Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Garden Room Vignettes and Forsythia

Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day, friends. Starting this week we're now on the slide down to Easter. I've been posting Easter décor for the last few weeks since Easter is in March this year and I'm a little behind on sharing what normally would be until well into April. St. Paddy's Day was cut short this year, unfortunately because I really enjoy it. 

Today, I'm sharing two spots in the Garden Room. My forsythia managed to bloom this season and it's put on a great show. I wanted to bring in a few small branches to share the pretty flowers. Each year I look forward to those wispy pops of yellow showing up on the edge of the back yard. 

My two brown transferware pitchers were chosen since I had several lengths of branches. So I'm using the old white desk with my green basket weave lunch hamper and my cabbage teapot. I wanted them to have as much light as possible to fully bloom out. 

And on the farm table I'm using the same wicker basket that I had out for St. Patrick's Day. I tried several different baskets and accessories until I decided on the vignette above. Carrots were moved around, and candles lit, but the mossy basket and Mr. Bunns stuck. I like to share the process of deciding on a vignette. It takes me awhile to try out the possibilities.

The ceramic basket below was one of the items I found in my long lost Easter box from the storage unit. I've lit a "Carrot Cake" candle from Goose Creek. It smells like heavenly baked goods. For St. Patrick's décor I used just paperwhites and sticks in the basket, but for March I added in some daffodils and narcissus. 

Thanks for coming by, we're back down to the 20's at night...
I'm ready to do some container planting but we have a "last freeze" date of April 10.


  1. That's lovely, Debra. I am a big forsythia fan and a big bunny fan, so you're ticking all the right boxes! I'm with you on planting. Much as I'd like to start now, temps have dropped and it will be a bit before I trust it.

  2. Love the forsythia and your tall bunny with her sweet spring polka dot bow. Sweet and cute. Have a great week. Hugs. Kris

  3. Love all this. The forsythia is beautiful, and the basket find from storage looks cute with the carrots. I do the same as you, go through a process in vignettes. I just put away St. Patrick's Day this morning, and more bunnies are out now. I had to cover a peony and lilac last night (and two more nights this week) for real feel temps that'll be below freezing for sustained time. You should've seen me McGyvering sheets, rocks, and stakes out there. Both plants are pretty large and already have buds on them so I didn't want to risk losing them!

  4. Hi Debra. The holidays are coming so close together this year that I just get one done and it's time to take it down for another. You make me anxious to get Easter going. Your's is so pretty. I love the daff basket and the fresh forsythia. I don't have any in my garden but the camellias are really pretty now..Happy Spring, almost..xxoJudy

  5. They are both so pretty Debra, Happy Spring!
    Jenna from the Painted Apron

  6. Such lovely displays for the season, Debra! I love seeing how you use your vintage dishes for each holiday!


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