Sunday, April 22, 2012

Backyard Progress

Nothing that hasn't been seen before, but at least I'm making some progress in the backyard. I painted my old metal fence gate white so it would show up better against the wooden privacy fence, and I potted a red geranium and white verbena to go into the seat. This little area is next to the gate on the side of the house adjacent to the pool area. This little grouping adds a little something to a boring ho-hum area where a gorgeous maple was removed a few years ago. We need to do a lot of landscape "re-doing" cause it's pretty tired, but right now I don't see that I'm making the best of it and just slapping some vintage goodies out here to help camouflage the wornout spaces. (hmmm...come to think of it, that's sort of been my attitude toward make-up hoo, LifeStyle Lift...)

 A $5 chair I bought last year 
and put a coat of outdoor paint on to help preserve it.

I winter all my geraniums in our John Deere room, but this year many of them decided to poop out, so I had to replace most of them. It seems all I've done lately is run to the nursery and hand over my wallet. I do love my flowers though, so I can't complain too much. It just wouldn't be summer without my geranium fix.

I'm hoping the rabbits will leave my petunias alone; last year I had them in low pots and they were considered a salad bar for all the locals.

I found this sweet little metal shelf in the shape of a birdcage
this last week at Inspirational Home's Spring Open House.

Here are some photos from last Thursday of the lawn at IH.
Lot's of fun vintage things to bring some vintage outdoors.

I had to slap myself so I wouldn't be tempted to haul home those great big off white shutters.

 I love the garden area in the front room of the store.
I drool over this chippy cupboard each time I'm here!

 IH carries everything you need for fairy gardens too.

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday,
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White Wednesday at Faded Charm

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  1. I love your garden gate Debra!! I am on the lookout for one that doesn't cost a fortune! lol I can finally view posts again because I am at my sons house on his computer. High speed is a wonderful thing!! ha!

  2. Is that the garden gate that was decorating your booth? It looks adorable there with your sweet little flower chair!


  3. I'm still being patient before I buy any flowers or plants, Debra. I'm afraid we are going to get a wicked frost as soon as I do buy something. : ) I already have planned what I want to buy though, so that should save some time when I hit the stores. I've always gotten geraniums in one color or another every year.

  4. Love that corner of your garden !
    Where is this where that wonderful show was ?

  5. Debra ~ love your vintage goodies in your garden. It's just lovely. IH store is just (drool), wonderful ~ such eye candy. Love that little greenhouse made out of old windows ;-)

  6. Debra,
    Love your fun vintage pieces in your yard.I still have much to do in our 6 year old house.Sadly we still do not have a patio.
    What a fun sale.Wow I just went broke looking at all the things I would have bought LOL.

  7. A beautiful gate!! I am the same way with geraniums...and especially red ones. I buy mine every year!!

  8. Geraniums are my favorite and I don't have a good place to over-winter them. I know what you mean about handing over your wallet at the garden center (and sometimes an arm and a leg too!)

  9. Your yard is looking amazing. I love the little chair, gate and the cute birdcage shelf. How fun is that. So much to see and choose from at the sale. I LOVE that wicker swing. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  10. Oh my! Wish I could find a place like that to stroll and shop. I love your outdoors too.

  11. Love EVERYTHING! And yes, summer is spelled G-E-R-A-N-I-U-M!

  12. A bit of white structure in the garden always makes the flowers so much prettier, Debra! :) Love the little space you created out there in your garden. The weather here's been too cold to plant anything yet, but I have saved my pennies KNOWING how much I'll end up spending on flowers for my baskets. Yikes! :) Oh...and that flea you went to?? I'd have been slapping myself mannny times over with the things I spied there in your photos. Holy moly! lolol!

    xoxo laurie

  13. That's a great vignette. I am really digging the gate painted white. I would be really tempted if I had gone to the sale you pictured.

