Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What's new on the sideboard...

I've been guilty...
yes, guilty ...
of ignoring my sideboard!

I hadn't touched a thing on it since March,
 when I updated it just a "hare"/hair for Easter.
(sorry, couldn't resist the pun)

I like to bring out my floral Mandeville and King Seed Box
this time of year and do it up right.

My sideboard is in my main hall right off the kitchen...
next to the stairway to the lower level.
It's impossible to get a good shot of it 
without hanging like a monkey from a chandelier.

tight space.
just ask my son-in-law who reminds me each time he's here
and unloading suitcases and French Bulldogs.
(just jabbing you a little, Keith)

too bad. 
love my sideboard being here.
my husband knows NOT to complain.

(I better be sweet or there'll be no Coldwater Creek gift card this year for Mother's Day)

And since Mother's Day will be here next month
I added one of my sweet framed greetings from 1939.

and a vintage flower book from 1945 with some seed packets.

McSquirrel is residing in the metal conservatory/lantern.

so...let's see how long this new ivy lasts...

 I love this teensy woven basket...

 just perfect for a little birdie

(everything here except the lantern were flea market finds)

so much better!

I'll be hanging out at these get-togethers:

Thrifty Finds at Southern Hospitality
Met Monday with Between Naps On the Porch


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