Sunday, April 22, 2012

Backyard Progress

Nothing that hasn't been seen before, but at least I'm making some progress in the backyard. I painted my old metal fence gate white so it would show up better against the wooden privacy fence, and I potted a red geranium and white verbena to go into the seat. This little area is next to the gate on the side of the house adjacent to the pool area. This little grouping adds a little something to a boring ho-hum area where a gorgeous maple was removed a few years ago. We need to do a lot of landscape "re-doing" cause it's pretty tired, but right now I don't see that I'm making the best of it and just slapping some vintage goodies out here to help camouflage the wornout spaces. (hmmm...come to think of it, that's sort of been my attitude toward make-up hoo, LifeStyle Lift...)

 A $5 chair I bought last year 
and put a coat of outdoor paint on to help preserve it.

I winter all my geraniums in our John Deere room, but this year many of them decided to poop out, so I had to replace most of them. It seems all I've done lately is run to the nursery and hand over my wallet. I do love my flowers though, so I can't complain too much. It just wouldn't be summer without my geranium fix.

I'm hoping the rabbits will leave my petunias alone; last year I had them in low pots and they were considered a salad bar for all the locals.

I found this sweet little metal shelf in the shape of a birdcage
this last week at Inspirational Home's Spring Open House.

Here are some photos from last Thursday of the lawn at IH.
Lot's of fun vintage things to bring some vintage outdoors.

I had to slap myself so I wouldn't be tempted to haul home those great big off white shutters.

 I love the garden area in the front room of the store.
I drool over this chippy cupboard each time I'm here!

 IH carries everything you need for fairy gardens too.

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