Friday, January 6, 2012

Vintage Inspiration Friday # 71 Winter is for the Birds

You know I'm such a softie for little critters, birds especially. I feed them pretty much year round, but this time of year I try to do a little more to make sure there's something available for these cuties to sustain them. I can't imagine how hard it is to find food in the winter. Right now it's still pretty mild for January, but within a week or two we will have snow and bitter cold. It takes a lot of calories for birds to survive the harsh weather, so I try to help.

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

There are some pretty creative and fun ways to feed the birds.
 How cute is this chandy with filled seed bowls!

And this is an out and out smorgasbord.

Getting creative with a Christmas wreath and pinecones covered in seed.

There are a lot of recipes for molded suet rings and shapes.

Also keeping fresh water is important.
I know I have to keep after the water containers, since they freeze up.
This is on my wish list; an electric bird bath.

I don't know what kind of birds these are but they are adorable!

(google images)

Some birds like feeders, others are ground eaters, like doves.
Mourning Doves mate for life, and it always gives me a twinge of grief
when I see one by themselves.

The Bluebird is Missouri's state bird,
I'm trying to give them boxes along the fence for nesting.

and of course, it's not fair to leave this fella out,
I try to keep seed he likes too.

This is a new little feeding station I set up with an old blue chippy feeder.
It's on our patio downstairs setting on the enamel top garden table.

a little garden statue of a boy reading gets a little seed, too.

and a bird house that Aly made with her grandpa many years ago.

Bird watching is their favorite entertainment, too!

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So, what's been inspiring you this week?
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