Friday, March 8, 2024

Hop Into Easter in the Cookbook Cupboard

Last week I shared a new pair of moss bunnies on the sideboard. So today the sideboard's furniture buddy, the cookbook cupboard, is getting a little Easter/Spring decorating. I really never have much of a plan, but gather odds and ends together for a little seasonal display on top. The "Cookbook Cupboard" got it's name from the messy bottom shelf and cookie jars that I've had for awhile. 

One of my faux wood metal lunch hampers and my white demi-john are the basic pieces, with my paper mache bunny, my mom's drip-o-later teapot, and a flea market cross-stitch of bunny twins.

Here's a close up of those adorable stitchy bunnies. I found the finished cloth at a flea market and immediately came home and found a sweet little vintage frame to show it off.

I found this hinged bunny family recently when my husband brought home a box marked Easter from the storage unit. Don't know when or if I've used them before.

Another piece that I don't think I've shown before is this adorable Peter Rabbit cookie mold from the 80's. I checked on Etsy and eBay and there are several sweet Easter molds available from the Brown Bag Cookie Art Company.

Here's another pic that shows more detail.

This bunny doll is another piece found in the unearthed long-forgotten storage box.

I always state a disclaimer on bottom shelves of my cupboards. In this case it's a working shelf for recipe books and notebooks that I've kept since I was married. Just part of my real world, friends. 

Here are two more Spring displays on this cupboard from the last few years. It's always fun decorating this cabinet for the holidays and seasons. 

Here's another Cupboard Top Vignette

Here's one of my favorite Easter posts from the "way-back" machine 
of the original sunporch...

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  1. I wish my bottom shelves looked as neat as yours! That's a great idea about decorating with the cookie molds. I must have a dozen of them or more for different holidays and I know I have at least three or four from Easter (I just rediscovered them as I'm putting my basement back together after the mold!) I may have to borrow that idea if I finish enough basement to actually be able to decorate the house for Easter!

    1. Oh Jeanie, I'd love to see your cookie molds, and Hey, how great that you can start the clean up and put away with the basement. That will make you feel like a new person having dealt with all that! Happy March, friend!!

  2. Debra, I'm glad the darling hinged bunny family resurfaced. It's adorable!!! I've several bins of Easter things I've yet to bring down form the attic. Trying to keep things easy this spring. I have pulled out my hand painted eggs and some bunnies. I'm sure more will hop on out in the coming weeks. Thanks for inspiring me with your spring vignettes.

    1. I always appreciate you coming by Sarah and your sweet comments. You create the most beautiful vignettes and tablescapes for the holidays. You always give me so many wonderful ideas!

  3. Love it all Debra. You have a great collection of cookbooks. Happy Thursday. Hugs. Kris

  4. Thanks so much, I appreciate you coming by to visit!

  5. What a lovely springtime display! That ceramic cookie mold is wonderful. Visiting from the Love Your Creativity linkup.

  6. Hi Debra. Cute hinged bunnies. They remind me of figures from children's books. Nice find!!

  7. Super fun! Love all the bunny treasures in there. And how nice for your hubby to bring back a spring bin! Mine would look at me like I'm crazy. I think he does that on purpose so he doesn't have to do it. :/ Happy Easter!

  8. Such a cute little cupboard, Debra!! That stitched bunny picture is so adorable and cookie molds always are SO much fun to look at. It's so fun to find things in boxes or drawers you forgot were in there!


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