned!! I LOVE Fall and it is my favorite season. There is nothing like the bright sunshine on the beautiful autumn leaves that are ablaze with color and the cool crisp air and a cuddly sweater!!

  13. I have always loved fall more than the other seasons. When I was young-maybe ten years old- an older neighbor (70s) told me I was too young to like fall the best...she just felt I was too young to appreciate the glory of autumn! That still makes me smile! I'm like you with feeling reinvigorated by the crisp air, bring it on!

  14. I agree and have been making lists and getting READY for Fall's arrival. I am putting all the shell decor away now and transitioning to Fall. Just tiny snippets but some. Thanks for this lovely inspiration. And yes, I do feel drained by summers heat, we are in another LONG heat wave now that is finally to break tomorrow!!! YEAH!

  15. Debra, your cloche is lovely. I'm starting to feel a little bit Fallish and I'm trying to not jump the gun. Fall is my favorite season, but yet I'm not ready for Summer to be over. Have a lovely day. Jo

  16. I love how you placed all of those items under that cloche! The Fall leaves and the bird.........it's a perfect Fall vignette.

  17. This is such a pretty Fall display. I can't wait for the season to start! I have one of these cloche's in a closet somewhere. I think this is the perfect reason to bring it back out. I'd love to invite you to share some of your posts at my Inspiration Thursday link party this week. I hope to see you there!
    -Lela @ www.inthenewhouse.com

  18. Okay Debra...you have me dreaming of cool Fall days!!


  19. It's beautiful, Debra! I love Fall too!

  20. I love how you changed your cloche display without having to replace everything. That gives me some great ideas for my own home. I probably will still decorating for fall after Labor Day. We've had such a busy summer I haven't had time to catch my breath!

  21. Hi Debra,
    Love your glimpse of fall. It will be here soon.

  22. i am so ready too, although there's more I would like to do outside before chilly weather sets in. hope you are having a great week. your images are so pretty.

  23. Your sweet little cloche scene is a work of art, Debra! I've had a cloche for several years, and I've yet to put together a seasonal gathering of treasures as you've done. As much as I love the colors and smells of autumn, I get a bad case of the blues when summer comes to an end. It's only 60 degrees here today and there's definitely an autumn chill in the air. The trees have even started turning color! sniff, sniff

  24. Oh Debra what a Fabulous start to Fall. I love what you've done. I like leaving the grass for the start of Fall.
    Your little bird will have plenty to eat. Thanks for sharing this. I'd love for you to come o blog. ver to The Fabulous Fall Party at my blog. You can link anytime. Some come by and link all you Fall posts.
    Here's this weeks link . . .
    Hope to see you at the party.

  25. What a lovely idea, a little fall under a cloche~ I think we're all dreaming of cooler days Debra!

  26. It is so cute and terrifically you! No, we shouldn't ever be covered up in plastic pumpkins. It's a perfect glimpse of early fall.


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