Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine Pendants in the Etsy Shop

Here are just a few fun pieces for Valentine's Day
that I have listed in my Etsy Shop,

If you have an idea for something special,
 just email me or convo me at my Etsy Shop.



  1. How pretty! And your new blog header is beautiful with all the red accents.

  2. Oh SO beautiful! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  3. How cute is that little bare butt cupid! Love the ones with the lock and key.


  4. Those are so pretty Debra!... I can't wait to receive my special ordered one... also, I love your beautiful header!... I think I have told you before, I want to come live in your sunroom!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. All of you pendants are sooo pretty. I really like the one with the key with rhinestones and little heart with the sweet little cupid. Your header is beautiful. Your sun room must be a dream to sit in.
    Hugs Jackie

  6. Those are so sweet.I love them all!

  7. So Very Pretty Debra... I am also LOVING your new header...With it's Beautiful Pops of RED!!!

  8. Such beautiful pendants, I was so delighted with my Christmas pendant, I have it hanging on the wall by my studio desk & think of you, Debra each time I see it....

  9. Those are lovely and look at you showing off with your gorgeous red and white Valentines's Day header. I love it!! I love the red wreath.

  10. Debora ~ I just love your pretties. I have to get to your etsy shop. I already have three of yours, but I think these valentine ones are adorable ;-)

  11. Hello Debra~I've heard this problem happening throughout the blogs I have visited. I think the common frustration is...when things go awry
    there's no one to contact for hands on help.
    I hope you're on the mends soon.

    Sweet wishes,

  12. This is the best peddles.It look so great and fabulous.Thanx to share with us stylist designs.


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