Saturday, January 30, 2021

Winter Botanical Tabletop Garden

Hello Friends and Welcome to a very fun 
and a bit different Blog Hop
that my friend Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home
has put together in this very cold and dreary month of January.

Yes, you read it right, it's a Hop where we're sharing 
our "Winter" Botanical and Garden ideas.
Thanks so much Amber, for putting this all together
to share some fun ideas and inspiration for winter into spring.

Winter Botanicals? Is that a thing?
absolutely, friends.

Even though I'm not a big gardener officially,
I love container planting and I think and plan about what to do with flowers
and with my Potting Bench on the Back Porch throughout the seasons.
I thought for a quick minute about doing this display out on the back porch,
but the 37 degree weather spitting rain changed my mind pretty fast.

With our sunroom along the southeast back of this house, I have mostly good light except for 3 large trees that give us some shade. This year I managed to bring in a few containers from this summer and fall with ferns, an ivy, and a large pot of geraniums. I used to overwinter geraniums but I had a better spot in a John Deere Room with wonderful windows to the east at that previous house. 

So when Amber mentioned a Hop with winter flowers and plantings
 I immediately thought about doing a take on a winter potting bench display.
My farmhouse table in the Garden Room is used infrequently
and is a wonderful spot to put together a great tabletop tableau.
Each season and holiday finds something new there
 and usually with a botanical/garden theme.

Two small birds give a nod to Spring, 
and a bird print stuffed hanging heart
has me looking forward to Valentine's Day.

This gray washed reproduction seed tray is usually found 
in the living room on the coffee table,
but I borrowed it for this display to corral my plants and garden items.

I wanted to use different textures and container styles for the plants and garden elements. 
I'm using a large glass cloche, a chalk urn, and a grapevine twig basket contain an ivy,
a mini fern, and a grouping of faux paperwhites.

Since it is still winter I wanted to include a few faux evergreen
 cuttings and some pinecones.

Peat pots, some old garden tools, wooden boxes, a birdhouse, 
and vintage clay pots add to the theme of vintage garden goods.

We feed the birds here from one big feeder;
that is, if we can outsmart the squirrels.
Tons of cardinals, wrens, a few brave finches and sparrows,
mockingbirds, titmice and even a few blue jays and woodpeckers
come to visit.
Most of my garden vignettes feature a birdie or two.

The paperwhites aren't real because the kitties
love to chew on anything that's alive.
We've had a few encounters with poinsettias and geraniums
which cause a major tummy upset!

Visually, this little grouping needed some height.
So one of my old "French" watering cans gave
a galvanized garden metal addition on an antique footstool.

Speaking of kitties that eat plants...
that's one of them under the table.

The ferns in the background were doing pretty well
with their new fall haircut, but then pooped out on me.
I think they'll come back once it's spring and they're outside.

The console table also has a few pots filled with houseplants.

Take a look at this happy little fella
that isn't really a botanical or garden item,
but he sure is a cute little vintage toothpick holder.

My beat-up etagere which was outside our first summer here,
got a scrub down and now holds a few more houseplants.
That lovely white amaryllis is faux, but still so pretty.

The old multipaned window behind the shelving holds book pages
from a college botanical study from the 40's with real specimens.

If you're following the Hop (I hope you can) and you came from Marty's Blog, A Stroll Thru Life, I'm so glad you came by. When you leave here I hope you'll hop on over to Kim's blog Shiplap and Shells and check out what she's up to. Kim has a fabulous greenhouse so I'm sure she has some wonderful inspiration for winter plantings.


  1. All the winter botanicals are so pretty. Happy Friday Debra have a great weekend. xoxo

  2. It look so beautiful Debra! I love how you decorated with so many beautiful greens and florals! It's so cheery to see this time of year isn't it? Have an awesome weekend! xoxo

  3. I love the idea of the glass cloche and the birds you used. I love your white suitcases.

  4. I am seriously in love with everything you shared on this post Debra. I pinned so many pics for future inspiration. I would love to feature you on my weekly blog post tomorrow. And if you haven't already, please please please share at Charming Homes and Gardens. Can you tell I loved this???

  5. Oh Debra loved looking at all of the details in your pictures! I especially love your French watering cans and faux paperwhites! SO much eye candy! Beautiful!

  6. Debra your botanical vignettes surely put a bit of spring in my heart! So lovely and inspiring.

  7. I wish I could find a seed tray like yours Debra. It looks so lovely holding all your interesting gardening and botanical treasures. So much to study and admire including your fabulous watering can! Pinning!

  8. Everything is so beautiful. You know I am such a fan of cloches, so this was so fun to see.

  9. Absolute perfection for winter garden inspiration! Love every single item, the tray grouping is exactly like what I was envisioning to do but I didn't get around to it in time. It definitely looks wintry but all these goodies will so easily transition to spring. Your faux paperwhites and amaryllis are so realistic I would never have known.

    Love the little birdies and that beaver toothpick holder is so cute! I think it fits right in.

    The college botanicals in the window pane are real treasures. I would love to do something like that!

    I could spend forever in your garden room with all this vintage rustic winter garden inspo!

    Thanks for joining the hop!

  10. So pretty!!! Don't you just love it? Gives me a BIG lift! Right up your alley. You have all the right stuff. J.

  11. Debra your tabletop garden is a show-stopper! I love every little touch you added - it's perfect for the winter-spring transition!

  12. Debra, your garden vignette is absolutely charming! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  13. What a lovely space! All of your pieces blend together seamlessly, so gorgeous!

  14. I would love to have a sunroom. Especially on these gloomy wet winter days. Each time I see yours I remind myself (and I have it on Pinterest quite a bit) to put that on my list of wants when we ever build a new house. Beautiful tablescape too. I can't believe those paperwhites aren't real. They certainly look like they are. You always have the cutest little add-ins. Like the toothpick holder. Is that a squirrel or beaver? So fun.

  15. This is gorgeous. I love the toothpick holder How darling. Your garden room is inspired. I love the whole thing.

  16. So much to see in that tray! Everything looks so great together.


  17. I need to go somewhere and smell dirt...we are so buried in snow---your post took me almost Such a lovely menage of items and GREEN!

  18. Your sunroom is a dream. With all of the plants and groupings, it reminds me of an old English conservatory. All of the participants did a wonderful job too.

  19. I'm loving ALL your winter botanicals! Your vignettes make me yearn for spring:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. Pinned! xo Kathleen

  20. Debra, Revisiting everyone's Winter Botanicals and Gardens posts to leave a comment... You always inspire me with your beautiful vignettes all during the year. What is about an old watering can that makes any gardening tools and plants collection so eye-catching?!


  21. Such a bright spot during gloomy winter days! I just love the display! Have a great week, Donna

  22. My fave is the fern under the cloche! So pretty Debra!

  23. What a pretty garden display! Visiting from Farmhouse Friday! :)

  24. What an enchanting winter "garden"! I love how you mix cloches and birds and old pots and that watering can is fabulous! A bright spot on a dreary winter day for sure:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen


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