Sunday, April 1, 2012

Looking Thru Plaid Colored Glasses

I've never known a time in my life 
when I wasn't in love with plaid...
(ahhh...always and forever)

and because it is ageless and always in style
I use it as an accent all over my home.

Small accessories such as candy and shortbread tins,

 lot's of these snuggly blankets that I've collected,

They mostly hang out on my sunporch in the cooler months

Love them for the Christmas Season

so do my kitty girls;
nothing like curling up in a warm blanket on a chilly afternoon.

lots of fun vintage accent goodies

(ohmygosh, I love my old traincase!)

My sis made these wonderful pillows for me this last Christmas

adding to the "plaid-fest" that I had going on in my Dining Room

Once upon a time
I've been known to sport some of these...

and a few (OK...several) decades ago one of these...

which now I would be happy looking like this.

Currently you'll find me slightly obsessed over this particular plaid...

But if you ever doubt my love for plaid
then you just have to see this,
 and know that my wedding was...

it's coming...


it was...


uh huh... a Christmas wedding
a long.time.ago...

All my bridesmaids,
ribbons and bows.
And if they would have had plaid cumberbuns for the guys 
they would have worn them..
oh yes...they would have!

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Can't get too much of the stuff!!

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