Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Mantel in "Transition"

This may or may not fall under the category of
"What was I thinking".
I had reached my "orange" threshold last week,
so all the pumpkins went away. 
(all my white and green pumpkins were stolen from the front porch
2 days before Halloween...grrrr...)

My velvet ones are still in the Dining Room
but everything else had to go...
the squirrels will be having a yummy Thanksgiving feast.

So here is just a little of my transition mantel from Fall into Christmas.
I love dried Hydrangeas any time of the year;
 they seem to be my "go to" if I'm low on ideas.
I also love these twiggy topiaries I found a few years ago.
so presto chango...I combined the two.
Please don't tell me if you hate it.
I'm trying to be avant garde here.

I know it doesn't look very festive, but it was time for a change.
After Thanksgiving I'll be adding some Holly to the white ironstone pitchers
 and some more Chirstmas-y embellishments.
This is bare bones.

So here was the Thanksgiving Mantel, 
but I've lived with it for the month,
and I needed something easy to take me into Christmas.
My Johnson Bros. platter always makes an appearance.

The longer I blog, the more I realize I'm most comfortable with Nature Inspired decor, and I seem to be going a little more pared down this's still early, so please don't hold me to that.

So these photos are for my photo archives
so I can look back next year and know what I did...
and maybe come up with something new.

Oh, how I love the Bittersweet.

And I did think the little turkeys were cute 
sitting in the silver sugar bowls...

Hope you're having a great weekend.
I have more transition peeks coming,

joining these wonderful parties:

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  1. I cleaned out the pumpkins today, too. Enough was enough. Love your mantel.

  2. Sugar, you do white right. Love it.

  3. I am with you on being over the pumpkins but, I am really trying very hard to get through Thanksgiving with them in place.... though it is getting harder each day.... love your transitional mantel... Cathy

  4. My sunroom looks ridiculous today....I bought two HUGE poinsettias, and could use only one in my entry they were so big, so one was relegated to the sunroom, and sits blaringly near my graduated birch logs with orange baby boos that remain. Tomorrow, they're outta here! Yours, on the other hand, looks nice and quiet.

  5. Hi Debra,
    I can't imagine you paring down and simplifying! However, I do love your pretty mantel and can't wait to see your Christmas décor.


  6. I love the little teensy peeks! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  7. You make me wish I had a mantle so badly!!

  8. Last week I went on a de-pumpkin spree. I could take it no more... So everything is awaiting the Christmas decor. I am not doing Thanksgiving so I didn't even bother with much :-/ A Thanksgiving platter and some Pilgrim salt and peppers :-)
    Next week end I go full on Christmas!!
    Luv your Mantel. Can hardly wait for the full on...

  9. I love those topiaries! Your mantle is looking good!


  10. Your Fall décor on the mantel is so pretty! I like the latest change you made too. Christmas is practically here, so I don't doubt that your mantel will be taking on a new look again soon. ( I change my mantel décor a lot too.)

  11. Your mantel looks beautiful Debra! I started to get rid of most of my pumpkins this weekend too so I can start adding some Christmas touches.

  12. Debra, it's a great transition! I love the ironstone pitchers and you can't go wrong any time of year with Hydrangeas.

  13. Hi Debra! I think it looks gorgeous, and we have a shared love of dried hydrangeas! They are on my mantle as well as in the kitchen as well as in a vintage toolbox... love, t.xoxo

  14. It looks so pretty and I love the topiaries. Hugs, Marty

  15. I am so with you, I de-pumpkined last week......I am onto slowly adding winter/Christmas....Love your photos and your mantle. Keep up the great work!

  16. Very pretty, with just a touch of whimsy! Love the bittersweet, so delicate and dainty, but lots of colour! Lovely!


  17. I'm getting a little tired of looking at pumpkins in general, Debra! Orange, white ~ I'm just about ready now to get the Christmas stuff going. I think Wednesday in between cooking, I'll get my bins and tree down from the attic. This way Friday I can just start decorating first thing {after my coffee, of course}.

  18. I think it looks beautiful, Debra!! The very same thing happened to me on Friday! Had to get rid of the orange! I was on overload, seeing as how it had been up since early September. Enough already! I'm slowly going into Christmas, but in a different direction this year. Hope your day is wonderful, and Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. I really love it's simplicity. You cannot go wrong with dried hydrangeas! I have them everywhere here in the cottage.


  20. I think it's perfect! I always love hydrangeas, too!
    I'm slowly moving into Christmas decor :)

  21. Debra, I can't imagine anyone telling you they hate this. Perish the thought. It looks great! I do like the simplicity and the symmetry, and of course the white pitchers. The topiaries, hydrangeas and book give lovely texture.
    I had to chuckle, because I do the same thing - look at my blog photos of the previous year to make sure I don't repeat a 'look'. Hee hee. It is nice to pare down some years, especially since it means less stuff to put away after Christmas! Here's hoping we all hold to that. But we can't blame ourselves for getting carried away...right? I'm looking forward to your fab vignettes this Christmas!

  22. Very pretty Debra! I love your topiaries!! Can't wait to see your Christmas touches!~~Angela

  23. Ciao....sono una ragazza italiana e non conosco bene la lingua spero comunque di riuscire a dirti che il tuo blog è bellissimo, le foto che metti sui post mi piacciono ti va di conoscermi passa dal mio blog ne sarò felice.....a nice day....kiss!

  24. It is truly perfection. I am shocked that people would steal pumpkins right off of the porch. My goodness! With Thanksgiving being late this year I think many are ready to rid themselves of pumpkins. Myself included. :)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

  25. Your Thanksgiving mantel was gorgeous! Sorry about your stolen pumpkins. They would have frozen a month ago here. We won't be home for Thanksgiving, so I'm hoping to do a little early Christmas decorating this week. Or maybe I'm already late in the blog world!

  26. Debra,
    The mantel is so beautiful. I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  27. Absolutely beautiful! I believe the mantel is the heart of the room. I love adding special pieces from nature to mine, bringing the outside in. I love what you've's simply beautiful!

  28. Debra,
    Oh, dear one, the bare bones is so~o~o intriquing!!!
    I, too, began dismantleing all the Autumnal decor last week.
    Seems with each birthday, it takes me a bit longer to accomplish
    all I feel I need and want to do. . .especially at Christmas!!!
    Keeping a simplistic approach to the decor
    and using ample natural elements here on this side of the Prairie,too!
    I'll be watching for the additions to take your mantle from bare bones to beautiful!!!
    Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend!!!

  29. Debra I am thinking exactly the same way. Your comment about paring down but not holding you to it is how I feel too. I want to scale down a lot, especially with my health issues. I have been pinning a lot of natural ideas for Christmas and winter but I know as soon as I get in those totes, out will come the shabby glittery, vintage mercury glass, and the whole extravaganza. Love your mantel transition. Still works for November, and with Thanksgiving being so late it's smart to transition.


  30. Your mantel is such a wonderful transition…and yes, I too am leaning toward the more natural designs. Your mantel with the many beautiful things is perfection….I always love seeing the reflection in your mirror!

  31. I have been doing the same thing today. I had to pack all my turkeys away and the pumpkins got tossed over the fence. Maybe I will open the gate to find pumpkin vines in the woods next spring.
    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

  32. it's you some breather space before all the Christmas stuff comes out. Funny how we can't wait for that and then after 5 weeks it is clutter! :)


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