Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adieu, Vintage Black Friday

This is the last post for Vintage Black Friday. (sigh)
Jill from Gypsy Brocante has been a wonderful hostess,
for this exceptionally creative party.

The day after Thanksgiving is a busy one for all of us...
Family, friends, decorating for Christmas, and let's not forget...

So for this last opportunity, I wanted to share
a few photos of some of my vintage black
 from the Master Bedroom.

I believe this large men's hat box
 must have been for a "top hat".

And then there are black ladies hatboxes.

And a vintage Italian wall piece with decoupaged insets.

Hat box from my studio

Vintage Italian jewelry box on my dresser.

Small portraits of French ladies

Watercolor print of Windsor Castle
that Erin brought me back from England

And one of my favorites; a Ladies classic riding helmet.
Not too old, but I love the deep burgundy, almost black, velvet.
I can live out my fantasies in this.

(I recently confessed to my husband,
 that although I don't have many "fantasies",
that the Rolex commercial was one of them.
Oh, and I'll take the watch, too)

I couldn't find the women's commercial, this will have to do

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!
Be sure to work off all those extra calories,
with some shopping calisthenics.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

White Wednesday, Vintage White Turkeys on Parade!

This last weekend I had my hubby help me with a little furniture moving. It was a domino effect. You know, you move one piece, then that requires cleaning and vacuuming and then moving something else. And thank you Lord for the inventors of "sliders", because without them, I would have had to wait for another set of hands.

I found this white sideboard several years ago and had it for sale. When I moved out of that store the sideboard was moved into my studio. It was really too large for that space, but I didn't want to let it go. I had a plan somewhere in the dark recesses of my brain for later use.

So into the kitchen hallway, and out with the black bench. (downstairs it went) I have a lot of furniture, and a lot of "display" space, but this will be dedicated to seasonal and holiday decor. It will be wiped clean with each new season, and I will finally have a place to display all the great vintage "stuff" that clutters up my other pieces.

I have a lot of seasonal vintage prints that haven't had a spot. Now they can be a focal point for this hallway each time the season changes. This is a print from the early 1900's. The frame is "newer", but I have another companion print. The other is downstairs. This one was stashed in a storage room, unused.

Here are a few of my vintage turkeys
gathering on the sideboard.
gobble, gobble

This plucky fella was just too colorful for me,
so he got a slap of white paint.

White turkey covered vegetable.

I have a collection of Vintage turkey platters.
 This fellow is Johnson Brothers.
This year I'm giving each of the girls their own platter.

Vintage planter and salt and pepper.

One of my Thanksgiving postcards on a flower frog.

Say "Hello" to Kathleen and all the other White Wednesday
 participants at Faded Charm.

Hope your turkeys are tastier than these.

From my house to yours...
Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

P.S. Since I have had a few hair-pulling blogger incidents of late, I will post the wonderful indoor displays of my recent Seed Box Open House tour a bit later. This will give you something to come back for!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Seed Box Christmas Open House

For some reason I have a glitch in my blog post. I have reset it several times and it is doing what it wants, so please read the previous post on

 the Seed Box.

 I don't want you to miss the great photos of the Open House.

Also, if you haven't been over to the Bible Study Blog, A day in the life...  I just posted on being ready for Miracles. Please come by.

Thanks, I hope I'm not the one with the glitch!

The Seed Box Christmas Open House

Last Friday evening we headed into the hills of southern Missouri to visit two talented friends who are no strangers to many of you. Brian and Meloney Russell of

hold two Open Houses each year, but Christmas is just a magical time at their homestead in Chadwick, Missouri. As you make your way into a gorgeous valley you can see the Christmas lights glowing in the distance. The following photos were taken on the very large and spacious front porch of their home.
Be sure and click on the images to get more detail

(next three photos courtesy Springfield News Leader)

Tomorrow I will continue the fun
 with the inside of their home.

Have a great Monday!

P.S. I am joining in with Joan from Anything Goes Here
for her new party, Vintage Christmas Monday. 
 Be sure and see the previous post for my contribution.
Then check out all the rest of the great vintage goodies!

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