Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Painted Ceramic Cornucopia and a Thanksgiving Sunporch

Thought I'd share a few of the little changes that have taken my sunporch from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I brought out some of my vintage turkeys, my wool plaid throws, and my hooked wool pillows. I always look forward to this time in November to make the sunporch all warm and snuggly. My passion for plaid goes wild in the winter, and if I could drape a tartan plaid blanket over every surface I would. hmmmm.... I may have already done that.

I almost forgot that I had purchased this ceramic cornucopia on sale last Thanksgiving. I think it must have come from Hobby Lobby, and was still wrapped in paper and in the sack, as it had been sitting on my shelves in my workroom since last winter. It didn't start out white, and I bought it knowing full well that it would have to go under the white paint brush before I could use it.

Yep, here it is, not bad, just not what I had in mind for it.

Some Old White ASCP did the trick with a little shading with some gray and brown craft paint, and a coat of  Minwax Liquid Poly. much better.

I have several turkey platters; this is one of the less expensive ones.
They're pretty much to be found at any flea market in the Fall.

Keeping the platter company is my white Turkey Tureen perched on a book.

My Fall "Seed Box" I made last Spring.
Click Here if you missed how I made my own "Vintage Seed Boxes".
I'll show you how you can make one for yourself.

One of my favorites in this transition is just to layer on the wool plaid blankets. Here's one on top of an old white mattelasse bed cover that I've been using. I love using white and neutrals as a base with my furniture, but going all white out here just doesn't work. It's cold and lifeless, so it always gets loaded up with seasonal color. 

I still have a little more "Thanksgiving" to share with you (I like to keep my web photo diary up-to-date), then I'll be doing the transition to Christmas. About now I always start removing the orange leaves and adding in my evergreens. My little Autumn trees are up now, and I'm enjoying the lights in the evenings, looks so cozy. Once I get my trees up, Christmas comes in little by little.
Do you have ways to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas without it being totally obvious to your Thanksgiving guests that you have ants in your pants for Christmas decor? 



  1. Hi Debra... no, those ants have been doing the Watusi in my pants and I have Christmas decor everywhere!... I decided the turkeys and elves would just have to duke it out for attention!... love your sunporch so much, especially in Autumn... all of your pretty plaid throws... and your sweet little lamb... hope you are feeling much better!... sending lots of Thanksgiving~Christmas love, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Debra,
    Everything looks stunning! I love your use of the plaid throws, with the wicker. I'm just going to have to steal your idea! You have such an eye for decorating, and great ideas to go with it!! Hope you are feeling well!

  3. love the mix of plaid, floral, and stripes. the makeover of the cornucopia is outstanding. I was shocked to see the original color.

  4. I always look forward to the seasonal changes you make to your gorgeous porch and you have done it again with creating a stunning fall decorated porch…I marvel at every beautiful detail…Such a cozy and warm place to be!

  5. Stunning! So much beautiful detail. I especially love the plaid blankets.

  6. Debra,
    Your porch is beautiful, inviting and cozy. I love all your plaid throws. All your Thanksgiving looks so pretty.

  7. Oh you have such pretty autumn surroundings, Debra. I just love how cozy and special everything is put together.

    Your little details just bring out the magic of Thanksgiving, truly. WELL done, my dear!!

  8. Very warm and cozy!!! Love the pumpkin pillows!! I'm starting the transition to Christmas tomorrow, usually start it the day after TG, but since it is so late this year, I want to enjoy the Christmas season for a long, long, time!!! Besides, I decorated for Fall right after Labor Day, my favorite time of year........

  9. first, i love the painted cornucopia, debra:) love the tin in the suitcase and your seed box, esp. i do christmas decorating early every year, so, my family expects xmas at thanksgiving:)

  10. Everything is just lovely, Debra.
    Perhaps we are antsy this year because Thanksgiving comes late this year. I wait till the 2nd or 3rd week of October to put our fall decor yet the other day I was SICK of pumpkins and too much orange etc...because that's all gone by the wayside outdoors as well. I took it all down save for what pertains to Thanksgiving and one floral arrangement. I guess that I get rid of clutter, give myself space for awhile and then clutter it up for Christmas again, but I do need that week or so in between...

  11. As if your litle sunporch could ever be cold and uninviting. Remember darling...I've been in there and felt the warmth that surrounds a body like, well like a plaid blanket!
    I have a cornucopia I tried to redo as well. Mine ended up looking like something a pooper scooper would be needed for...a giant PS at that! do you clean your vintage wool blankets? I don't trust the cleaners anymore and thought you might have a little secret tip you wouldn't mind sharing.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know one thing I'm thankful for and that is you!

