Thursday, February 2, 2017

Out of my Comfort(er) Zone

So far in the 2& 1/2 years of living here, I've managed to get away with not showing you our Master Bedroom. There are a few reasons why I've not shared it; here are my excuses...

  1. It's a little on the boring side. I haven't done much to "decorate" this room.
  2. I'd like to have curtains in here, but it gets too dusty and there's not enough room.
  3. My husband doesn't like heavy, fussy, or multiple bed linens (aka beautiful, layered, sumptuous). (they hurt his feet if they're too restrictive)  
  4. He hates decorative pillows, and the ones I have on here now have been banished.
  5. He likes to work on his computer in bed...most some of the day, on the weekends.
  6. He likes to take frequent long naps.
  7. I like to take a nap...not so long
  8. We're both readers and have to have small reading lamps, books, headphones, ipads, ipods, phones, and water bottles, etc. that clutter things up. Not to mention heating pads, pill bottles, handcreams, extra bed and neck pillows, and crazy "it's sun up" alarm clocks. 
  9. We're messy... (thank goodness we don't eat in bed)
  10. The bed usually doesn't get made other than throwing the comforter back up to the pillows.  
  11. We have a large cat that owns the bed and to discourage free range lounging we keep a cat bed toward the bottom of the bed.   
  12. Did I mention that it's boring in here?      

This is the furthest I've gotten with photos and that was 2 years ago. In my defense, I'm happy with a non-fussy masculine approach to bedroom decor. We've used this armoire in several places at our other houses, and now it holds the TV and other miscellaneous linens, papers, boxes, etc.

Here's a pic from the rent house where I used it as a pantry.

The original suite of Bedroom furniture had a Queen size bed, but when we moved we up-sized to a King, and that's been one of the best decisions we've made. I'm a light sleeper, and I don't want to be jostled around by husbands or cats. We needed to get a new mattress, so the timing was good. We found this Sleigh Bed at Haverty's and even though it's not as "curvy and french-y" it was the same wood stain and matched the other pieces. I know some people hate "matchy matchy", but finding furniture that works for nightstands and still looks reasonable is near impossible, especially if you're dealing with limited space. (at least that's been my experience)

Said cat has a problem with hairballs, and even though she's pretty good at depositing them (upchucking) on the floor, there are a few times lately that she hasn't made it.


So our King Size Ralph Lauren quilt has had to be laundered a few times lately and that is an all day fun ordeal. I thought I'd find something to use in here for a backup, but I really like this new set alot better. It's a little more interesting, visually.

I was not going to pay a fortune for a comforter set. not gunna do it. So I hunted and hunted and found this great set at Birch Lane. With their January White Sale, it was a great price, so I ordered it, even though I wasn't sure about the pattern. Kinda crazy out-there for me and Hubbs. Surprise, he liked it... but still kicks it off at night.

so while I'm sharing in here I'll show you the few vintage prints that we are using:

Here's the other side of the room and my dresser,
with a grouping on each side of different sets of vintage prints.

I'm looking for new shades for these buffet-type lamps.
Something in a drum shade in linen or burlap.
Hopefully, that might bring the look a little more up-to-date.

vintage vanity mirror and goodies

This is my little vintage Florentine decoupaged table that was in the bedroom at the other house.

I wish I'd thought about it at the time and painted the walls darker in here,
but back then we were in a whirlwind of painting and I didn't want to rock the boat
by introducing another paint color to confuse everyone.

That's the Japanese trunk my Daddy sent home from his time in the Korean War. I've shared it in the past, and there are a few of you all out there that inherited the same trunk. No chandy in here, just a super efficient ceiling fan to keep us cool in the long humid Midwest summers, when we aren't using the comforter.

I want to add something to the smaller print on the right, (maybe something underneath it) and locate my sconces from the Dining Room that I had in the last house. Believe it or not, but I still have a few boxes that I haven't opened. I think the sconces were accidentally packed with the items from the curio cabinet. Unfortunately, my curio cabinet is being used in my husband's office, but not for my curios.They are still packed away in a box in our storage room. :-)

(this wasn't a sponsored post, just mention of where I purchased the products)

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  1. Debra...I don't think you are alone with the crowded nightstands, a husband who spends a tremendous amount of time in the bedroom, an unmade bed, pets, etc. I have the same problems. I make the bed everyday, I think it makes the room neater and more inviting. Darn...when hubby comes home he pulls the blankets apart and my work is for nothing. We, too, use our nightstands, that's what they are there for! And I have two dogs who nudge us all over the place.

    On a good note, I love your classic furniture, that sleigh bed is to die for. Your comforter and pillows as well. A little tip. I love layers like you. I make the bed with the top sheet and maybe a light blanket depending on the weather/air conditioning. I fold the comforter to the bottom of the bed in a way that the pattern shows. It's a win win.

    Sometimes we have to learn to live around various annoyances. I'd much rather have a messy room than an organized room and no husband. Ooh, that sounds a bit morbid. You know what I mean!

    Jane x

    1. yes, I know about being glad for a messy husband. He hasn't been the same since his problem with Meniere's. He requires a lot more rest. (me too) That's what turning 60 does for you! I'm glad it's just one cat on the bed and not two. They have turf wars so it would be a nightmare. We have to use a lint roller every night just to keep the fur at bay, otherwise it's in my eyes and mouth. xo

  2. Well, I love your classic BR. My husband is much the same re: decor of ANY kind, and in the BR, we are scaled way back. He tolerates a stack of pillows, but they are all (but 2 small ones) bed pillows for adjusting comfort, lol (one under the legs, one for propping the back, neck, etc....our duvet cover is simply that - a duvet cover minus the duvet - and white! Like yours, mine doesn't like weight. We bought a really nice, dual control, king electric blanket that does the trick for us in winter, and it's not heavy. In fact, we use it year-round, and we each set our own level of comfort. In summer, we turn it off but leave the blanket on the bed (under the duvet cover), and switch to ceiling fan.
    As always, you're keepin' it real, Debra. I like that.

