Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just a Little Christmas on the Sideboard

Since I'm not hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year, I caved to the pressure of starting my Christmas decorating early. (and I'm so glad I did) I think most of us have realized that to get to enjoy the Christmas Holiday Season it was going to require us to start before Thanksgiving. There...I admitted it. I just cannot get everything done that I want to do when it's only going to last a few weeks. I still have out my Turkey Platters and a few velvet pumpkins, but they are having to share the limelight with a more Christmas-y vibe.

Here are a few pics from the Hallway Sideboard. I'm not finished, but this is how I'm starting. Some Red Striped Grain Sack Ribbon on my Holly Topiaries with a little blinged out silver for good measure.

Now, since I hadn't had a chance to share Thanksgiving Sideboard with you, Here it is...these are for those photo archives I've been talking about. Each year I look back to see what I've done the year before.

I really love my big vintage window and Pier 1 Scrolly Chalkboard 
as a backdrop for my seasonal displays. It always makes things "pop".

Here's my preserved Boxwood Wreath, simply decorated for Thanksgiving.
I'm working now on changing it out for Christmas.

Say "Hello Handsome" to My Big Boy Tom Turkey 
that I painted white several years ago.
He's Large and in Charge!

I've enjoyed using this black wagon for the last few months of Fall,
but on to something new for the Christmas Season.

I know we're all super busy, but I'll still be doing the Be Inspired Party, just starting on Wednesday instead of Thursday morning. I'm not sure when I'll get the party linky up, but come by if you have a minute and join in, We're gearing up for Christmas! Christmas and Thanksgiving posts both are welcome!!

And for some Shopping fun,
The link party is up all week.

Enjoy your week with Family and Friends,
Love you all,
I have so much to be Thankful for,

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  1. Debra,
    You are such an inspirational tease, dear friend!!!
    I'm including (or trying to) silver in every Christmas vignette I create this Christmas!!!
    Love the beginning. . .so you know I'll be watching for more tidbits and the reveals!!!
    Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Love the sideboard, especially your scrolley chalkboard and Tom. He is indeed large and in charge. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  3. Loving the sneak peek of your Christmas decor! I did the same thing. I couldn't wait any longer. I mean November is almost over and less than a month till Christmas! Your Thanksgiving decor was pretty too with the wagon. Very creative!

  4. Debra it is all coming together nicely, the good thing about blogging is we can always reference last years photos to remember what we did back then. You always put together beautiful vignettes.

  5. It's all so pretty Debra... I knew you would start before Thanksgiving!... you are right... we need more time to enjoy it all!... wishing you and your family a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving... can't wait to see ALL of your Christmas decor!... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Great touches. I just love your side board. You always have it decorated so beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Love your Thanksgiving decor on the side board. Glad you shared it before it was changed out for Christmas. I'm anxious to start Christmas decorating too and I think it's a result of blogging and Pinterest. I am restraining myself so that each holiday gets it's appropriate honor and I don't feel guilty. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and while giving thanks ~ thank you for all you do and always hosting us at your blog home.

  8. It's all gorgeous, Debra! I want to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Debra...I agree that it's perfectly fine to get started early...I know I need the time to shop and wrap and bake and that can be exhausting. Everything looks just lovely. I, too, look back at the years before in pictures to see what I really liked in my decor and what wasn't so great! I'm curious to see what you do with your boxwood wreath, I have one similar in size and I just can't thing of anything besides a ribbon and bow! lol!

    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving, my friend!


  10. i always start early, and i'm always glad i did:) your big chalkboard and window are two of my favs. it all lovely so festive, debra:) wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving day!

  11. Debra,
    I love to visit you! I always know I will find such incredible inspiration and happiness!
    Beautiful, beautiful!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Such a beautiful style. Love the holly topiaries with the grainsack ribbon.
    What a beautiful combination. And something about the black in the background is striking.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  13. Very pretty, Debra! I like the idea of tying a pretty Christmasy ribbon around the topiaries. I think I might have to copy that this year on mine. It will give a festive look and be simple to do.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Debra, I'm in love with your beautiful sideboard. The chalkboard,topiary and Big Tom Turkey are a few of my favorite collectibles you have. Just starting to take the Christmas boxes out. It's always a surprise to see what I bought after the Christmas sales. Happy Decorating and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  15. Hi I love all of your decoration for Thanksgiving, but especially that great big ceramic turkey! Happy Thanksgiving. I saw it on share your cup party. Julie at julieslifestyle.blogspot.com

  16. One of the things I've learned from you - backdrops ! You have such a talent for layering. That turkey is killer. Love him! Posting the new button on my sight now. Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Sight - site .... apparently I need more coffee!

  18. Truly amazing! Love love love your chalkboard and sideboard vignette! ~Delores

  19. Everything looks so cute! ...and I must have that scrolly chalkboard from Pier One! That's one turkey with an attitude too!


  20. Oh how I love that large and in charge turkey! Your sideboard is always gorgeous and I can't wait to see it all decked out for Christmas. Sue enjoyed the little sneak peak. Love that chalkboard from Pier One! I have been there a few times but have not seen that beauty. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  21. Sorry Debra. Of course I meant sure enjoyed. This girl needs to slow down. lol!


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