Sunday, January 13, 2013

January tweaking...

It's been at least two weeks since I've put away Christmas, but I think I've finally tweaked, added, removed, rearranged, and fussed with my Entry table and Living Room Mantel just enough so that it's presentable. And I've realized that I haven't been happy with photos because of this cold January light that has it all looking like  I'm shooting in a walk-in freezer. brrrr...

OK, so here's what I've come up with for the Entry.
My New Year's tree is put away for next year,
 and my amaryllis have reappeared.

My sweet birdie on the book stack is back
 and one of my old German Calenders.

The Mantel got a cleaning and a pare down.

and a single amaryllis in each of the Woolf Pottery vases.

I found this iron jardiniere last Fall.
It's filled with winter potpourri and a small wreath perched on top.
I was going for a "topiary" look, 
I think it looks better at a distance...
maybe with one eye closed.
(many of my projects fall into this category)

In photos my ceiling always looks dirty because of the shadows.
it's really not, nor is it wonky.
This huge mirror just really distorts things.
(It appears that I might be living in a Hobbit House in the woods.)

 This is the hardest time of the year for me to find my decorating mojo. I know some of you have expressed that same malady. Next week I'll be adding in a few things for Valentine's Day. I don't go all out... just a little Romance. And I feel a sunporch re-do coming.

Hope you're having a great weekend, and in case you missed my last post on figuring out some of the current computer hassles, just scroll down to the next post on "Troubleshooting".

see you tomorrow for



  1. Your January decor is lovely - very warm and inviting. Love the huge mirror on your mantel.
    Stay warm,

  2. Your January mantel looks so pretty Debra!... I love that old German calender so much... I have been cleaning like crazy too, since I have had that darn cold for weeks and we got almost three feet of new snow in the past four days, I am stuck inside... I can't just sit around so I did clean it all... our temps this morning said "4.5 degrees, feels like 5"... oooh, much better!... tee hee hee... I don't go all out decorating for Valentines either, but am anxious to decorate for Spring... did you put your little lambs away till Spring?... I love those so!... I need me some lambs!... can't wait to see the sunporch next!... you know that is my favorite room in your house... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Debra your entry way looks so pretty and ready for spring.I am ready for spring too!Beautiful vignette on your mantle!

  4. Oh wow Debra, I love your entry table, so pretty and so fresh looking. I really like the shutters as the backdrop, adds just the right amount of color. The mantel is gorgeous too. I love that room with the tall ceilings and the beams, wonderful. Hugs, marty

  5. The entry is so pretty, your house is lovely.
    The French Hen's Nest

  6. Your entry vignette and mantel look great. So fun tweaking things until they feel right. May I ask what your white balance is set on? Maybe it is just the winter light making your pics have a blue cast.

  7. LOL, Debra, I think the wreath looks fine and very topiary-ish! : ) I think you've done a great job with your table vignette and your fireplace mantel. It's really just right, I think, after all the Christmas decorations we wind up looking at. I've got a vignette in mind for the buffet in our dining area. I'm trying to do things a little different than how they were before Christmas.

  8. I love the new vignette on the mantle ~ simple yet elegant. I thought I was finished with Christmas but just discovered another wreath I missed. Sheesh. Haven't even thought about what to do with my mantle ~ I'll wait til company's coming (**

  9. Debra,
    Love your entry and mantle make~over after the Christmas has been put away, dear friend!!! I, too, have the white and green going on in the Entertainment Center. Think the color palette is quite refreshing for Winter after all the Traditional red, green and Gold hues!
    I, also put out my edited SNOWman collection in the dining room. Upcoming tablescape this week!
    Like you, I add a "Touch of Romance" for Valentine's Day! I'll be back to see your lovelies!!!

  10. Your entry and mantel looks just perfect, very fresh and wintry. The white amaryllis really add the right touch and I love the small wreath. It just feels good to have something "living" indoors when it's cold.

    I'm working on my mantel a bit at a time. I know the moss green wall color hampers the look I want to achieve, but the good new is we are painting next month! Yay!

    I'm looking to you for Valentines Day ideas!!


  11. Frankly, one favorite element in each image possessing the mirror is the reflection of the ceiling. Oh! I love that!


  12. I think all your January decorating looks gorgeous! That is more than I have done. We are in the final stages of my office/craft room overhaul, so the rest of the house is sort of being neglected. I will just live through your beautiful vignettes!

  13. Hi Debra,
    I do not think you've lost your decorating mojo at all!!! Your home looks lovely and I am dying for that sweet frame with the wreath.

    Everything looks so pretty.


  14. Your decor looks beautiful and fresh! HAD to stop by and give you a big thank you for the Google Chrome info.! It has made a huge difference. And I thought it was my computer.

  15. Such a beautiful room, your mantle looks amazing! Love your ceiling beams...

  16. I love your winter designs. So calm and peaceful.

  17. Still tweaking around here. I like the topiary with its fresh look. I think I need to go find a pretty topiary. ;-)

  18. Oh...Debra...your mantel and everything looks great. I'm still living with XMas storage boxes all over my living room and dining room. I was doing good to get things packed up. I have some things gathered to do my new January mantel...but things keep getting in the way of me decorating. I so hoped that once my Mom's surgery was out of they way...I'd get my decorating mojo back...but I didn't account for time spent caring for Mom and her I still wait to do some pretty stuff. Guess I'll just have to enjoy your's...surely by Valentine's I'll be back in the groove..surely.

  19. Your mantel is so pretty, and I like the vaulted ceiling with beams!!

  20. Beautiful! I love the little atrium on the hearth! I've wanted to use one of those, but just couldn't figure out where to fit it in! Wonder placement, and wonderful idea for me to hold on to! :)

  21. Everything looks so pretty, Debra, but I know what you mean. The January blaws make it hard To want to decorate, but it is when we need it most.

  22. I know that feeling in January, but you always come up with the prettiest vignettes. Very inspiring!
    Mary Alice

  23. So pretty and peaceful. It seems it would be calming to live with your decor!

  24. Debra your home looks simply beautiful for such a malady of not being up to decorating this time of year which I completely understand you outdid yourself.

    Blessings ..Sara

  25. LOVE it, it looks excellent - you just need a little Vitamin D sunshine - but your decorating looks GREAT!

  26. The way the ceiling beams looked through the mirror was one of the things I thought looked so charming. The old books are another great addition. I think your mojo is always at work. You just need to kick back and enjoy the work of your hands! Your home is gorgeous.

  27. Very pretty! I agree that the ceiling beams are amazing and what a nice capture of them in the mirror. You accessorize so nicely.

  28. Beautiful as usual. I always love your special touches.

  29. If your mojo is lost I can't wait to see what you come up with when you find it! I think this is all fresh and beautiful. Perfect for January!

  30. It's a little more sparse than usual, Debra, but so tasteful and interesting as usual.

  31. Your new look is beautiful and your pics still look great, even with the inadequate light!

  32. Everything just looks beautiful. I too have been looking for new ways to do my Spring things. I need to finish all my half done projects first!

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless....Brooke
    My home and garden site...
    My Vintage Art and Printables site...

  33. Hi- visitng from Tabletop Tuesday. I like your bird on top of the books..the whole entryway table looks great! Your fireplace mantel looks really fabulous. I see your terrarium looks similar to mine. I like your layering of objects. It always fascinates me to see what people come up with.


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