Friday, March 29, 2024

Spring Has Sprung

Hey friends, this last week of March I'm still sharing Easter décor, but also considering that the decorating theme will shift to "spring" next week. When Easter is this early on the calendar I like to keep out some bunnies and lambs around to continue to celebrate the transition from winter to warmer weather. 

The baker's rack is a fun place to decorate throughout the seasons and holidays. I like to mix pottery and vintage pieces with spring color this time of year. So when it's early April there are still bunnies running around inside as well as outside. We have a big bunny who lives in our fence row out back. He/She is pretty stealthy, so I often just see a silhouette. Hoping there may be some baby buns around soon.

I have a few of my Majolica pitchers out that have a spring theme... robins and nests, dogwood blossoms, and rabbits. My old "Sees" candy tin with baby chick is so bright and happy in yellow. A fuzzy bunny sits in a nest of grass in an ironstone veggie tureen.

I had to laugh a bit at the little bunny in the top drawer of the spice cabinet.(above) I just noticed that it appears he has 3 eyes, but it's actually because he was a place card holder at one time with the metal clip now being removed. Poor guy, he looks a bit strange. note to self... a bit of white wood putty would do wonders for his appearance. 

My velveteen rabbit hopped around to another spot, so a vintage figural cross bud vase with The Lord's Prayer from Norcrest took it's spot. Two of my grandmother's pieces of Homer Laughlin sit on either side in the seed box. 

On the top shelf is an old photocopy of a vintage Easter card in a vintage frame.

My mini spice cabinet drawers are stuffed with bunnies and baskets.
Here's the weird bunny again...

Here are other Spring and Easter stylings on the Baker's Rack.

I hope you're having a wonderful Easter Week. 
We've had 3 nights of below freezing, which I'm really over.
 I have Boston ferns waiting in the Garden Room till the weather warms up. 

Happy Easter, friends!


  1. i look at your photos pretty closely but I wouldn't have noticed the "third eye" in the spice bunny! It reminded me of how they alter the photos in "People" magazine and you have to find where they did it! It's a beautiful arrangement, Debra. Full of spring and cheer!

  2. Ha Ha about your bunny in the drawer with the third eye! I love your bakers rack all done up so cute. Have a great rest of the week and Happy Easter. Hugs. Kris

  3. From the teeny tiny baskets, and 3-eyed bunnies to the Lord's Prayer on a cross, it's all magnificent. I love how happy it looks and how each piece seems cherished. Happy Easter friend!

  4. Debra, your vignettes always delight. I've pinned some of these for my Springtime Inspiration board. Thank you! Happy Spring!

  5. Just popping back into say I'm featuring this beautiful post on Farmhouse Friday tomorrow. Thanks for sharing it with us. Love it! pinned again!


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