Sunday, February 12, 2017

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I don't go "all out" for Valentine's Day. I don't think many of us do unless we have kiddos that have fun with it, and expect to see decorations for every holiday that comes along. I enjoy bringing some reds and pinks and vintage items into the decor, especially here in the Kitchen Sitting Area. That's the place where I can indulge my holiday decorating gene to the fullest. 

I don't think there's anything particularly "new" in here, but I have fun mixing and matching the quilts and pillows, and a few vintage items that go along with the colors and fun of Valentine's Day. A few of the roses were squished or missing on the red rose heart wreath, so I did a quick fix with a few rose stems from Michaels. Gosh, I've had it for years and I usually displayed it on this same mirror and door back at the old house on the sunporch. Having this old door propped up in here makes me miss the sunporch a little less, cause I can come up with the same "feel" for the holiday de jour right here.

February 2011

Wow, I can't believe so much has changed in our lives in the last 6 years!

The Bosporus Toile pillows are a favorite of mine
and because of all the colors 
I can use them with lots of quilts and seasonal looks.

I've had some evergreen faux greenery still out from Christmas for "winter",
but winter seems to be fading fast since we're sitting in the mid-70's at the moment.
So the greenery is being put back into the Christmas boxes till next year.

You can find some wonderful Holiday and seasonal decor pillows 
(like the one above)
 at my friend Heather's Etsy Shop, Elliott-Heath Designs, Here.

Having the neutral background makes it easy to change up the quilts, pillows, and color scheme for any holiday or season. Going thru some stacks of small prints I found this little vintage needle work cottage scene from the 30's. It's a little warped and uneven, but still so charming. It reminds me of Mary Englebreit art from the late 90's.

I've thought about replacing the baker's rack with some kind of shelving that's more "farmhouse-y", but so far I haven't gotten there. I would need to find a new petite upholstered loveseat, and this is such a small space. And my little wicker pieces would need to be stored. I'm seriously thinking about it. It would be much more comfortable and usable. We'll see. 

What can I say...
I just love a "Cottage" look.

Here's another of my old Valentines on the flower frog. It must have been a "school party" valentine, since it says To: Clarence Buchholz From: Howard Bottermann. The handwriting looks like mom or grandma may have written it out. so cute, I'm sure both of them turned several shades of red.

This is a view you don't often see,
me standing in the kitchen prep area shooting toward the Sitting Area.

I'm debating whether to try to make some homemade sugar cookies for Valentines Day, or just running out to buy a few. The last thing I need is sugar cookies, that somehow become addictive. I'm full of indecision! Have a great weekend, 

Enjoy the little things in life!

p.s. thankyou for all the sweet wellwishes for my little fur girl,
 and for information on insulin sources. She's perking up little by little!

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  1. Debra, your valentine touches are just right. I love this holiday and have different vignettes around the house.
    Thanks for sharing yours. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Love seeing all your pretty Valentine vignettes. Happy Valentines Day Debra.

  3. This is perfect, Debra. Very sweet and simple yet your unique pieces really catch the eye. My favorites? The little heart that says "Love you more, and the vintage valentine.

    Jane x

  4. Debra your home is so lovely and warm, I love your style and the Valentine touches seem so natural in this room. I love red and while toile and the red throw year around. I agree with Jane, that sweet little heart with "love you more" made me smile.

  5. I love your cottage look too, Debra. That wreath still looks nice and lush. I can relate to the indecision. I often think of you and all the changes you have gone through - that'll be much-needed motivation for me in the coming weeks.

  6. Love it all! Happy Valentine's! (I miss Mary Englebreit so much. 😢)

  7. Debra...I just love your sitting area!!

  8. I so enjoy visiting this part of your house. Makes me want to come by with a basket of fresh muffins, or some pumpkin butter and have a coffee and share. So cozy and welcoming. Just always a smile, Thanks, Sandi

  9. Your little corner oozes with cottage charm, Debra! Mary Engelbreit is always a fave of mine and I still miss her Home Companion magazine. Your framed embroidered cottage is adorable! It just goes to show that we don't need to buy new stuff every year. It's always a treat to unpack our favorites. Everything looks so festive in your kitchen!

  10. You nailed it - perfectly "cottasge" and not over-the-top - just sweet perfect little touches.

    You do charm well, Debra.

    have a wonderful week and a very Happy St. Valentine's Day, sweet lady. Hugs. ♥

  11. Debra, I have been out of touch for awhile, but are things better health wise for you?

    1. Hi Mary, thanks so much for asking. yes, I'm much better, still having problems with the nerves in the back of my head and neck causing migraines, but I just now know not to overdo it and rest when my neck gets tired. much better heart-wise!

  12. I love all the little touches of V day in your perfect home Debra!Happy Valentines day to you dear!

  13. Love you valentine touches, my favorite is the quilt and little white heart.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  14. I love your cottage look and how wonderful that you have been able to use that wonderful wicker settee from one house to another....brings back memories of your sunroom/porch. Beautiful Valentine touches!

  15. Isn't it fun to look back on these posts! Thanks for then link.


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