  3. My husband says, "one head; one pillow." Sadly I have acquiesced.

  4. you have a beautiful room, Debra. this post is REAL and that's what I appreciate from your blog.
    anyone can make a lalafrufru bed- take a pic and post it but do they actually live that way? I rather doubt it. Enjoy every moment in your lovely home.

  5. You have a beautiful bedroom Debra. Very warm and inviting.
    Blessings, Candy

  6. Debra, I like your bedroom as it is. No need to apologize! We got a sleigh bed once but it overwhelmed the room so much we returned it. For your long-haired kitty.... a recommendation: purina one hairball formula dry food. I have two long-hairs and this has cut down the hairballs tremendously!

  7. I love seeing your room. It is perfectly cozy. I am sorry about the hairballs. Purina Hairball Formula has helped a lot with that for our cat but he isn't as fluffy as yours. I love the little boxes on the dressing table. I should pull mine out. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I can relate to the no chanty in some rooms....the Charmer was built without insulation and this old house heats up really fans win out. Since cooler feeling over cooler looking! Your bedroom is pretty and the bed gorgeous...we just lost our cat a few weeks ago and she had lots of hairballs. Our home is wood flooring throughout so that makes it easier. I think your room is beautiful and a very serene feel which his perfect for a bedroom!

  9. Sounds like your bedroom is being used alot for many different things - that's not boring! LOL It looks gorgeous. I love everything you do wherever you are. You certainly have "that" touch.


  10. Debra, I think a comfortable, lived in bedroom is what everyone wants. My husband isn't a pillow person either, and when he makes the bed, he leaves the pillows on the bench at the foot of the bed. He'd just as soon not make it at all, but I have to have the order of a bed made up after a night's sleep. Ours is simple as well, a white comforter cover that is easily and frequently washed because Sadie is on the bed every night. I toss three euro pillows and two regular pillows across the bed when I make it. It's actually rather subdued and simple, but extra pillows are just that, EXTRA, in my husband's mind. '-)
    Thanks for sharing. Your sleigh bed is beautiful!

  11. I can so relate to the Bedroom messiness, but such is Life... sometimes other areas of the Home are just as difficult to get an Editorial Look when I'm trying to Share for a Blog Post *LOL*, so Thank God for the Close-Up and my inability to take a Good Panoramic Image anyway! *Smiles* I think your Boudoir looks Inviting and Restful, which is what it should be. Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. I think your bedding brings out the gray tone of your walls and the gold tones from your pretty landscapes which caught my eye right off the bat! I'd like to upgrade to a king size bed and I'm thinking I'd like a wood bed for a change of pace. Love your pretty sleigh bed! I've never shown our master bedroom in its entirety yet and maybe never will. :o) Your master has a very calm cohesive look, Debra. Thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Very relatable post! I think your bedroom is lovely. The armoire is beautiful and the suitcases on top look very nice. The vintage prints are also beautiful as is the french chair. Great job.

  14. Deb, I wouldn't change a thing - and that's including your gorgeous lamp shades. It GOES with the classy classic timeless beautiful traditional bedroom you have. It really is pretty and you've decorated it beautifully!

    I *adore* your new comforter - gosh it looks awesome there - brings all the colors together and makes that lovely space anything but boring! It is NOT boring! It's perfect.

    Hugs. ♥

  15. HI Debra, oh the sleigh bed is divine. When my son was a young boy I had a beautiful sleigh bed in his room all designed around a Englishmans quarters, of course the 80's and 90's were all about the English and Victorian cottage style. How I miss that bed and your room flooded my memories with creating such a room that equally looked dapper tossed in Leggos, building logs, ninja turtles, and hot wheel tracks and such. Men they never get a great room do they, but in all that chaos amoungest the mess deep inside the mess a room of beauty popped through and that was good enough for me!

    This room is a beautiful room, and surprises me that it's taken you this long to share. I could see you adding someday a painted piece in the mix of all the beauty here, something with history of the era you have created here. And as for pillows, I must have taken on a more manly approach these days, I am beginning to dislike a bed filled with pillows, I like your hubby want it more relaxed and less fuss. I could see you changing out the bedding with your favorite quilts now and then, adding your seasonal stamp you give to your home.

    I hope with breaking the ice now In your master room share that any new touches, or changes you will share with us all.
    It's a room that even with a messed up bed, and a husband happily laying in a relaxed state it is surely a room to love.


  16. I wouldn't say your bedroom is boring Debra. It sounds like it's very comfy,which is what rooms should be. Your furniture is beautifully classic and never dates. Just enjoy

  17. I absolutely LOVE your new comforter Debra. I believe there is a lot of interest in this sweet space, but I know what you mean. For many of the same reasons our bedroom is less than super glamourous spot. But function before fashion I always say. I'll be keeping your sweet kitty in prayer. I can tell she is a gem.

  18. I think your bedroom is beautiful! I love the sleigh bed! I want new bedroom furniture so badly. Ours is about 40 years old! UGH. I also like your comforter, the colors are so pretty! Thanks for keeping it real!

  19. Love you bedroom. Love all ways you use suit cases. I love sleigh beds.


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