Thursday, April 30, 2020

Farmtable Vintage Bucket with Tulips

Do you have a spot that causes you to be continually thinking about the next fun change-up? The farm table in the Garden Room is one of those spots for me. After all the Easter bunnies and forsythia were put away, I wanted to use this big bundle of white faux tulips before (real tulips) were a thing of the past. Spring flowers and shrubs just don't last long enough!

I have vintage watering cans in several shabby spring colors, so I grabbed the green one and paired it with a vintage tea towel. These heavy linen tea towels were popular in the 60's thru 80's and many times they had calendars printed on them. No calendar on this one but some pretty Spring branches with birdies.

I brought a little pot of Baby Tears over from the window that I bought last Spring. It's done well in the Garden Room since it gets a lot of light. I have to be careful here on the table or a stealth kitty will try to nibble it down. 

The old ice cream bucket is used frequently here on the farmtable. It's just the right size for longer stems, branches, and "bunches" of faux flowers. I'd had it outside on the back porch for the summer months last year, but the squirrels started chewing on it shortly after putting it out there. They liked the salt that had seeped into the wood over the years.

So now it's my go-to flower container out here on the table
...white faux tulips, pussy willows and a bird nest.

The Garden Room has been a "decor dump" since Easter (maybe longer). It's too easy for me to drag tubs and bags in here with stray decor stuff and then stash them out of the way. So I finally got things sorted and put away properly. My husband is un-phased and never says anything, but when you're attacked by faux forsythia it's time to do something about it. 

Hope you come by Monday evening at 6:00 for

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  1. Such a fabulous wooden bucket and I love the flowers.

  2. This is so fresh and lovely! It's inspired me to do some spring freshening at my house!

  3. I envy all your big rooms! Lovely spaces to display. I just love little herby pots like that. And I have an ice cream bucket to paint white. Such a cheery garden display! Really cheers my heart.

  4. I had to smile when I saw your post preview in my email. I went outside this morning to gather some flowers I want to drop off at my daughter-in-laws for her birthday today (while staying safely away from her, unfortunately!) I put water in a yellow enamel bucket to plunk the flowers into as I gathered them. I have some lilacs in there. I brought it in and set it on the counter and thought, "Wow! I really like that! I'm going to have to gather some lilacs for myself and put them in there!" When I sat down to my computer, I saw your tulips in the bucket with a wooden handle similar to mine. Love it! And the beautiful green watering can and lovely vintage tea towel with flowers and birds! Swoon! Just love it! I hope you have some nice sunny days ahead. Thanks for sharing and brightening my day!

  5. Love that green watering can. Awesome. Your vignette looks great. Happy Thursday.

  6. Honestly Debra, I always love your subtle touch of texture and color. So pretty, and shopping in the houseall that bad now, is it! Hugs, Sandi

  7. Such a charming spring vignette! Love that vintage dish towel too.


  8. This is perfect for this time of year! Looks great! I put all my spring bunnies and eggs away a couple weeks ago and it's hard to fill spots when the stores aren't open!

    Pamela | DIY Vibes

  9. Debra your garden room is so wonderful! I love the Baby tears and the vintage tea towel. Beautiful vignette!

  10. This is precious. I love the watering can. I have read so many stories about squirrels eating their stuff. They leave everything alone except the bird seed. I can relate to being attacked by the forsythia. I leave stuff tucked away in a corner of the dining room. I hope you are well. Any word about surgery?

  11. I love this arrangement! The green watering can is gorgeous and that beautiful vintage tea towel.....ahh, gorgeous!

  12. Debra, your sweet table!! You know how much I love your farmstyle. This, of course, was no exception! Thank you for sharing at the TFT party! I'm featuring you this week! Many blessings.
    Stay safe and healthy, please!

  13. I LOVE that tea's SO PRETTY!!! That ice bucket is perfect for displaying flowers in the warm seasons. I always love your displays, Debra!


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