Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mon Reve and Company

So many of us express our love for vintage through our homes and decor, but today I want to take you to another place in "vintage". Meet Shadai Jennings, a lovely young entrepreneur in the creative world of vintage clothing and design.  If she looks familiar to you it's because she is also part of the mother-daughter team at Sweet Harvest Farms, one of my newest sponsors.

Shadai says it best as she describes herself and her love for vintage clothing:

I have collected vintage and pre-loved clothing as long as I can remember. Rummaging through my mother’s closet and jewelry boxes, or scouring the racks at thrift stores for hours on end, the thrill of the hunt to find that one special piece is an addiction that I have now turned into a business- Mon Reve’ and Co. 

Taking inspiration from my travels around the world from a young age, combined with my southern roots from my home state of Texas, I have developed a love of all things vintage, bohemian, retro, southern, punk, European, and ethnic. Whether it’s a gypsy dress or an 80’s suit jacket with major shoulder pads, I have always loved taking that special piece and creating endless looks through styling.

As a stylist, I believe that blending the "old with the new" can create your own individual look and reflect your personality. Wearing what you love is a reflection of who you are!

Here are just a few of the fun items for sale at Mon Reve and Co.

Shadai also has a hip and trendy blog for all of us that love fashion;
 Mon Reve and Co. 
So if you're wanting to shake up your look 
with some fun and unique clothing and accessories,
check out Shadai's Etsy Boutique, Mon Reve and Company.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone...
now if I just wore a little bigger shoe size,
those fringed boots would be mine!


  1. I am all for a young woman who appreciates vintage clothes. Good for her. That first image of her is stunning.

  2. Hi Debra, oh how this dates me LOL!!!
    Love the vintage images, and the clothes brings me back in time loving it all.

    You inspire the best!

  3. Avery nice feature, Debra, I love that it is a mother daughter team. I enjoy working with my grown daughter on so many different levels. it's nice to see that in an etsy venture.

  4. Her style is right up my alley, Debra! LOVE anything boho chic and vintagey! I'll have to check out her now....! :) Thanks for the scoop!

    xoxo laurie

  5. I love this style. I don't know it would suit me, so wish I could wear it though. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  6. Not sure I could carry off the clothes, being made from the "fireplug" mold, but I, too, love the boots.
    Wanted to thank you from being a great source of traffic for me--not sure how, but thanks! I may have 150 followers by summer!


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