Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What's Your Chippy Factor?

Those of us who are vintage furniture lovers,
and that still swoon over a flea space filled with white chippy pieces,
have all asked ourselves some variation of this question...
How much "Chippy" is too chippy?

I'm not a purist even though I totally respect those people who cannot for the life of them take a paint brush to an old painted piece. I "get" the preservation of the past, and a need for maintaining the integrity and authenticity of an old, antique, or vintage heirloom... and then again sometimes all I see is a really poor paint job that needs to be "fixed".

Many, if not most times, I just try to "help" a piece out a little. I like distressing and chipping, and genuine "wear" of most pieces, but I still like to even things out, cover up any obvious signs of "contamination" like other paint spills, uneven color, abuse, and sloppiness from a previous paint finish. It's very rare that I find a piece that's chippy from genuine wear, that will suit me. A few times, I've just left things alone. But that doesn't happen often.

My little cabinet for the bathroom...

I didn't touch it,
even though I was tempted.

...same with my old door in the kitchen sitting area.

no. no. no. don't touch my perfect little white picket fence gate!!

I love chippy, but I don't like flaking off, usually from lead paint.

I had this piece on the sunporch at the old house, but it was behind my wicker settee and the kitties used it as a bird watching perch. It wasn't in full view, and evidently Hubbs had never noticed it before. But then I found it in the garage over here and it was the perfect size little bench to add into the kitchen sitting area. I like to have a place within reach for a cup of tea or a place to put up my feet.

"What's that? When did you get that?
Did you find it in some old barn?"

"And... the problem is?"

He thinks it's a little too chippy, and that the legs look "chewed".

Yeah, I get the point...

But I don't think I can touch it.
Chewy legs and all. 

And besides, Miss Jenkins isn't worried about it...

So it's staying as is.

more of my Late Summer Sitting Area, next time.

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  1. I love all the awesome pieces that you have left 'as is' Debra. For me, it really does depend on the piece. I Have a couple of things that I would love to bring in to decorate with, but the are too cruddy for indoors, and yet I can't bring myself to change a thing. If it's not a piece that really is worth more if I leave it alone, then out comes the paint brush. How much distressing I do on it depends on which room it's going in and whether there are already a lot of chippy things in the room. Such a great post my friend!
    hugs from here...

  2. It depends on the room but generally I'm a chippy gal. Love those old worn wood pieces. Also Miss. Jenkins is so precious. You've got a spoiled baby too I see. Mine is a German Shepherd. Don't think they'd be friends :)

  3. Debra,
    I like fine antiques and "chippy" flea market finds, as well!!!
    I adore Miss Jenkins cattitude!!!
    Your home is lovely, dear friend!!!
    Perhaps, in time, the bench will "grow" on sweet hubby, too!!!
    I'm lovin' all the yellow in your quilt and cushions on the wicker settee!!!

  4. I think your little chippy bench has the perfect chip quality, Debra. I wouldn't want every piece I own to be weathered and worn, but a few accent pieces bring in that farmhouse feeling we all want.

  5. Great pieces! I like a good mixture... the finer antiques and chippy ones! :) ~Rhonda

  6. The more chippy for me Debra the happier I am, unfortunately I have a hard time finding those wonderful chippy pieces in the right colours and then I am forced to repaint and try and make a cool old piece old again, and we know so well how hard that is to achieve an original old look.

    Now with your bench, I would give it a good soapy scrub down and a good rinsing and it would end up in my home. Sometimes way to much old washed off, but it's the only way I can justify leaving it original if I know it's super clean for in my home.

    Your home inside and out always is decorated with the best finds.
    Love your wicker, the door, the bench it all looks so inviting to sit awhile and take in your rustic white beauty.

    Thank you dear for taking the time to visit me and all my distressed whites of French old.


  7. I love the chippy, chewed stool! If I had my house, nothing would be too chippy. Since our move to the NEW apartment, I'm missing the character of the old. Just not sure about hanging all my things when we will be moving in a few months. You home is delightful!

  8. Such a pretty spot, Debra! My husband isn't a fan of chippy, so my chippiest stuff is in the sunporch!

  9. I love the stool. I can do a little chippy but I agree that sometimes there is the temptation to take a paint brush to something.
    I can't wait to see your late summer sitting area.

  10. Before it was called Chippy or, lol, chewed, it was called patina and/or the history of the piece. History wears its face on the finish, just like some wear make-up. Layers and layers say: I have passed through many hands, or I have been overly cared for,---or I have been hated for the sake of change, change, change, or I am so old--something has to cover up my falling apart bones.

    Whatever the case, I personally smile at every scratch, gouge, blister, bubble and chip, because it says--I have been touched, loved, hated, or ignored by humanity, and now its your turn.

    Love your post!

  11. I love your comment Miss Barberry Lane!!! I also love the history of the piece. However, I am not into too much chippiness.....is that even a word.......don't want to see paint chips and pieces on my floors or carpets........too tempting for little fingers and pets. If I can, I will put a coat of clear matte varnish over a piece to secure the chips. And I am not into painting time worn antiques. If I hate a piece, I will sell it rather than paint it.

    Love your home and all the special touches.......xo

  12. I have a high Chippy factor and love a good chippy piece like your bench!

  13. I wouldn't touch it either, Debra. The chippiness is just perfect.

  14. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft. pole! lol! Love it as is. Sometimes I will repaint a piece, especially if it's outdoors; simply because I don't want it to rot away. I love all of your fabulous chippy pieces Debra!

  15. Hi Debra,
    I love a great chippy piece and sometimes I like to help them with a slight face lift with some paint. Love your bench it is chippy to perfection and that cabinet for the bathroom is pretty great too. You got some great chippy's!

  16. So funny! Your husband probably thinks like most I think. I have a small white chair that is very chippy and even a bit "chewed" looking, but I love it. I like your little bench. I think it has just the right amount of distress on it.

  17. I love your white "chippy" look. I briefly mentioned today a new find. A wood stand plant stand I want to give a chippy look. I am sure it will be a challenge. I enjoy your post. Thanks for sharing.

  18. You always have the perfect amount of chippy looks! Love your little bench. Perfect.


  19. I love chippy and the older I get the more chippy I like...Maybe it goes with age? I like your table just the way it is and wouldn't change it. Do you ever spray clear sealer to keep it from "peeling" off more? PS... my hubs feels the same way your does...men just don't get it!

  20. My chippy factor is high, lead paint and all Debra, unless there are little hands for those paint flakes to be a danger! I adore the chewed leg factor too :)

  21. I love this chippy treasure! I invite you to share at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Hugs!

  22. It's perfection Debra - I wouldn't touch it!
    I'm laughing because John would say the same thing - they'll never get it LOL !

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I love all of your chippy pieces and I wouldn't change a thing!! I have a chippy piece that I would love to display in our home, but I watch our young grandchildren and I'm afraid the piece is painted with lead paint. Is there any way I can preserve the piece while protecting the children? Thanks for any help you can give me, Laura.

  24. Well Debra, I'd say all your pieces are perfectly chippy and I'm not opposed to some gentle 'helping along' with the ageing process either. Love this stool by the way. I look forward to featuring this chippy little stool on Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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