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Breadboards in Vintage Decor

Hello Friends and Welcome to the Lifestyle of Love bimonthly gathering where we share how we use vintage items in our décor. This month we have a fun topic of "Breadboards". These workhorse kitchen items of the past used to be plentiful at garage sales and flea markets but recently are becoming harder and harder to find. And those you can find have crazy high prices. So I'm sharing some old ones, some new ones, and reproduction pieces.

Thanks to Cindy from County Road 407, who puts together these fun Hops where we focus on vintage topics. If you're coming from Cindy's, and her 5 Ways to Display Cutting Boards, I'm so glad you're here to enjoy all our takes on breadboards, cutting boards, and chopping boards. 

My first cutting board was from the early 80's when I found this "Piggy" cutting board at a crafts fair. He's super heavy and although I haven't taken a knife to him, he's been used as a cheese board long before anyone knew the term "charcuterie" and as a trivet and of course for décor along my backsplash in most of my kitchens.

Here he is showing off in the Cookbook Cupboard for the summer.

I wanted to share a grouping of them here in the garden room in a vignette. The ones along the back, including the painted one with a grainsack theme are new, but the ones in the metal basket are vintage. I use several of the "vintage" ones that I purchased myself and that I bleach on a regular basis; the others are just for display. 

For interest, my grouping needed something besides breadboards so I added an antique white ironstone pitcher marked "Virginia", on the bottom. Last week when I was out at the vintage market I happened to find this flashcard with "Breadboard" printed on it. How perfect!! what a fun little coincidence!

Several years ago at a vintage market I came across a vendor with new home made cutting boards that were a great price, but the wood grain wasn't very pretty. So after living with it a few days I decided to give it a little paint job to make it a bit more special and to stand out a bit. At first I painted it with ASCP in an antique white, but that was still pretty boring, so adding a grain sack stripe was the answer. Of course this one is for décor only since it's been painted.

You can read that post Painted Grainsack Breadboard Here

This large round breadboard at the back is a reproduction from Antique Farmhouse. I bought two at the time, this round one and a rectangular one. The rectangular one didn't have a great finish and once again the magic paintbrush took it on.

I was looking for a platform or riser to corral smaller items on the farmtable, and thought I'd try painting this breadboard instead of spending money on something new.

I love using this now and it makes a cohesive statement with any vignette or tabletop tableau.

Here it is last year with a display of my French Faience pottery and a large basket display of faux lilacs. I've found myself using the bread board for almost every tabletop display since then.

The lowly breadboard might not seem like an important décor piece, but they work for American Farmhouse, French Farmhouse, Retro, Primitive, and Cottage decor. You can also get creative and use them in garden decor settings, dining rooms, kitchens and food display. 

Here are a few other posts where I'm sharing my breadboards and cutting boards.

I hope you'll continue the Hop and head over to visit Laura at Decor to Adore where she's sharing her breadboards in her summer kitchen.

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  1. This was such a great post, Debra! I can't believe how hard breadboards are to find these days. We used to see them all the time and now they're like brown and white transferware - total unicorns! Love the way you display things. It's always so inspiring. Big hugs, CoCo

  2. I love your collection! I will need to keep in mind that painting boards is also a great option.

  3. I love this post! So many great ideas!!! I’m especially loving the grain sack breadboard! Such a cute idea!!!!
    Happy weekend!!!!
    -Emily @lecultivateur

  4. Love your sweet collection of breadboards. Have a great weekend. Hugs. Kris

  5. Love the grain sack breadboard, what a great idea! Such a great idea for a blog post!

  6. Girl, you are so right! They are hard to find. I saw one that was extremally orange in color so I decided to pass. Now I need to go back so I can paint it! I wonder if using the oven cleaner like I did on that old table would work? Definitely trying that. Thanks for sharing your collection. Our neighbor growing up had a pig cutting board and she used it all the time. Good memories. Loved this post!

  7. You’ve got a wonderful collection to work with, Debra! Love that big one & your 4th of July dining room is beautiful!

  8. Debra, You mentioned bleaching your boards. How do you do this? Do you use straight bleach or a diluted bleach bath? This is something that I need to do for my boards. I gleaned so many ideas from your post! Thanks so much! Kay

    1. Hi Kay, yes, I just use a little bleach straight from the bottle after I have them sudsy in the dishwater. I started doing this a long time ago with stains and so it's just habit now. I really don't like plastic cutting or breadboards, so I think this works for those I use regularly. Thanks for coming by!

  9. These all look lovely, Debra. I love that you have a wonderful space to display such things!

  10. I love a good vintage breadboard! And you're right, they're getting harder to find. I like how you painted the one and added the grain sack stripe, and love the display with the breadboard as the base with all patriotic decor :)

  11. Debra,
    What a charming display!! Love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Debra- You always put together the prettiest vignettes. I love the larger round cutting board you got from Antique Farmhouse. Painting the grain sack design on one of the newer boards was so clever! Whenever I go out antiquing- I am always looking for antique European bread boards. They are definitely getting more difficult to find.

  13. Your breadboard display looks great Debra. I, myself love them, but I just do not have the room to display them proudly in our home so I only have a few. The grain sack design you painted looks so homey. Thank you for sharing with Whimsy Home Wednesday.


  14. Hello, Debra! I wanted to let you know, we'll be sharing this lovely post tomorrow on the Fabulous Friday Link Party! I hope you can join us there! Happy Day!

  15. What a great post Debra! I love a good breadboard. Your display is perfection!!! Thanks for sharing at the Fabulous Friday Link Party. We are thrilled to be featuring you this week.


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