Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday #15 Cream and Sugar with that Tree?

I'm a collector of sugars and creamers.
All kinds; but I really love the silver sets this time of year,
and part of my collection is adorning
my living room Christmas tree.

A few years ago I had out my big tree and used more of them,
but this year I've selected a few to give
my smaller tree in the Living Room
 a definite "shine"!

I like the combination of the silver, creams, and golds
 with the burlap,
embossed vintage Shiny Brites and some glitter snowflakes.

And look who has the place of honor
A sweet little angel that I received
from my very sweet friend Dorthe.
She creates the most amazing dolls,
driftwood angels and magical fairies!

Hope you'll join in today with your
Vintage Christmas Inspiration
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Thank you so much!!
for each of you that left your camera advice on my last post
I have a little better idea of what I need to do now.

love y'all!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Please Help; I Need Your Advice!

Obviously this is not a picture of me...
although I would like to be blond for a day.

No, I need some help from all you peeps out there in blogland
that have Digital SLR Cameras.

Santa has me at the top of his "good list"
and a camera upgrade is what I want.
Right now I have a great Kodak "bridge" camera;
a point and shoot that's top of the line.
But I'm really wanting some of that photo magic
that you can only get with a better camera and a macro lens.

So...Please let me know what kind of camera you are using
 to get these great shots
with so much clarity and detail.
What model?

I'm leaning toward a Canon Rebel T2i with a macro lens,
but I can't tell Santa to place the order until I know what you all love.


(actually, this does look more like me)

Oh, and I must confess, I'm not a techy...
Matter of fact,
I need something "user friendly"
if you know what I mean.

OK, I'm counting on you for some good advice.
Thanks in advance!
(Please tell me the pros and cons of your camera)
love ya,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

White Wednesday at the French Cupboard

Many of you know my friends Brian and Meloney Russell
 The Seed Box Antiques.
Recently, I attended their Christmas Open House
at their home in rural Southwest Missouri,
and I'd love to share some of the Holiday Goodness!

So, today I'm guesting at
please come by and say Hello
and see more wonderful Holiday Inspiration!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Christmas Kitchen "Reveal"

What better place to start the Christmas decorating
than in my "new" kitchen!

I feel like I'm in a totally new house.
And it's so bright in here that I need to wear sunglasses!

I'll have a post out soon with a few "before" photos
 and I'll be answering some of your "how-to" questions,
with some of the technical stuff
 and a "wish I knew then" list.

But for now I just want to share a little of my Christmas fun. 

The splashes of red really say Christmas to me.

and for my Victoria Magazine Inspiration
the current Christmas issue inspired me
 to pack a little Christmas picnic basket
with hot cider and Walker shortbread.
(one of my favorite cookies)!

The kitchen re-do was every bit of the job that I knew it would be...
and then some!!

But I jumped right in to getting my Holiday decorating done
because I want to relax and enjoy these next few weeks

I hope that's possible!

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Hope you're having a wonderful week
full of Christmas fun!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday #14 Join the Christmas Fun!

I honestly cannot believe it's December!
This year has just flown by,
and speaking of flying...
my turkeys have finally left the building!

Today is the first day of
Vintage Inspiration Friday
for Christmas

Hope you'll join in with some of your
vintage and vintage inspired Christmas goodies.

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Since I'm still working on the kitchen redo,
(I'll have some photos next post!)
I needed to take a break and change out the sunroom.

I found these adorable bottle brush trees with baby Shiny Brites

And this year I tried bleaching some old bottle brush trees and wreaths.
So a few of them are dressing up my little house for the Holidays.

Looooove the little zinc garden marker

 I'm getting a start on decorating for Christmas,
it's turning out to be so much fun in the "new" kitchen.

Hope you'll join the party,
and share your Christmas!


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