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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday #14 Join the Christmas Fun!

I honestly cannot believe it's December!
This year has just flown by,
and speaking of flying...
my turkeys have finally left the building!

Today is the first day of
Vintage Inspiration Friday
for Christmas

Hope you'll join in with some of your
vintage and vintage inspired Christmas goodies.

Grab the button and please link back in your post
so others can join the Holiday fun!

Since I'm still working on the kitchen redo,
(I'll have some photos next post!)
I needed to take a break and change out the sunroom.

I found these adorable bottle brush trees with baby Shiny Brites

And this year I tried bleaching some old bottle brush trees and wreaths.
So a few of them are dressing up my little house for the Holidays.

Looooove the little zinc garden marker

 I'm getting a start on decorating for Christmas,
it's turning out to be so much fun in the "new" kitchen.

Hope you'll join the party,
and share your Christmas!


I'm joining in with these other great Holiday Parties

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

This is the last Vintage Christmas Monday for 2009.
Our Hostess Joan from Anything Goes Here
has given us a wonderful opportunity to share our
Vintage Christmas treasures.

Be sure to go over and see the rest of the
Vintage Christmas Monday participants.

These are my vintage Nativity sets.
I know many of you have these,
but I still enjoy seeing them all.

I found it at a flea market several years ago.

This one is in the sunroom and was my mother's-in-law.

This was the first year of Fontanini
probably around 1984.

This snow globe nativity isn't old,
but while I'm showing the others,
I thought I would share this one that
my husband bought me several years ago.

Little vintage white reindeer ornaments
in the darn cute!

And this is one of my husband's "ornaments". Before you get all upset, it was taken at his traditional yearly deer camp with his family. There are so many deer in Missouri that if they are not harvested many starve, or because of numbers are killed on highways or cause accidents. We donate the venison to food programs. I do not enjoy the idea, but it is part of the "male bonding time" of the family. It's wearing a vintage jingle bell wreath. New ones are made like this, but this one is old.

This is another one of my many
vintage Christmas candy tins.

Besides boxes of Shiny Brites and old Christmas lights
I've about exhausted my stash of vintage Christmas.
This has been so much fun!
I'll have to be collecting more for next year.

Have a great Christmas Week, Everyone!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Vintage Christmas Monday is here!
is hosting a wonderful party.
And we only have one more Monday,
to show off our vintage Christmas items.

Today, I thought I'd share my mantle from downstairs in the family room. The fireplace is exactly like the one upstairs except the brick is natural. The mantle itself is a huge piece of rough wood, The operative word here is HUGE, and sometimes "huge" is hard to decorate. Our basement is pretty large and has two seating areas. This is where my husband and I watch TV and eat dinner together. This area is more "lodge-y" and rustic than upstairs; Pendleton blankets and deer antlers and a lot of vintage memorabilia. I mentioned before that I love to rotate vintage prints and this one I found two years ago at a flea market. It has water stains, but then a lot of my prints are stained and "shabby", but it doesn't bother me. I just love this lithograph print, it's stamped "1897 Jos. Hoover and Son. Philadelphia."

I have a few of my vintage candy tins down here...

with some old deer and a Father Christmas
 that my Mom made back in the 80's.

This old photographic print is very unusual. A friend of mine and booth partner, was selling copies of this last year. I had had this old metal oval frame for ages. I found it without a photo, but bought it because of it's interesting shape. A little wallpaper for a background and the print looks right at home. Click on this photo to see it in detail. It's really "strange". I don't know the circumstances of the photo, but there's an odd old man with a long white beard standing with the boys beside the wagon.

Be sure and head over to see Joan, say Hello,
 then check out all the other great vintage Christmas items.
Have a wonderful "Vintage Monday"!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Joan at Anything Goes Here is hosting
such a fun party, 

 Vintage Christmas Monday.

Stop by to visit Joan and then get a Christmas
sleigh full of other fun vintage Christmas ideas.

Last year when I was still at Leola's in Ozark we had a Christmas party where we exchanged gifts from our space at the store. My friend Jeannie had this wonderful piece she had put together that I literally had drooled over. So when I found out she drew my name I begged for this little mailbox full of great vintage goodies.

I have it setting in the Entry Hall right now, but I need to find a place to hang it on the wall, so it will be in a less precarious location. Some of my Thanksgiving "decor" bit the dust... whoops...bad location!

This is one of my smaller trees that was really an "entry" topiary type tree. We bought it about six years ago when these smaller lighted trees first came out. This year I realized I was tired of the green and wanted a white or pewter colored tree. 
I had read a post by the super talented
 Carole at Maynard Greenhouse
where she had hand painted a smaller tree white. Click above to read her great post! Carole's turned out gorgeous, but I opted for the spray paint route, with fairly good results. I used what I had and started with a mocha color to tone down the green, then a silver, next an off white, and then finally I took my trusty can of off white latex and brushed some on.

Most of the ornaments are vintage Shiny Brites. I collect the whites, silvers, golds, and pastels. If they come with decorative flocking then all the better.

I have a few small putz houses that found their way over to this tree. They aren't in as good condition, but I love them just the same.

A sweet little angel tree topper.

 My friend Kenda and I spotted them at the same time at a swap meet two years ago. She picked them up first but was so sweet to share the bounty with me. She gave me two after I screamed and cried and threw myself on the ground (probably just to keep the attention to a minimum) Love ya Kenda!


I'm really loving this Vintage Christmas Monday,
 since most of my Christmas things are old.
Yes, some of us are more "vintage" than others!

Have fun this week!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Hi everyone!! I survived Thanksgiving, and we had a wonderful time.  I am now up to my eyeballs in Christmas boxes, ornaments, flower arrangements and twinkle lights!

is having a wonderful party these next few Mondays until Christmas. We are celebrating our decorating for Christmas with vintage Christmas decor. Be sure and go by. There are lots of people signed up. It's not too late!

I wanted to share this little vintage Santa hanger
 with NOEL ribbons and bells.
It's hanging off my picket fence gate in the sunroom.
He is such a happy little fella!

These next few photos are from Spring Creek
Antiques and Tea Room in Ozark, Missouri.

Vintage Santa vignette

A pair of sweet angels to light up anyone's front porch decor.

And an old Santa in a vintage sleigh!

These next two photos were taken at Leola's in Ozark,
at last year's Christmas Open House.
Love all these vintage Santas and elves.

What a great way to display vintage figurines...
 in old white pottery

I should have my decorating finished by next Monday.
Hope you didn't mind seeing some
 fun things from the local shops.

Have a great Monday!
And may all your Christmas decorating be Jolly!


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