Saturday, February 25, 2017

Blogging Therapy

Hi Friends...

I've been away from blogging for a few days, and the truth is I've needed a little break to try to get back up to speed; not just in blogging but life in general. I know we all feel this way from time to time. Sometimes we push through to try to keep our routine going, but this time I've not been able to do that, better to be honest I think. That's just my own opinion. 

(new old footstool for the bedroom)

I had a doctor appointment last week and a lot of my blood work came back wonky. My thyroid has gone into the red zone on the "overactive" side, instead of being waaaayyyy Hypo. I've had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis since I was in my early 30's (probably a lot longer), which is auto-immune caused lack of thyroid production. I've never had this wild swing in the opposite direction before and it's wreaking havoc on me mentally and physically. I found out the pain medication I was taking for my occipital nerve neck and headache problem can disrupt your thyroid and that has probably been the culprit... oh happy day. I'll spare you more details, but I've felt like one of The Walking Dead. 
My blood tests show I'm back into anemia, which also causes severe fatigue, hair loss, and the dreaded "brain fog", etc. So I've got to work on getting those numbers back up. Back to the iron supplements, yuk. All in all it's been a lousy last several weeks. 

After my return visit to discuss the state of things with my doctor, I made myself go look at Spring decor and florals at one of my favorite local stores. Honestly, I just wanted to go home and take a nap. But it helped. I think I might have smiled; maybe even laughed. I did feel better after a white distressed rabbit jumped into my shopping cart and some mini tulips got my attention. I had no cohesive thoughts on what I was going to do with what I bought, but at least if the mood strikes, I'll have something to play with. 

(after tying up the springs and a good cleaning)

on kitty kat news:

This isn't the one with Diabetes, this is the one that weighs almost 16 pounds and has a bad tooth. She's so naughty you can't get her into a pet taxi to go to the vet. She bites and has the strength of the Incredible Hulk, yet she wants to sleep between Hubbs and I. go figure. A sedative will have to be given to both of us when it's time for the veterinary appointment.

The little one with Diabetes, is doing much better. Her glucose number is down to 400 instead of 600. She lets me give her her injection as she eats her dry kibble, and she even comes around when it's time for her shot. She's a sweetie.

These are pics of a wonderful needlework covered stool my sis is letting me use. We sort of trade furniture and things when one of us can't use it. A lot of these have been ripped off or recovered and replaced with something more "white", but I just adore these little beauties because they remind me of sitting by the fire in a cottage in the Cotswolds. I'll just keep the "little old lady" look for now, but a neutral pleated slipcover would be gorgeous and versatile. 

(Just a little fantasy photo here)

maybe something with pleats, but lets the pretty legs show.

Actually, it sits by my bed and I use it to stack books,
 my ipad and iphone charger at night.
The needlepoint is perfection,
and I LOVE that brown background.

and, it has a few friends.

I know that you all have things going on too;
health problems, pets that are sick, kids that will always be your kids,
no matter that they're over 30 and married.
you know, family things...

We don't share all that's going on in our lives because well...
We come here to take a few minutes away,
to be inspired, and to see what our friends are up to.

Truth is, that we know there are many unspoken words and situations
among the pretty pictures and styled rooms.
So to all of you, believe me, I understand.

Just sitting down and doing this post has made me feel better,
I'd been putting things off because I don't like to be a whiner.
But, I guess honesty is part of the therapy.
I'll be back soon with a happy face on,
and show you my new white bunny friend.

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  1. Debra, this will be one of my favorite posts of yours. Always seems others have everything all together and, while I'm sorry the troubles are getting you down, it feels like a friend talking at the table with tea. I'm going to follow your lead and try to be a little more "real" in my posts. Get well soon!

  2. Glad you felt you were up to a blog post, Debra. I'm sorry you've been feeling poorly. I love needlepoint stools. And I pick up any of the covers when I find them at estate sales or flea markets. Yours is lovely in the dark background.

