Saturday, January 6, 2018

Wooden Crate Refresh and an Ironstone "Candleholder"

Before I say anything else, I want to say thank you to everyone who read my previous post on my health update and family "goings on". Those are hard posts to write, but I feel like I need to be open and honest in my blogging, just as I try to be in my everyday life. It's difficult for me to share a minor little DIY or decor update when there are things going on in life that are important. Having said that, I also don't want to be burdening you all with personal stuff constantly. So thank you for your comments and prayers, and for sending good thoughts my way. I want to share things with you all in case something I'm dealing with can maybe help one of you or someone you know.

And speaking of little DIY stuff and changes... My Sis and I always exchange gifts at Christmas, usually it's decor or kitchen goodies. This year I was looking for birch wrapped candles that I could use in a grouping. Of course there seemed to be alot of other people that had birch bark candles on their Christmas lists, so she was fortunate to find 2 of these for me. I'm on the look-out now for more in varying heights.

I'm going with a little more "neutral" color scheme for the first of the New Year. That doesn't mean all white or gray or cream, but semi-neutral. Even though I love it done by other people, I don't do all white very well. I have some wood tone things that I like to use, so let's say I'm kind of sorta attempting "neutrals". 

Notice anything different? I found this great little soda-type crate in late May at one of our fun vintage spots, and bought it even though I was looking for something unpainted or plain. At the time I thought about painting the crate, but decided to keep the red lettered font for awhile and see how it worked. It was working until now, and I had fought the urge long enough. It fell victim to my paint potion. 

Late Spring

early Fall



Inside and Out

I wanted to paint it, but still retain that used/chippy look, so I didn't paint to the edges, just in the middle to go over the lettering. I may take a little sand paper to it later more around the edges. You can see I painted the inside too.

Now it's the perfect spot for my large Birch candle, that's nestled inside one of my old Ironstone Tureens. I wadded up grocery bags and lined the tureen to bring the candle up a little and give it a little more height. I tucked in some moss around the edges to cover up the brown grocery bags and give it more of an earthy feel. I love using moss, but gosh it can be so messy.

I had this little garland with Tallow Berries in the Dining Room for Christmas, and I thought it'd be perfect here around the base of the tureen.

My mini garden shovel and hoe are here too. I realized that you couldn't see the candle wicks, but there are 3 of them as it's a pretty substantial candle. 6 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall. 

It's a nice little change in here, 
especially since I'm attempting a more neutral look for a bit.

What are you all doing with your decor after Christmas? Anything new? I know some people like to leave their Christmas decor up for awhile, but I like to start the new year with a clean slate. I'm joining in with a new group of bloggers that will be sharing their Neutral Winter Decor starting on January 15. I'll have more details next week. We'll be getting together each month with a new topic in decor, each of us sharing our take on the idea. I think it will be a fun way to get some topical inspiration for decor. 

We've been in the deep freeze here in the Midwest since Christmas. Today is the first day above freezing in what seems like forever. It's been pretty bleak around here. I'm so sorry that everyone back east is going to have a cold hard weekend. Take care of yourselves.

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  1. I like the crate whitewashed, and the birch candle is nice. If you can't find more, maybe you can use some graphic paper or wallpaper and wrap graduated battery candles.
    I couldn't wait to get my Christmas stuff put away! I must've put in thousands of steps, but by 1/2 it was all put away, and redecorated by 1/3 - like you, with neutrals, but I also consider green a neutral in my decor. ;) One thing good about being too cold to walk outside was the uninterrupted time spent undecorating. Feels so good and cozy now.

    1. that's a great idea, Rita, about using wallpaper or some kind of printed paper as a wrap around flameless candles. Hadn't thought of that!

  2. In your first picture, beside and to the right of the pillow with your initials, there is a pillow with a center picture outlined in black and surrounded with flowers .... if possible, could you tell me where you purchased this pillow or the name of the fabric? It is very pretty and would fit my guest room decor perfectly. Love the blog, by the way .... thank you:)

    1. Hi Denise, I made those pillows about 6 years ago. I kept seeing that print around the blogs and then just happened to find it out our local store, which carries fabric from previous years. I don't have any scraps left to tell me the name or manufacturer, but you could do an image search online or type in Toile, you might be able to locate some.

    2. Thank you! I found some fabric on Ebay ..... love the blog! Keep up the beautiful work!:)

    3. Hey that's great, glad you located some!

  3. I love the birch candle! After Christmas, I put up snowmen, sleds and skates. Since we rarely get snow in the pineywoods of East Texas, I make an attempt to make it “feel” like snow!

  4. I really appreciated your previous post. Honest and from your heart. Today's post is inspiring me to look at my things with new eyes. I would have had trouble letting go of the touch of red on the crate, but the new look is beautiful. You have such a gift for transforming objects and the space they occupy! Now I'm wanting birch wrapped candles. :)

  5. Debra love that you are adding some white and neutrals to your decor with still staying true to your love of wood and color. I just added some light blues and gray to my white bedroom. I think we all need a little change once in awhile. Love love this crate painted. I need one like it. The birch candle looks gorgeous inside it. So pretty.
    Happy New Week.

  6. I really like old crates with the colorful graphics, but they don't work for me. I have an old white painted crate done like you did yours, only the paint has aged. One of my favorite things. So versatile. I use it for everything. Love how you have arranged your candle! Have fun with your changes!

  7. I liked the crate with the lettering but really like it with the new look. I just may need to paint my crate that I have on my coffee table now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I really love birch bark after all the Christmas decor is put away. Your candle is fabulous and fun. Happy New Year. I love the new pillows on your love seat.

  9. Your centerpiece is perfect Debra and I too love the birch bark candles...don't have any yet though!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  10. It's really pretty Debra! Love the candle and the crate. Of course I loved it with the red lettering as well. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. This was so much fun to see the crate used in so many seasons and in so many pretty ways! ~ Kristin

  12. I really like how it turned out! I love the birch bark on the candle. Thank you for sharing!


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