Sunday, January 1, 2012

My grandkid is a real dog...

sounds pretty pathetic, huh?
But hey, it's the truth...

You met Vinnie last Christmas, and this little man can steal your heart.

He's a riot, and a little better behaved than last Christmas.

He's in his buffalo check rain gear, but hates it.
He can hardly move, he thinks he's in a straight jacket!

(sorry the photos are fuzzy, this was before I realized
my new lens was set on auto while my camera was on manual)

Last Christmas my shin and his head had a little encounter, 
and my shin came out the loser.
He has a hard head and in one of his chasing games he plowed into me.
I won't go into details but I'm really glad his obedience school was a success.

This is Vinnie's mom and dad.
Our daughter Erin and her husband. 

and just so you'll be sure and know that the Living Room
actually does get lived in, these are a couple of photos
 of the kids unwrapping presents.

This is our younger daughter, Alyson and her husband.

do you feel sorry for me?

My grandkids are dogs and cats. 

(sorry no photos of the old ornery black cat
 that will slap the stuff out of you as you walk by
and the rotten, but oh so cute Himalayan )

OK, just wanted to share some real life with you.

Hope you all are having a great weekend. 
I had to do a booth check and supply at Relics today,
and put away some of the outdoor Christmas decor
Yikes, I still have Christmas stuff to box and put away.
someone, please tell me that you still have putz houses out!!



  1. That's OK at least they don't talk back!

  2. Your grand dog is cute in his jacket. Bailey can't stand her jacket either. You have a beautiful family. Maybe some grand kids soon.

  3. That dog has the cutest little face I've ever seen! My younger daughter is 33, and says they're just going to be dog parents.

  4. Oh my gosh what a cutie he is Debra ! Grandogs are the precursor to grandkids ..Vinnies just breaking mom and dad in for just part of what's to come ..LOL !!! Your Girls are beautiful and their husbands very handsome .. What a Lovely family !

    Happy New Year ..Sara

  5. Happy New Year! Your Daughters are lovely! Enjoy your Grand pets they are so cute!

  6. What sweet grandchildren you have!!! Sorry all my Christmas is put away! Yeah! I was in a hurry this year for some reason....

  7. beautiful photos, I think your grand child is a sweet heart,, looks great in red check!

  8. Your granddog is very cute in his buffalo check rain gear. My Chihuahua Zoey is the same way when we put a coat on her. She becomes still all over and refused to move. Go figure. But the upside of having a grandog is that you will never have to take him to Chuckie Cheese.
    Happy New Year,

  9. I love that breed of dog! The have such a fun little snort!! lol Happy New Year~!!

  10. Vinnie, I feel the same way about shoes that you do your jacket. I bet Grandmama picked it out seeing as how it's plaid!
    Don't feel like the Lone Stranger girl...I'm babysitting Jenn's little man in a fur coat while they celebrate the new year at the coast. Parker is sweet, but the consensus is he's not exactly the smartest one on the bus..if you get my drift!
    P.S. Oh mylanta but your daughters are gorgeous chickies...just like their mama bird!

  11. There are times my mom would like to go back to the time hers had 4 legs! lol She wouldn't trade them but...
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Lisa

  12. Hi Debra, nice family photo's. It's nice to see them from time to time. It makes one realize that bloggers are real people. Hehe.

    xx jeanetteann

  13. OH my goodness, he is just adorable! I love the dirty look he's giving you! Too much personality! Your girls are gorgeous as well.

  14. LOL! Oh, your granddog is precious! I love little bull dogs and I know how hyper they can get! Your daughters are so beautiful, like their mother! ;)
    Happy New Year and here's to another year of blogging.
    Be a sweetie,

  15. Slap the stuff out you? That is hilarious! Okay, your little grandson, Vinnie? Well, he is adorable. I love fur babies.

    Your daughters are so gorgeous, Debra! You must be proud! What a nice family.

    Happy New Year and I hope Vinnie makes more appearances. tee hee

  16. Debra your grand dog is too cute!! You have a beautiful family, your girls are beautiful! Love the new pics in your header too:) Martina

  17. That little man is adorable!! I am in the same boat, I have two Boston Terriers and one Chihuahua as my grands!

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  19. I feel you--my grandkids are grandKITTIES. And they live with us. Lucky for them, they are pretty funny.

  20. beautiful young people and vinnie is so darling, even with the disgusted look:) and rounding out the bunch is a slap happy kitty? too funny!

  21. Debra,
    Your "granddog" looks adorable in his buffalo check raingear! We, too, have a "granddog". Ours is a boxer mix named "Rosco". (Dukes of Hazzard Era! Ha!)Your daughters and son~in~laws make a beautiful family. Okay, "real life" time. The decorations are down, literally, but the lower level living area looks like a bomb exploded down there!!! I'm taking this week to re~organize the decoraions, re~label and card catalog what I have. Working part~time doesn't allow for hours of searching for specific items when putting a vigette together. Wish me luck!

  22. Beautiful family pics and the grandpuppy too:) Enjoy your day my friend! Have a happy and healthy new year! HUGS!

  23. OH Vinnie IS a big heart stealer...he sure stole mine! And your children...such good looking couples!

  24. I can relate! I too am grandma to a French Bulldog, Milo. He is 2 yrs. old now, somewhat calmed down from last Christmas.He is a bully to put it mildly and has our 100lb Boxer boy, completly buffaloed. My boxer spends the Christmas holdiday sitting on a chair, because if he gets down Milo will bite his feet, legs, jowls, etc. What a fun week for the fur children.

  25. Dear Debra, I loved to see photoes of your daughters,after reading about them, now and then :)- they are beautiful ,both!--and the grand.... well beautiful,I guess is a bit too much to say -hehe
    HUGS Dorthe

  26. Dear Debra, I loved to see photoes of your daughters,after reading about them, now and then :)- they are beautiful ,both!--and the grand.... well beautiful,I guess is a bit too much to say -hehe
    HUGS Dorthe

  27. OMGosh, he is so cute! Those eyes have a lot of personality. Hope you're having a grand day. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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