Saturday, November 16, 2013

Making a Statement

Sometimes all it takes is a focal point. 
One piece of furniture that sets the stage for the rest of the room.
 A piece that says "this is me; this is my style".

I've shown my favorite chair many times, and this month it's in the spotlight several times. It's not old, my husband bought it for me as a surprise about 15 years ago for our anniversary. That chair has been dubbed "The Christmas Chair", because when we all gather at Christmas to open gifts, that's always the chair I choose. Funny how little traditions come about. 

As you can see, it didn't start out as a neutral slipcovered piece. When I went to a more subdued "white" decorating palette I opted to try my hand at a quick slipcover. It was hit and miss, and certainly something I wouldn't want any professional to scrutinize, but it has served it's purpose well, and gave me a fast option in transforming my space.

covered arms with antique linens

I love it's lines and curves and I wanted to keep it's original dark wood frame to balance out all the white that was coming in to the room.

When asked earlier this week, I was thrilled to help One King's Lane let you all know about their new Home Decor Resource that is filled with ideas, historical information, and examples of furniture design. Not only chairs, but sofas, settees, chaise lounges, benches, and ottomans. Do you have a favorite style? They can help you locate pieces that will definitely "make a statement"!

Run by One King's Lane Design Resource and do a little browsing, then do a search for your favorite style. I just typed in "French Chair" and these were just a few of the options that came up in their wonderful inventory. Not only do they have current manufactured items, but also vintage and antique pieces to choose from. Have fun, then stay to shop throughout their website. One King's Lane also has a blog you'll really enjoy to keep you up to date on all that they have going on for the Holidays!

If you haven't joined in on Be Inspired this week, the party is in full swing. I couldn't get blogger to update my posts for two weeks, now it's publishing when I didn't ask them to. So just a break from our regularly scheduled party... just scroll down to the previous post! thanks everyone!



  1. Love your chair. I would choose it, too. xo Laura

  2. Your chair is beautiful, love the vintage linens on the arm...the perfect embellishment!

  3. Your chair (and pillow) look great! I'll have to check out One King's Lane!

  4. I love your style, Debra!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  5. Love this style too! Soo very pretty!! :) Have a wonderful weekend! xo Holly

  6. Debra,
    I adore the Tradition your family has begun calling your favorite chair "The Christmas Chair", dear friend!!!
    You've done a remarkable job of slipcovering and disquising the red floral fabric!
    I have many heirloom pieces and one is a French chair of my MoMa's. . .which is needing to be recovered!
    I can't bear to loose the charm of the tapestry,
    but MoMa's words still ring true today as the day she presented it to me, "Now USE that chair."
    Thanks for showing us how to USE our special pieces of furniture!!!

  7. Love the chair and I bet it's comfortable also. I gave away a chair that I loved and I have been so sorry ever since.
    Have a great weekend Debra and I hope that you are feeling better.

  8. I love the slipcover on your Christmas throne and your gorgeous clock behind it! I've been to the One King's Lane site and they've got the scoop behind every style of furniture. I'm loving Chesterfield sofas right now and I read a little history behind the style on their site.

  9. Love what you did with that chair, and the ottoman beneath it is a nice touch! It looks very shabby, poised and elegant. XOXO

  10. what a charming look, debra:) sewing a slip is so rewarding, don't you think? love the ruffles, too. the footstool is adorable, and i love your gorgeous clock! happy weekend!

  11. I love your special chair and the story behind it!

  12. Oh my gosh Debra, your chair is a work of art! Gorgeous!!!!! And what a wonderful story... I love the idea of A Christmas chair!!!!

  13. I love how you used old linens to cover that chair!! So lovely and so inviting.

  14. I would say it is special when you proclaim it your "Christmas Chair"…beautiful chair and love the way you covered the arms with antique linens!...

  15. I adore your "favorite" chair, it would be mine, as well. Your images are so beautiful, Debra.

  16. Debra,
    I love your chair it is so pretty and love the sweet arms of the chair.

  17. Love the covered arms! Look wonderful!

  18. Debra, I am SO impressed with your chair makeover. I would love to be able to sew slipcovers that FIT my chairs and my old sofa! Awesome job! Also, I know you like sheep. Please feel free to visit my blog and enter a giveaway I'm running for a print that is my take on an old house blessing. There are sheep in it :)
    All my best,

  19. I love your chair - and the slipcover is gorgeous!

  20. LOVE... especially those arm sleeves! Just had to pin it!

  21. Debra, I think you did a fabulous job of slip covering the chair! Love what you did on the arms too.

  22. I love your post and ideas for chairs. Thanks so much!


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