Sunday, April 1, 2012

Looking Thru Plaid Colored Glasses

I've never known a time in my life 
when I wasn't in love with plaid...
(ahhh...always and forever)

and because it is ageless and always in style
I use it as an accent all over my home.

Small accessories such as candy and shortbread tins,

 lot's of these snuggly blankets that I've collected,

They mostly hang out on my sunporch in the cooler months

Love them for the Christmas Season

so do my kitty girls;
nothing like curling up in a warm blanket on a chilly afternoon.

lots of fun vintage accent goodies

(ohmygosh, I love my old traincase!)

My sis made these wonderful pillows for me this last Christmas

adding to the "plaid-fest" that I had going on in my Dining Room

Once upon a time
I've been known to sport some of these...

and a few (OK...several) decades ago one of these...

which now I would be happy looking like this.

Currently you'll find me slightly obsessed over this particular plaid...

But if you ever doubt my love for plaid
then you just have to see this,
 and know that my wedding was...

it's coming...


it was...


uh huh... a Christmas wedding
a long.time.ago...

All my bridesmaids,
ribbons and bows.
And if they would have had plaid cumberbuns for the guys 
they would have worn them..
oh yes...they would have!

I'm joining in with the blog hop going on now over at

Can't get too much of the stuff!!

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  1. WOW! You have the greatest collection of plaid ever. I'm envious. AND, to have had a plaid wedding, that is the ultimate. Sally

  2. The Faribos are FABULOUS!! I thought for years my mom was the only person who had some! The vintage plaid bridesmaid apparrel takes the cake! Hands down, you WIN this contest! I don't think anyone else can top your collection!

  3. Ok, your plaid train case is to die for! Love, love, love it!

  4. I am LOVING your wedding pic, Debra! OMG! Love it so much. Such a classic and timeless look. We got married in the heat of the late days of August so plaid never entered my mind as an option, though I am sure I was donning plaid madras shorts while finalizing the details that summer -- circa 1989!

    So thrilled you shared this with us and your throws, tins and pillows, etc.

    Always fun to see your gorgeous home.


  5. What a delightful post, adore all of the plaid!

  6. Can't pick just one photo as a fav, they are all fun:@)

  7. I'm with you!
    Whenever I'm asked what my favorite color is, I always answer PLAID!!!

  8. Oh, I love the wedding photo! A Christmas wedding with red plaid, how festive!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing all your tartan plaid. You have quite a collection. Love your stack of blankets. I just bought an old one today at the flea market! But you're wedding photo is the best ever. A plaid wedding. Oh how I would have loved a plaid wedding. You definitely have loved plaid forever! Thanks for linking up to the Tartan Parade! ~Delores

  10. Debra, the wedding photo is the BEST! I had to smile at the assortment of plaid clothing. Yes, indeed, there's a bit of plaid in my closet, including a long night shirt.
    Love your stack of blankets. I'm searching for some for our sunporch. Also envious of those wonderful plaid containers. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing and linking up to the Tartan Parade.
    ~ Sarah

  11. Love that traincase too!! it's absolutely fabulous.. What a lovely photo of you and the tartan bedecked bridesmaid! your porch is so pretty.. xo marlis

  12. What a fun post! I'm in love with it now, too! ♥

  13. Debra, I will never again doubt your love of plaid! Cute wedding photo.
    The plaid looks amazing displayed all year round.
    I love that Huntley Palmer tin, too.

  14. WHOA....I am having major plaid envy here. I LOVE all those plaid blankets...gotta find some more for Sweet Nothings...
    Love this pretty post.

  15. Love the wedding photo!!! Nice to know that plaid always has been and always will be in style!!!

    Laurel at SoPo Cottage

  16. Debra,you were a beautiful bride,Love the bridesmaid outfit too.
    Are Scottish born? My hubby is and would love me to decorate the sun room like yours,I'm sure,instead of tissy and frilly.:)
    It's all lovely

  17. This was such a fun post, Debra! Great pillows, throws, containers in plaid, topped off with the Christmas wedding photo!

  18. Wow! You've got a great collection of plaid throws and pillows. That was a great wedding photo showing your plaid bridesmaid dresses too! You are obviously a tartan lover.

  19. How fun! I would have loved a wedding like that as well!!!

  20. Wow, even a plaid really have lots of wonderful Tartans!

  21. Debra, what a fun assortment of plaid! It's a pattern that, to me, always connotes a sense of strength and stability. I love your tins and blankets but your attendant 's attire is just the most fun!
    :-) Sue

  22. Fantastic plaid collection! I share your addiction! I even have a Mad For Plaid pin board on Pinterest!
    Love that you had a plaid wedding! :-)

  23. Plaid on! And why not?!! I feel much the same about polka dots. Thankfully they make a resurgence every ten years or so and I can get my fill!

  24. Wow, I love your collection of plaid love all the items especially the boxes and the pillows but I really liked everything!

  25. What a awesome collection of plaid! I love it all! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  26. A girl after my own heart! I dearly love plaids, too, especially the reds and greens, But I also am very fond of the beige one you say is your current love. My mum used to nag me about my love of plaids--too masculine, she'd say, but I think your plaid wedding was super.

  27. Wonderfully warm and cosy, dear Debra.

  28. Hi Debra, Thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday and for letting me know about the product link up. I particularly loved this post as I'm also a huge fan of plaid! Your blanket collection is great.

  29. Oh Am I glad I saw this post.....I don't feel too bad now about wearing plaid to a wedding....Okay so it was my daughters wedding but still....You do have a great collection of all things post is not as detailed as yours but I do have the infamous wedding pictures....

  30. You my friend, have an awesome collection of tartan and plaid. Love how you showcase all your treasures for each season and everyday. I am feeling inspired! Happy Tartan Day, Diane


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