Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Marketplace: Etsy and Online Boutique Showcase

Hi Everyone
and welcome to The Marketplace
We're here to do a little browsing and shopping for some great vintage and seasonal goodies. It's time to come join in by linking up to three of your Etsy Shop or Online Boutique items. Please feel free to join the party, I love seeing new shops each week! Here are some great links from last week, that will get you in the mood for Fall.

from the Gift Garden Shoppe

Monogrammed French Linen Set

from Gizmo and Hooha

from the Old Post Road

from Custom Comforts

Vintage Pewter Owl Thimble
from the Lazy Peacock

This Week's Sponsor for The Marketplace ...

I wanted to share a few things today from Michele's Shop, Glass Bead Treasures. When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was to look through my grandmother's jewelry boxes and drawers of mementos. Each time I visit Michele's Shop that's how I feel, just like I've opened up a box of wonderful "treasures". If you haven't been by recently, she has some precious handmade pieces you'll just love to discover!

thanks so much, Michele!

Hope you'll join in today, just link up to three of your individual Etsy or Online Boutique items. Please remember this linky is for items that are FOR SALE, only. If you have a blog post about your shop or items that's great too, just please have a way for people to purchase your items. This link-up will be open all week, so hope you drop back by to see what new items have been added! thanks a bunch!

Happy Shopping,

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Early Fall Changes on the Sunporch

Happy Fall...for reals!
OK, it just hit me that we are coming in to the last full week of September, I can hardly believe it. And if I want to show you any changes that I made for an "Early Fall" sunporch vs. the "Late Summer" Sunporch of August, it had better be now.

Because things will change again in October and I'll bring out a few of my vintage Halloween things. I don't "do" Halloween up big like I did when my kids were little. Now, I just like to have a few little things that remind me of all the fun Halloween was when I was a kid. 

One of the changes was this old straggly suitcase here on my glass nesting tables in place of the Linen Picnic Hamper for Summer. I brought out my big orange Butterscotch Wafers tin and snuggled an ivy inside. I also found the O'Cedar tin awhile back. It's pretty rough, but then I just love the color.

One of my little birdies found a spot to perch.

It's pretty bright out here, you may need to put on your sunglasses.
But that's what I love about my sunporch, I can go color crazy!

I made a few Fall changes out here on the Baker's Rack too. My black kitchen scales are back, I added an old open garden book, there's an orange pottery tea pot and tray, an orange plaid Thermos, and then my "Make Your Own Seedbox" that I made with Fall colors has shown up. I'd been saving it for this month.

Then, one of my little owl friends wanted to come out to play.

He's hanging out with another little friend in the birdcage.

and speaking of owls, did you catch my last post about "owls"?

The settee will get a change up for October too, 
I'm planning it right now...
This may happen this afternoon.

an antique sign I found a few years ago
 gets the "Bittersweet" treatment
on the chippy picket fence gate.

The black tole tray is still here holding some brown transferware, and I had to add a yummy candle to the mix. I have a candle burning most days from here on out. This one is Leaves, but good grief, the one in the kitchen is Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. That smell can make you go nuts...pun intended.

sitting in a cute wire pumpkin

I found a few sunflowers last weekend while I was out , but their little heads are now hanging, and they are dropping their petals. I'll be saving the heads to dry for next year.

Hope you're having a wonderful 1st day of Autumn!

I just put together a link on the sidebar and a new "page" on the header of my past "Autumn Projects and Inspiration". Hope you enjoy a look at some of the fun from the last 4 years.

If you have an Etsy Shop or Online Boutique,
 hope you'll join in tomorrow for 

I also have a new post out on my Spiritual Journey blog about "Being Available". My posts have been few and far between this last year, but I'm hoping to do better. Sometimes "life" gets a little overwhelming...

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Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Owl Obsession Continues...

Every once in a while I get an itch to do a little fun diy project. One of my favorite mediums is paper... then give me the scissors and glue, and I'll play for hours, just like a six year old. I've said before, that when I was little I had tons of paper dolls, and could play all day. Well, I guess this is just a hold over for that long ago playtime.

Last year I had a little obsession with owls.
 They were on the mantel.
They were in the Holiday Cupboard.

This year I wanted to put a few paper owls in some frames.
NOW...if you don't want to hear about where my images came from,
then you better go now.

I found two of these old Bird Books in a Flea Market for $5,
 so I'm enjoying them in the way that I really love, 
seeing them used in a paper collage.
(yikes, I better tell you all that I have one that's still intact
the other is "not so much")

And this is a door from an old clock.
I found two of these a few years ago,
just the doors.
I wasn't sure what I would ever do with them,
but I think it's perfect for this project.

The one I chose for my project had a gold design on the edging
that sort of reminded me of spider webs
with some swampy cat tails below it.

I used some black "sample" book wallpaper for the backing.
And while I was gluing the owls to the paper
a certain little fur girl had to help.
Actually she didn't like their eyes
so they got the stuff slapped out of them.
sheesh, bad blogger when you can't get action pet shots.

and yes, that's a dead mouse hanging from it's beak....

Here are two other little frames that I've "be-owled".
(you've heard of be-jeweled, well this is be-owled)

I like that they're slightly creepy,
and a little like the old science illustrations.

The little ovals are in the Holiday Cupboard
and I think the bigger one is headed for a new Entry vignette,
just in time for October.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Be Inspired #157 Nature Inspired

Hey There Everyone, 
and Welcome to Be Inspired!

I know this week that more and more of us are getting our Fall On and adding in some Autumn colors and textures to our home. It's hard to think Fall when it's 95 degrees outside, but this week most of us are starting the cool down and all it takes is one morning in the 60's and we're ready to go grab those leaves and pumpkins! I think that I'm most drawn to "nature" in my decorating. To me, the beautiful colors and textures of the Seasons are the easiest and most simple way to decorate.

 I've been a fan of Lucy's for quite awhile now, and her mantels are always fresh and innovative. Here she shares her Fall Mantel with bits of nature showcased within a wonderful old gold gilt frame. If you haven't seen this, you'll want to head over to Craftberry Bush. This is just the first of several transformations for Fall.

And because I love a "two-fer" I also wanted to share Lucy's wonderful 

There's just something about a good canning jar all decorated for the Season to Light up your evenings. Love these Fall Luminaries from Poppy at With A Dash of Color

Earlier this summer Kathy from A Delightsome Life shared her concept for a Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover with lots of plans and details. In this post she gave us her Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal. It turned out beautifully, Kathy!

Andrea from Town and Prairie harvested a load of adorable Baby Boo Pumpkins from her garden this year. Here she adds a little "Cinderella" charm with her Vintage Glam Pumpkins.

Vanessa from The Picket Fence
 gave a fun tutorial on her latest wreath obsession, the
White Popcorn Kernel Wreath

Here's a close-up

True inspiration can always be found, here at Sylvia's Simple Life
This post, In the "Fall of the Leaf",
 is much more than a recipe for a rustic Cauliflower and Broccoli Tart,
it's a recipe for living.

And if you just need a little fun and something a bit bizarre you have to check out
Phyllis' house guests from Around the House.
They're a scream.

I told you all I LOVE anything pumpkin, so take a peek at these
from Carol at Through My Front Porch.

Have you been by the Eleanor Brown Boutique lately?
You'll want to check out the wonderful Santos dolls, crowns, ex votos,
and all things Shabby, Vintage, and French
that are currently in the shop.
So many wonderful items for the upcoming Christmas Season!

Now, on to the party fun...

Hope you'll join in and celebrate Fall each week,

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 thanks a bunch!

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