  14. Oh how I wish I was there shopping...I see about 20 things I cant live with out. Have a great week!!!


  15. OMG!!!
    Just Lov'in those Pics from Thursday's Outdoor Venue!*!*!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  16. the open house looks like so much fun! so many yummy things! l just painted my gate white, too! sweet birdcage and flowered chair, debra!

  17. I have the same vintage gate. I think those things will last forever, thank goodness. So many fun things to see at that sale; I'd love the windmill, a door or 2 and the blue wagon. We just got a few more inches of snow yesterday, so buying outdoor plants is still another 6 weeks away for me. :(

  18. Oh, that was so fun, I looked at each picture twice! So many great ideas. I had never seen a garden gate used for decor, I love it!


  19. The blue green shutters look just like ours from our old house. I love your garden space. Your must hand over your wallet somewhere why not for flowers-way better than the IRS. I could buy flowers of some sort every week but refrain, just barely.

  20. OOh Debra,so much here to love. We adore Geraniums too, they are so hardy. Glad we don't have to put up with rabbits eating them here.
    I would love to have an IH here,what fab goodies they have. ON second thoughts maybe it's better we don't have one. :)

  21. OMGoodness! I absolutely love, love te fence/garden art! Perfect along with all your other finds. You are an inspiration to all us newbies. Thanks for sharing. I love forward to your posts.

  22. Your garden gate looks great in white!

  23. Riddle me this Batwoman...why does everything look prettier and fresher when photographed outside?
    BTW...I spy your cute birdcage shelf!
    P.S. For a lifestyle lift to work on me...they'd have to start at my ankles and pull UP. Goodness only knows what I'd end up wearing as earrings after that much tugging!

  24. LOL now I know where to go for my fairy garden needs. My youngest want to make one of these so badly. I think I will take her to one of the local nurseries here and we'll make one when she gets out of school.

    That little vignette in your back garden is so cute! I love the little chair and geraniums. Too, too cute!!!


  25. Hi Debra,

    Very cute looking garden art.

    I see you have ivy. I added wood lattice to my privacy fence and my ivy is now growing all over it :)


  26. I love all of your flowers, Debra, and love that birdcage shelf! The sale really looked fun...being outdoors would just add to it for me! I'd love to be there!

  27. Your gate, chair, flower and cage look perfect. So perfect!!! The outdoor IH tour looked like so much fun to walk through looking for the perfect find. Thanks for sharing.

  28. You have inspired me! Thanks for linking up to Cowgirl Up this week.
    :) Samantha @ Crafty Texas Girls

  29. Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful eye candy. I love the chair with the geranium and he window greenhouse!

  30. Thanks for posting this blog. Its really appreciated. I abookmark this blog and will get bcak to you shortly. Now am in search for Furniture in Baton Rouge.

  31. Your yard is looking great Debra and I would love to shop that shop!

  32. That looks like a blast. Your backyard progress is an inspiration!

  33. Hi, Debra!
    First time here coming from Coastal Charm party!
    Loved the corner on your garden!
    Today I saw a $5 chair at the Salv Army store and did not buy it...
    I will check to see if it is still there!
    you inspired me! My yard is very
    "worn" since I got a new puppy and he has been digging around...
    I will pretty all up!!!

  34. What a great idea to paint the chair with outdoor paint! Love your little garden corner and that sale looks like too much fun!

  35. I love the entire yard, but my favorite part is the chair with the plant in it. My mother has a little red chair with a plant in it on her porch. I thought she was one of a kind. But I'm glad it's been replicated. It's such a cute look.

  36. Thanks for sharing at Cowgirl Up. I love outdoor living and I enjoyed seeing your wonderful sitting spot. I featured it on my FB page. Thanks for sharing the Inspiration House photos too. I loved seeing all of those fun vintage items outside.

  37. Hi Debra, Love the Garden photos, I love that chair with the red flowers, something about Red & White together, it is so Summery~ also love the eye candy... Those shutters would be hard to walk away from, I also love that tall dresser with the mismatched color drawers, Perfect~ Have a wonderful week ~ xox


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