  12. Debra,
    All your wool blankets are so very always...your sunporch looks outstanding!!


  13. Your porch is always so lovely and inviting. I love all the Fall and Thanksgiving décor, you put it all together with such artistry!! Thank you for sharing....I always feel a little bad about taking down the Fall décor early to start Christmas, but sometimes it is just necessary when you know your time is getting short and the business of Christmas will take over and give you major stress if you don't have your decorating done. This year, my Christmas (what there will be) is already up except for a couple of Fall touches that are still out. With knee surgery coming the first of December, I knew my decorations needed to already be up and few since I will not likely be the one taking them down and packing them away. Looking back, the Christmases that I decorated early were much more enjoyable through December, but I still feel guilty. However, I guess we don't have to have decorations to ever acknowledge our gratefulness to God for all He has done in our lives, do we? Thank you for inspiring us all, Debra. I hope your holidays will be wonderfully bright and joyful this year. Blessings, Linda

  14. Love your cornucopia transformation now that it's 'Common Grounded'. :) Your sun porch always looks so warm and inviting. It must be chilly though... I don't see one feline and I miss that-- it's always fun to see them out there! :)

  15. I had to smile at the sheep in his fall scarf. As usual, your sunporch doesn't disappoint. I just love, love all your plaid throws. I am addicted to those things. I didn't know that you could paint shiny ceramic but your cornucopia came out great.

  16. I love your sun room, it looks beautiful, and I always look forward to seeing how you have decorated it for the next season or holiday. I have a screen in porch that I haven't done anything with but put some wicker furniture in it. When I do decorate it I'm going to use your sun room as my inspiration.

  17. Pretty. Looks so fallish. Love the pumpkin pillow.

  18. Gorgeous displays - I love the antique wooden boxes. Fabulous - Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. Debra it turned out great and I love all your fall decorations. Can not wait to see Christmas. Praying you are still feeling well. Thanx for partying at my place.

  20. Love it all - Thanks for sharing. You are very creative.

  21. I just love your style so much and your Thanksgiving decor is very, very lovely. Love the plaid too!

  22. Yes, the white cornucopia is much better in white and goes so well with the turkey tureen.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  23. Debra,
    I adore all the wool plaid throws throughout your Sundporch!!!
    Painting the corucopia gives it an elegant appearance!
    Usually, I have our first Christmas tree UP and decorated the day after Halloween,
    I'm a bit behind this year!!! If I could, I'd have Christmas all year 'round!!!
    Not only is it the decor that I love, but the presence of its meaning!!!

  24. Your sun porch is amazing, I love all or your displays and vignettes. So beautiful and so inviting. Hugs, Marty

  25. Love all your special touches!! Thanks!

  26. Your porch looks so cozy, warm and sooo inviting! Love how you used the plaid throws, the colors and texture used in every accent create such a beautiful ambiance! The gorgeous transformation of the cornucopia is truly amazing and looks so pretty in white filled with autumnal goodies:) beautifully done! Happy Thanksgiving to and yours! Hugs, Poppy

  27. My favorite is the old tin in the suitcase followed by the sheep pillow on the floral on the plaid on the wicker chair. I love the layers of textures and colors you created.

  28. Oh I love how cozy it looks!
    With the throw on the chair!
    Thank you so much for the feature of ma gold candles;)
    Love and hugs

  29. In love w/ the cornucopia transformation .. I have an old one from the 70's my Mom did in ceramic class.. It has crossed my mind to paint it. Now for sure I will ask Mom if she cares.. also love that turkey plate. Have that from Mom too but yours in in much better shape. You have a great way of decorating .. just beautiful and inviting.

  30. Yes Debra, I have a few signs of Christmas showing up. I planted my paper whites and Amaryllis and put lights in the trees outdoors. I might start on the living room. No one really spends time in there so it wouldn't distract from Thanksgiving. I am crazy for plaid and I love all of your throws! Great idea to paint the cornucopia. I bought some terra cotta turkey candle holders at a thrift the other day. Thought I would do the same thing. I'm going for a plaid theme for my Christmas porch this year. Your sun porch is always so delightful! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  31. Thanksgiving went neutral this year so I can transition right to a wintry white Christmas. I love what you did with the cornucopia. I will have to look for one at the thrift stores and copy your idea! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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