Monday, November 10, 2014

Kitchen China Cabinet with a New Look

You've heard the old saying "It's got to get worse before it gets better." That's exactly what happened here at the new house this weekend. We rented a U-Haul trailer and made several trips from the 3 storage units back to the house with all kinds of dishes, decor, china, crystal, pillows...etc. Hubbs brought some of his fun stuff, and it all ended up opened and stacked on every flat surface available. After 6 loads of china and crystal going through the dishwasher, we started putting it all away.

Of course it took longer because I decided that I wanted to put my transferware into the kitchen china cabinet instead of my French Faience. (You can see this cabinet at the old house decorated for Christmas).That meant having some kind of a plan. I'm still missing some of my Old British Castles in Brown, but when they show up I'll just rearrange a little. Decorating can slow you down, you know...

And this morning before taking pics,
 I knew I needed something on top of the cabinet

So I added a few pumpkins to the mix and some bittersweet.

This cupboard has glass doors that stay closed, but I opened them up so you could see inside without at bunch of glare. I'm having to figure out the best time of day for photos at this new house, because this room has south facing windows and the blinds cause a lot of issues for photographing.

This is a newer cabinet that we purchased when we moved into the other house 12 years ago. I went back and forth on this one or a hutch and top cupboard, but in the end I chose this one. It matches the kitchen table and chairs with a somewhat creamy distressed finish.

I really enjoyed putting this all together, it's just a mix of my brown and red random pieces. I'd had the Faience in it for a long time, so I wanted to change things up a little. In the Spring I may go back to the florals and pastel dishes, but for the Holidays I wanted to stick with predominately brown.

A few of my old friends are here too, like the cows and cottage ware teapots and sugar and creamers. I have more of these...somewhere. Oh, and good news...Hubbs found the Dining Room chair slips (YAY!!) and they are now waiting to be washed and ironed. We literally looked for that specific box for hours, and of course it was hiding at the very back behind my outdoor garden goodies. He had packed that last storage unit with all kinds of various random boxes, and he knew not to come back home without it.

If you noticed, a few pieces of wicker found a spot here in the kitchen dining area. It makes me feel a little better for not having a sunporch at this house. Now, if I can just not "over-decorate"...I don't know if that's possible.

I'll be a part of Sherry's (No Minimalist Here) Thanksgiving Vignette Blog Hop this week, starting Wednesday November 12 through Friday November 14. Please come visit us for some Thanksgiving fun and inspiration. 

I'll see you again on Thursday for my Thanksgiving Vignette
 with the rest of the gals.

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  1. wow, sie haben so eine schöne dekoration, ich liebe den schrank und das portellan!!! liebe grüße und eine schöne woche wünscht angie aus deutschland

  2. Oh Debra, it looks just beautiful!... I bet you were sooo excited to finally get to do that!... love your brown transferware... and your little cottage teapots and such... and your sweet little cows!... xoxo... Julie Marie

  3. Love that cabinet AND it's contents! LOOKS Awesome! Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Very pretty, Debra! I'm sure it feels good to have a couple of areas decorated and looking good for you. I found it helped me to get moving on the boxes and finding homes for things when I had some areas I could call "done".

  5. Wow, it looks just wonderful....I love how you styled it!

  6. I love the brown transferware dishes displayed in your cupboard and the teapots and cows add a playful touch. It's fun to change things up in a new house, don't you think? I'm glad you found your chair slips, and I bet your hubby is too. :o)

  7. Looking good...I love that cabinet! It must be great to be in your new home and decorating vignettes you are so good at!

  8. Debra's back!! And it's going to be so fun watching your flair in this new house. You know me - I love the brown transferware, and the red too. Since I rearranged my basement this past summer, so far so good on locating things, and I love that. I still have to put away my finds from my October trip, though (I need a display cabinet in my DR!). You'll probably find your remaining transferware in a vintage suitcase, picnic basket or seed box you had out as a last vignette in your old house. I hate when that happens! Looking forward to your vignette this week. Welcome back.

  9. I love your china cabinet and dishes! Your's is so pretty and staged so nicely....I need to arrange mine. Fun to watch you fix your new house. We had a move about two years ago when we downsized. That moving business is hard, hard work! Take care and don't wear yourself out too much...
    Kind Regards,

  10. Oh, it looks so nice and fresh. I especially love your teapots. Someday I hope to find a transfer ware teapot, that doesn't cost a fortune.

  11. It's looking so pretty Debra. I'm glad you are finding all your boxes. I'm still looking for things after 25 years. Am I doomed, do you think? Love your dishes. How pretty that will be at Christmas!...Happy Tuesday..Judy

  12. You have such an amazing collection of's no wonder you are able to create so many beautiful tablescapes!

  13. Boy do you have the awesome dishware, the transfer ware has always been one of my loves and desires someday. I used to see a great deal of it where we lived in KY. There was a small town north east of Bowling Green called Smith's Grove, full of antique/vintage stores. Used to spend lot of time browsing and wishing for things but do have some pieces I'm so glad I bought and kept when we moved to Grand Junction, Co area. We live west of G.J about 18 miles in country area, love it out here. Was another little town called Beaver Dam also north east of B.G. that had several wonderful little antique stores. Now why didn't I buy some transfer ware then? duh. Actually there were antique stores all over area, we'd take a ride and find new ones to browse. Did same when we lived in MT before KY.
    I absolutely love your china cupboard, the style is just what I'd love to have. The way you styled it is beautiful, love all your cows, you have a great collection of them. You have wonderful collections of several pretties to admire. The way you styled top of cupboard is wonderful also. You'll have such a good time rearranging, decorating, changing, all your pretties in your new home. Enjoy yourself. It's a chance to redo everything, what fun. Happy week and season

  14. First of all, that's one gorgeous cabinet and secondly you have the most beautiful dishware Debra - it all looks gorgeous.
    AND I wish I could find some bittersweet up here !

  15. Beautiful cabinet filled with so many beautiful things....looking forward to seeing your Thanksgiving vignette!

  16. Gorgeous Debra! The cabinet, your china, and how you've decorated the top...lovely!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  17. Debra,
    Gorgeous china display, dear friend!!!
    Over decorate??? Hm~m~m. . .I, too, have been 'toning down' on my displays and vignettes!!!
    Not sure that "less is more", but less is more tranquil. I need more tranquility in my life at the moment.
    Your home is lovely!


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