  3. LOL I'm a whiner also but we have excuses, when life isn't what we want we whine LoL. I hate being under the weather.
    I hurt my right hand very bad and after hurting, throbbing 3 days I went and had it xrayed. Not fractured just beat up bad. I hit it on a door jam moving furniture
    Get to feeling better quick, you have such beautiful things to share

  4. Debra, I'm so sorry that you are going through a difficult time. I know first hand that there are times when a little diversion is the best therapy. I truly dread Vet Day for my kitties. They are like little scared monsters when they even think we are heading to the Vet. The Vet recommends putting out their carriers a few days in advance, but sorry, that doesn't work. I agree that tranquilizers for both of us is the answer! That little stool is adorable and I like the vintage look. I'm glad that you were able to do a little shopping and to write a wonderful post. We are all human here and it's refreshing to hear what others are going through.

    hugs and well wishes,

  5. Love, hugs and kisses. Hope each day is better than the last.

  6. So sorry that you are not feeling 100%. Wishing you good thoughts, and hope you are feeling better very very soon. Just wanted to say that, and also let you know I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for posting, even when you don't feel like it. Can't wait to see the new bunny friend!

  7. Well, this was a nice visit. Glad they figured out the hyper (I'm dx'd as hypo also). Anytime we're out of whack it's a wild ride, but it sounds like the anemia took first seat to any hyperactive effects you might have had with typical hyper (energywise). Hair falling out is what prompted me to go to my Dr. and her ordering my test me for thyroidism initially. I have a sister and niece with Hoshimoto's. I laughed out loud when you wrote how you said you did feel better when a white distressed rabbit jumped into your cart. I hope that feeling lasts. :) I hope your kitty continues with improved sugar readings. At least you're not in crisis mode on that front.
    Call me Granny, but I love those needlepoint stools too. A slipcover would be nice just for the change. I like the idea of swapping with a sister. I should do that! I put 2 pieces in my car as I was reorganizing for all this chaos in my house - will take them to the antique mall.
    As much as I'm loving this spring weather, I'm sure NOT ready to be outside and have to start yard work yet. Winter's the only time to relax and it's been so short (NOT complaining, Mother Nature, do you hear me?!).
    Wishing you good health, Debra. I know from family members that chronic illness can be depressing. It sounds like you're coming out of any funk you may have slipped into. That's good. Have a great weekend.

  8. God bless. I hope you feel better soon; in the meantime, enjoy the retail therapy! Sharom

  9. Oh Debra, thyroid issues can be so hard to deal affects everything in the body. I have Hashimoto's, too, and slip down towards hyper sometimes. It just makes you feel so rotten when you get out of balance. And I don't know about you, but it takes me a long time to get feeling halfway decent again, once I do get out of whack. I'm glad they figured out what was happening...Hopefully, you will get feeling better soon!
    I love your collection of stools...they do seem right out of an English cottage! xo

  10. Hugs Debra. Getting through this time and getting balanced again is no picnic and another hug to you for sharing how things are/have been. Great small footstool collection, handy too.

  11. I love my little old lady stuff! Even though people think it's old fashioned, it speaks to me. Glad they are making adjustments to get you back on track.

  12. Oh wow, health problems are the worst. Hopefully you are on the upswing now. Prayers ongoing.

  13. I often feel the need to break away from the blog world when I get overwhelmed by life in general, Debra. I hope they can figure out a new med for you that doesn't mess with your thyroid function. Your thyroid controls everything, so it's no wonder you've been in a funk! Getting out for a little retail therapy does have therapeutic benefits, in my opinion. Just a little pick-me-up magazine or decorating fix does wonders!

    I still like old lady "granny chic" rugs and pillows and stools, and your three bears collection is wonderful! Or should I say 2 kitty collection? So glad your sweet little kitty is on the mend and I hope you feel better soon, Debra. We'll all be here when you're ready to break out the camera again. Take care.

    xo, Vickie

  14. I adore stools and have mixed feelings about their usefulness... other than tripping over them and/or adding to any decor.... even have a couple on shelves. I also love kitties.... just wanted to send this little tip... my kitty carrier top is removable so you can sit you baby in it and close the top but you must be quick! I really love your decor style!

