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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White Wednesday,The Gift of Time

24 hours in a day

7 days in a week

52 weeks in a year

we are all given the same amount

my desire is to see my time well spent

an hour with a friend

a tradition with a sister

a morning with a mother

an afternoon with a daughter

an evening with my beloved

hours become days

days turn into weeks

weeks become months

and months flow into a year

My prayer is for joy,

for peace,

for love,

for commitment,

for favor.

Thank you God, for one more year.

A year spent well and wisely with You.

May God's blessing for the New Year
fall gently like snow.


Friday, November 13, 2009


The jewels of color that adorned the trees last week,
 now lay scattered on the ground,
...still beautiful.

Finding beauty in the change of seasons,


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vintage Black Friday, Flea Market Finds

With only two Vintage Black Fridays left,
I still have a lot of images to share.

These are a few that I grouped in my Living Room
resting on my antique embroidered velvet crazy quilt.
All these items were found at flea markets this last year.

Even this Bible and crucifix from the 1930's.

This lovely depiction of Jesus is the one exception.
 I found it at Inspirational Home here in Springfield.
Which reminds me, that next week I will be showcasing
Inspirational Home for their Christmas Open House.

My husband got me started with my fascination with daguerreotypes a few years ago. I don't have many but I love that they are remembrances carried with loved ones.

And since it's almost Thanksgiving I thought I'd add
a black and white image of a vintage post card.


Time is about to run out for Vintage Black Friday.
If you haven't joined in yet please head to
Gypsy Brocante and say Hello to Jill.

And look at the wonderful surprise I received
 from The Gypsy herself!

She put together an incredible assortment of
vintage goodies to make a wonderful art piece!

Can't wait to get started.
Thank you Jill, for your sweet gift!

Don't you just adore this black and white tissue paper?
It's just the beginning of the wonderful goodies.

Darling cabinet card, doilie, black buttons, lace...

vintage bingo card, dictionary pages, key, silver spoon handle...
Oh my goodness. It's all wonderful!

Have a wonderful Friday,
full of Vintage Fun!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer "time" Fun

Seems like I always have a "plan" and feel the need to accomplish things.
I have what I call an "A-" personality.
I'm not a perfectionist in the slightest,
but I do like to stay busy.
I've learned that I need to take time to just relax and enjoy my life... and family.

Aly and Chris love to swim on the weekends.
Here they are on Father's Day, ready to jump in.
Chris is our "grill master" and doesn't mind the heat,
so he was our chef for the day.

You may be wondering why the paver barrier (?)

We have tons of chipmunks, and to keep them out of the pool

(they don't swim well),

we had to get a little creative.

Enjoy your family today,

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