  15. I adore stools and have mixed feelings about their usefulness... other than tripping over them and/or adding to any decor.... even have a couple on shelves. I also love kitties.... just wanted to send this little tip... my kitty carrier top is removable so you can sit you baby in it and close the top but you must be quick! I really love your decor style!

  16. Hi Debra, hope you will soon be feeling so much better, especially with Spring coming on......its been so warm here and nice........sunshine helps me so much.......I know what you mean about feeling so much in limbo.......some days its just such an effort to just make myself get out of bed and put on real clothes........we are grieving the loss of our son to cancer two months ago......there is so much pain in the world and so much anger....I know our God is in control.....but I sure don't understand the process....hoping for "Sonier" for both of us and so many others. It's not whining, its sharing, and that is the greatest compliment for our friends. Blessings, Linda

  17. You're not a whiner! You're keeping it real, and I for one really appreciate that in bloggers. I'm so sorry you're having these physical problems. Love you little stools!

  18. We love your posts whenever we can get them, Debra and even if it's a little whining, that's ok too. I do hope you feel better very soon, you have been through so much already. We have a 20 pound cat who can be all lovey dovey one minute and a big grouch the next but we still love him - funny how finicky they can be!

  19. Taking a break is necessary at just do it. :-) Another hypo girl...though my meds must be tweaked from time to time also. I changed to taking my synthroid to the evening from morning and something went wonky. Who knew?! Other endocrine issues we just have to deal the best we can I guess. The body tells us what to do...we just need to listen. Take care. :-) Sheila

  20. It is good for me to read about other bloggers struggles. Helps me to know I am not alone. I look at all the beautiful pictures of homes and gardens and projects and I think, oh gosh there really is something wrong with me. I can't do everything everyone else is doing. Then I read posts like yours and I realize we are all the same. Maybe different struggles but struggles none the less. We are humans doing the best we can. Thank you for sharing your reality. I hope you get feeling better soon.

  21. Sending healing energy your way, Debra. I like this "keeping it real"" post. Life isn't all about our net decor project or what we bought this week.
    I haven't blogged in months because I figure no one wants to hear what I have to say. So, good for you posting your truth.

  22. Praying that you feel better soon, Debra.

  23. You always seem to be dealing with your health issues and like that you share them since we all deal with them. We do, as bloggers, we feel pressure to only have "happy " and "decorating" post. Not real life though. I am a big needlepoint lover and love all your stools...take care!

  24. I don't think you're being a whiner. I actually like to read about the good as well as the bad on people's blogs. That way I don't feel so inadequate! Ha! I'm so sorry to hear that you're having more health problems. I have Graves disease which is an overactive thyroid. I took radioiodine to kill some of it and now I take Synthroid meds everyday of my life. An overactive thyroid can make you have anxiety. So, maybe that's why you also feel out of sorts. I'm the queen of auto immune diseases. I have 3!!! They run in my family. I passed it on to my son too. I hope you start feeling better soon. Sorry your cat is sick as well. That must be hard to give her a shot. My dog is old and now has a heart problem. So I have to give him medicine every day and put drops in his eyes since he has blindess and other eye issues. Pets are ALOT of work aren't they? My husband and I just discussed about not getting another pet for a while after something happens to ours. We are exhausted taking care of him!

  25. Thanks for sharing your sense of style and your life. Sometimes it is comforting to know that you are not the only one with problems. And, when things aren't great, it's good to tell others how you feel. Hope this is a wonderful and blessed week for you!!!

  26. I'm sorry you have feeling bad...I think diversion is a good therapy!I like very much that little stool...I have one like that with white cover but under the cover is very shabby...and not chich like your!! Get well soon!! <3

  27. So sorry you haven't been feeling well. I'm sorry about your kitties as well. Blogging does help sometimes. Feel better soon.


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